A Dozen of Delightful Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls to Purchase This Season!

Has your little princess already grown to be 8 years old? Then she is on her way to becoming a lady soon. As cute and adorable as she looks, your heart wishes to shower all the gifts for 8 year old girls on her. However, from a multitude of options, there exists a few which emerge to be your prime choice. So, have a look at these ideas and decide for yourself.

gifts for 8 year old girls

A dozen of cute & precious gifts for 8 year old girls:

1. A backpack:

Have you seen those animated backpacks carried by little girls on their way to school? They can be an ideal option when talking of Christmas gift ideas for 8 year old girl. Your young lady will just love the bright colors of these backpacks and will happily embrace this gift as their new teddy.



These are available in various designs and color combinations. Hence, you get a chance to choose as per preference.

2. Animated socks:

animated socks


How about presenting your little princess with a Barbie adorned pair of socks? She can wear them day in and day out. These are indeed very adorable.

3. Secret diary:

Secret diary


Your little princess is growing up, and her feminine traits and wishes will gradually emerge from this age. So, why not help her in self-realization with a secret diary? Since these come with locks, your child can rest assured that no one else will discover her secrets.

4. Jewelry creation set:

Now, this is emerging to be one of the best gifts for 8 year old girl. Your little lady will surely be fond of jewelry and letting her design her own ornaments can be the best idea of them all.

Jewelry creation set


You can even lend a helping hand in her tedious task while she uses her creative mind to make cute little ornaments matching her dresses.

5. A crochet kit:

A crochet kit


Weaving a cardigan for her little Barbie is the dream of every small girl. A crocket kit can, hence, prove to be ideal for girls of this age. She can weave a frock or a top for her dolls. This will also help in developing her hidden talents and creativeness.

6. A Lego ice cream machine:

A Lego ice cream machine


Ice cream is a favorite of every kid. So, what can be better than gifting your kid to make ice cream at home? In fact, this comes as one of the most favorable presents for 8 year old girl. She will become your cook and present you with delicious toy ice cream flavors.

7. Fidget spinner:

Fidget spinner


Fidget spinners are in the trend currently. Last week, I gifted a fidget Captain America spinner to my little girl. She was amazed by this new creation. It kept her completely engrossed for hours, and I could see the fidget spinner serving its real purpose.

8. Make up portfolio book:

Make up portfolio book


Your princess may be a fashion diva, so a makeup portfolio book can ideally suit her purpose. She will be able to create the image of her choice and who knows, she might just discover her true fashion statement!

Moreover, with Christmas around the corner, this portfolio book can be included in the Christmas gift ideas for 8 year old girl.

9. 3D pen:

With a 3D pen, your little princess will be able to create exclusive drawings and object which are entirely three dimensional. She will be amazed to see how her new imaginations transpire into real-world objects within no time.

3D pen


Note: Although being one of the best gifts for 8 year old girl, care should be taken as the imagery contains heated plastic which can be harmful if consumed by chance.

10. Pearl Box:

jewelry box


At this age, your daughter will slowly develop an inclination towards beads, pearls and other jewels. Gift her a jewelry box which will allow her to store all accessories in separate compartments. This will not only help find her belongings with ease but also assist in developing her management skills.

An example of these gift ideas for 8 year old girl is –

11. Clay molds:

clay molds


It is one of the most favorable presents for 8 year old girl. With the help of these colorful clay molds, your daughter will be able to carve out unique designs and sculptures of her choice.

Thinking how it will help? Well, try them out in your daughter’s homework and classroom projects. She is sure to love it.

12. Girly Tents

Gift your little lady a cute tent where she along with her friends can arrange a kitty party. It serves as a medium to help your princess socialize and know other children better.

kids play tent


So, get your young lady her precious gift and become a favorite in her eyes!Save