16 Adorable Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls That You Must Check!

How lovely it feels to give presents to your loved ones, especially if she is a cute little girl! However, finding the perfect gifts for 9 year old girls is one kind of a dreary job. You can never be sure what they want or whether they will like the gift or not.

gifts for 9 year old girls

This is why; here are some amazing things that your child would love to have!

16 adorable gifts for 9 year old girls:

Make up for the child –

1. Hair chalk salon

Hair chalk salon


She has seen all the celebs having fancy hair on television, and surely she wants the same. You can give her this special treat with chalk hair kit. She can use it anytime she wants!

2. Lip balm set

Lip balm set


Maybe it is too early for her to wear lipsticks, but she can always wear lip balm, and it will look great on her. A pretty cute set of lip balm will just brighten up her day!

3. Spa set!

Spa set


One of the best gifts for 9 year old girl who is into ‘being pretty’ is a spa set! There will be so many things that they can use to do their nails and look pretty in all of those!

Cute accessories –

4. Tutu skirt!

Is the little princess into dancing? Or she has a knack for fancy dressing? If yes, then tutu will be the perfect gift! She will look breathtakingly beautiful wearing this amazing skirt. Make her wear this and see your little angel being the showstopper.

Tutu skirt


Now, tutus also make brilliant Christmas gift ideas for 9 year old girl which she can wear during the grand festival.

5. Animal socks

Animal socks


Another cute yet super stylish gift for girls. They can pair these animal socks with dresses, skirts and more which will give them a perfect look. Come on, she isn’t too young to be a trendsetter.

6. Mittens

Mittens are extremely trendy presents for a 9 year old girl. They can wear it in the winters and go out while keeping their hands warm.



The only point is that the fingers will not stay covered.

7. Pixie cap

Well, while searching Christmas gift ideas for 9 year old girl, you also cannot ignore that December is heading. The months of chilly winters! So, one great gift choice is to give pixie cap which is perfect for a 9 year old lady.

Pixie cap


Choose one of her favorite colors!

8. Crochet bag

A cute gift will be a handmade crochet bag. These bags are very adorable and I am sure a 9 year old will go gaga over this.

Crochet bag


My daughter was extremely happy to get this. Check out the gift below:

Get creative!

9. Slime kit!

Want some creative gift ideas for 9 year old girl? Slime kit is perfect. Your little girl will be able to make interesting glowing stuff of her interest.

Slime kit


Gift a bling to your kid!

10. Crystal growth experiment kit!

Another amazing thing to gift is a crystal growth kit for kids, especially if they are interested in scientific experiments.

Crystal growth experiment kit


As you give the gift, you can see cute googly eyes doing all sorts of experiment with it! Making different crystals of different colors and more!

11. Color pencil set!

Is the child artistic? If yes, the perfect presents for 9 year old girl should be color pencil sets. Also, she can fix the color by erasing. However, the only drawback is that these colors won’t be very dark.

Color pencil set


So, let her paint her creativity for hours!

Fashion Jewellery!

12. Flower bracelet

The cuteness doesn’t require too many accessories, but a minimal bracelet will certainly look good on her! Have a look at this amazing gift –

Flower bracelet


She can wear it with any dress and look like a charming young lady!

13. Make charm bracelets

Make charm bracelets


Again charm bracelets, but this time she can make these of her choice with hangings and colorful beads. She can make as many as she wants and flaunt her little creations.

Ultimate gift!

14. Chocolates!



There’s probably no girl who doesn’t like to have chocolates. For many, the count is just not enough. Hence, engraved chocolates will be the best gifts for 9 year old girl.

15. Unicorn Farts!

Unicorn Farts

Cotton candy! Kids love it and as they know the tale that unicorn farts cotton candies, they will be so excited to have it.

16. Candy jewelry

She can wear it and munch on it too! These pretty edible candy accessories will bring a big smile on her face, for sure!

Candy jewelry


Like these presents for 9 year old girl? If yes, then buy the best ones and surprise your kid with happiness! Share this gift idea with others too!