15 Gifts For Bloggers and Marketers

Over the years blogging has become a marketing strategy and a profession too. A blogger can start his or her work without much investment. But more the blogging grows; they need better equipment and tools to build a bigger network.


There are many gift items in the market that can be given as gifts for bloggers. Here, I will list out some of those gifts.

Best Gifts For Bloggers

1. Flash drive


Both bloggers and marketers will need to have a storage medium as a backup or for portability. The first one in my list is a flash drive or pen drive that can be used to store data and get access to it all the time. If you can get an OTG flash drive that can be used across platforms (Computer, iOS, and Android) it will be a great gift. You can consider this as one of the gifts for vloggers.

2. Laptop (Notebook)


If you are a blogger you will need access to the internet and your device all the time. Having a laptop that is lightweight or a laptop notebook that can be carried around easily is always an added benefit for marketers. So I have added a laptop as one of the gifts for marketers.

3. Cinematic Lightbox Led Changeable Letter

Cinematic Lightbox Led Changeable Letter

Next, in the list of gifts for marketers I have added a Cinematic Lightbox Led Changeable Letter. Buy one from the online store and wrap it with gift wrapper.

4. Mouse and keyboard combomouse-and-keyboard-combo

A blogger always needs a keyboard and mouse handy that can be connected wirelessly to a laptop or computer. So, why don’t you gift a mouse and keyboard combo  for the blogger? This combo will definitely feature in the list of gifts for bloggers. The keyboard and mouse in the link are wireless and is connected through single USB receiver.

5. Go pro camera for vlogger


Vloggers are those who do blogging through video. There is no other gift as a Go-Pro camera for the vloggers to record their video with quality. So I have added this camera to the list of gifts for vloggers. The Go-Pro Hero5 camera has features and facilities to even shoot underwater. Now the vlogger can shoot his videos efficiently and publish it over the internet.

6. A Book about blogging


A book is everybody’s friend. Next gift item in the list of gifts for bloggers is a book about blogging. From this book, you can get the information about how to blog, how to earn money from blogging, and how to become a successful blogger. This book is ideal for beginners to succeed in blogging.

7. Laptop bag


Another gift that can be considered if you are searching for gifts for marketers and bloggers is a laptop bag or a tablet bag. This enables them to carry their laptop bag or tablet safe while traveling. We cannot expect the ideas to come when you want them to, so it is convenient to carry the laptop for long journeys.

8. Solar charger

Solar charger

For a vlogger, it is necessary to have a charged gadget with them while traveling because they may need it anytime to capture natural moments. It is a great idea to gift a solar charger as one of the gifts for vloggers as a backup. You can buy solar laptop chargers ) also from the market so that you can keep your laptop also charged.

9. Marketing Business T-Shirt

Marketing Business T-Shirt

Personalized t-shirts are always a good idea as gifts for marketers. The t-shirt in the link has customised print about bloggers. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is lightweight. You can get t-shirts for men and women. I am sure that the marketer that you know will love this gift from you.

10. Necklace for the blogger

Necklace for the blogger

Necklaces become great gifts for bloggers if you personalize them with a proper pendant. The pendant in the link is made from silver. The pendant comes with a charm bag too so you do not have to think about a separate gift box.

11. Travel Tripod kit


For vlogger, his camera is very important just like a pen is important for the writer. A travel tripod kit can be a well-thought gift among the gifts for vloggers. The tripod in the link is compact and has a height adjustable canter piece. The pack comes with a carrying bag and shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily.

12. USB Microphone

USB Microphone

While writing a video blog, the blogger may have to record audio if he is recording a video using their laptop. A USB microphone can be considered as one of the gifts for vloggers. The microphone in the link lets the blogger record crystal clear vocals for his video. The microphone is easy to connect because it is plug and play device and comes with drivers for PC or Mac.

13. Creative software

Creative software

A blogger will always use images to explain things well. Buy a creative software and gift it to the blogger you know. The software in the link can be useful for the blogger to create a more illustrated picture to convey the ideas. For example, if you want to add a caption to the image you can do so with the help of this software. I am sure you will consider this as one of the gifts for bloggers.

14. Organizer


Most of the time bloggers will be working and writing blogs as a part time job. An organizer  is needed to plan their work according to their professional timings. Even if you are not working, and is a full-time blogger you will have to arrange things according to your timetable.

15. Laptop Bed Tray


Well, nowadays all writers are working with computer or laptop rather than notebook and pen. Laptop bed tray can be gifted to any blogger to help them work even sitting on bed or sofa. The bed tray in the link has an adjustable top, foldable leg, and storage drawer. This can feature in the list of gifts for bloggers.

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