51 Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The moment coffee comes into conversation, a sense of necessity comes inside your throat. You just want to have coffee at that very moment. As you have a love for coffee, so does your best buddies.

gifts for coffee lovers

To awaken the festive mood, you can always try choosing from unique coffee gifts for the coffee lovers your family members, friends and colleagues. But it is not necessarily for festivals only. All you have to do is select perfect taste for perfect personality.

Unique gifts for coffee lovers

1. 100% Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee

When it is Kona coffee, then it is nothing else. The strong flavor can bring out all coffee potentials upon the mind of the drinker. If you are really choosing this brand, then you are choosing grand!

2. BigMouth Coffee Mug

BigMouth Coffee Mug

Coffee without a coffee mug sounds really odd. But what type of mug will suit the taste of the person you are gifting matters. This special BigMouth coffee mug piece can actually serve its purpose very naturally.

3. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

caffeine-molecule-necklaceNothing is impossible here anymore. Now you can actually gift a caffeine lover a necklace made out of its molecules as a unique coffee gifts. This is not just a unique piece but also very stylish and gorgeous in every aspect.

4.  Coffee Mug – Camera Lens Travel Thermos


Coffee mug and camera lens sounds non-matching words. But now they are not so much non-matching with this travel thermos which can serve all its purpose proficiently. You can gift this mug to someone who loves to travel and loves to have his/her coffee at the same time.

5. Funny Book Dog Coffee Lovers Quote T-Shirt


Through this T-Shirt, it is possible to take the love for coffee to the next level. The quotes for the love of books, dogs and coffee, will create pure laughter. This is definitely a proper gift for coffee lovers who can take some joke.

6. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker


It is so nice if you have an Espresso maker at home. If you are gifting coffee lovers, then the same thing is applicable for those friends you have. If they love coffee and love espresso, then this is a proper selection for those people.

7. Meat Maniac Maple Bacon Coffee


Are your friends aware of this unique coffee taste yet? No? Then don’t waste any more time and find this coffee to gift them in the nearest occasion. After all, friendship is sharing best things together!

8. Bean Box Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee Sampler


This sample box produces miracle upon the taster. This Gourmet sample has some Bean boxes with roasted coffee. This is a gift box with medium packs but after finding their choice they can always find the large pack. This year gift this pack for creating a new favourite among your friends.

9. Gift Basket Village Cafe Coffee


Are you thinking of finding a coffee brand that can make your friends nostalgic about its origin? Then you should find this Village Café Coffee basket to be the next gift for those close friends of yours.

10. Cynthia Fist Cup Brass Knuckle Duster Handle Coffee Mug


Yes, you heard it right. It is a coffee mug with knuckle buster as its handle. The class and hardy build and can make anyone a blank perceive. It is time to help your friend get this unique piece on the next occasion.

11. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Lovers Care


This box of coffee packs has different tastes all included in a gift pack. So if you are still unsure which brand to pick for your friend, then this sounds a good decision and quick decision!

12.  2 Pack, Ilyever Funny Cute Little Cat Coffee Mug Cup


These two coffee mugs are perfect for couples who just can’t think about anything without cats. Yes, these 2 pieces of white and black coloured coffee mugs are not just cute cat faces, but it is proof of cat presence. This is a great selection for those special cat-lover friends of yours.

13.  Sterling Silver Love Coffee Cup Bead Charm

sterling-silver-love-coffee-cup-bead-charmThis is a definite answer for grabbing a gift for those coffee lovers who knows the meaning of style. The beauty and craft will completely mesmerise the drinker. Think of this one when you have that special friend in your list.

14.  Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy


Is your friend is single and has a devout love for coffee? Then this Primula Single serve can be an absolute choice. Help them find this new love of their life and drink happily ever after.

15.  chelseachicNYC Handmade Itsy Bitsy Steamy Coffee Latte


Coffee latte is another mystical creation. The texture and taste always bring back happy memories. Share this pack with your friend as gifts for coffee lovers this occasion.


16.  Manual Coffee Grinder


Do you have someone you know who just can’t think anything other than manual? This is the coffee grinder who will ask the drinker to go manual. Bring this gift to that special friend this year to show your care.

17.  Nautical Coffee Gift Set with Mug


This set of coffee gift box has coffee packs and coffee mug. This relieves the task of choosing different coffee flavours separately. All are in one place. Find this gift box for that special coffee lover you know.


18.  Coffee Natural Soap with Coconut Oil


Do you know someone who just sees coffee everywhere? Prick that fire and bring this coffee soap with coconut oil for that person as a gift this year. This is not just coffee but also skin-care.

19.  Banned Coffee


The name suggests the strong flavour it possesses. If anyone you know can take this challenge with open arms, then this year find this gift as a strong opponent to those people.

20. K-cup Coffee of the Month Club


This is a nice choice for those coffee lovers who know the brand and perfect as gifts for coffee lovers. Gift this to help them find more love for coffee this year.

21. The Original Cat Beard Mug


This amazing piece is going to deliver a cute beard mug whenever your friend is trying to take a sip out of this mug. This is not just funny but also a beautiful piece for gifting.

22. Espresso Bean Earrings For Coffee Lovers


You can find that special someone feeling very lucky with this gift of Espresso Bean earrings. It is a beautiful collection if you are trying to gift yourself also.

23. Musical Instruments Serise Novelty Coffee Mugs


This coffee mug is going to encourage with every sip taken out of it. If you are trying to gift this mug to someone who just loves music, then you are doing absolutely right.

24. Shoe Whore – Large 16oz Coffee Mug


Women and high-heels are an inseparable combos. Let that combination gather more colors this year after gifting this amazing piece of artistic coffee mug to those special women you know.

25. Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker


A coffee maker is fine but only if that is easy to handle. Just a stylish piece of machine can’t satisfy the thirst for coffee. This is a hardy and handy coffee maker that will be a great choice for gifting.

26. UCEC Gun Mug


It is high time to show their mafia form through this coffee mug. It is absolutely grand choice if you are planning to gift someone whom you know to be a mafia inside.

27. Insulated Coffee Mug

Insulated Coffee Mug

 How nice it could be if someone could use a coffee mug for beer also? Now it possible with this dual purpose insulated coffee cum beer mug. Get this for someone who can’t resist both drinking habits.

28. MISHOW Tyre Tire Coffee Tea Mug

MISHOW Tyre Tire Coffee Tea Mug

Does your friend love their car? Then this tire coffee mug will be able to suit their taste. That person now can appreciate a good coffee and their car, the tire especially.

29. Osaka Pour-Over Drip Brewer


 This is a fabulous piece of brewer which has a fine shape and can resist any odour. This way anyone can enjoy a perfect blend and coffee.

30. Printed T-Shirt

Printed T-Shirt

Do you have someone who loves to show off through their wear? Then this T-Shirt will show off their love for coffee without any misunderstanding.

31. Engineer Coffee Mug

Engineer Coffee Mug

What is the fuel required for body? Is that coffee? Then this mug will satisfy any coffee lovers who believes this quote to be absolute truth.

32. Coffee Lover Pin

Coffee Lover Pin

Do you want to gift some coffee lover with something unique? Then this Coffee lover pin can be an exclusive choice.

33. Coffee Keyring, Coffee Keychain

Coffee Keychain

Help your friends take their devotion upon coffee to another level. This year try finding this coffee key ring and key chain set to celebrate more coffee love.

34. Stamped Coffee Spoon

Stamped Coffee Spoon

Coffee mug without a proper coffee spoon seems blank. Use this moment to gift one stamped spoon to coffee lovers.

35. Espresso Lace Panties


Now this one seems a whole new stand for ladies. They can now express their love for coffee through their lingerie. If you are gifting coffee lovers then trying this out won’t be too much risky.

36. Coffee iPhone 10 Case

Coffee iPhone 10 Case

Switch to a new coffee iPhone 5s case with coffee tree pictures on them. This item can actually win the heart of both coffee lovers and an iPhone lovers.

37. Coffee Coasters

Coffee Coasters

This new policy to please a coffee lover can actually be quite grand. You can get these coffee coasters as unique coffee gifts.

38. Coffee Theme Décor

Coffee Theme Décor

Is your friend trying to redecorate their house? Then help them get these unique pieces of coffee theme décor this year.

39. Coffee scoop

Coffee scoop

Who doesn’t want to have something this beautiful? Coffee scoop can actually win a coffee lover’s heart faster.

40. Flamingo Coffee Mug

Flamingo Coffee Mug

Flamingo coffee mugs can actually serve dual purposes. While the drinker will take a sip out of it and so they can appreciate the art on it. This is a nice choice as gifts for coffee lovers.

41. Coffee Candle

Coffee Candle

Coffee candles are best choice for your best buddies who just can’t live without coffee. This Starbucks can actually be more than simple candles in their life.

42. Beaded Bracelet Handmade

Beaded Bracelet Handmade

Coffee beans and beaded bracelets are fabulous selection for the special someone. This year win their attention with this exclusive piece.

43. Seneca Cafe Cloth Napkins

Seneca Cafe Cloth Napkins

Is that family member of yours thinking of kitchen cloth? Why not try to fix this with the Seneca Café cloth napkins? This is definitely a good decision for gifts on a regular basis.

44. Special Occasion Gift Basket

Special Occasion Gift Basket

This MTO special basket has exclusive coffee flavours to help your friend find their special choice. This year cheer them up with this specific gift box.

45. Walnut coffee spoon


It is time for going completely natural with the coffee. This exclusive walnut coffee spoon can actually win hearts with its build and beauty.

46.  Coffee Bookmark

Coffee Bookmark

Loving the coffee and the books are quite simultaneous. Help your special someone pamper this habit with a coffee bookmark this festive season.

47. Personalized Starbucks Cup

Personalized Starbucks Cup

Starbucks cups and personalised? Yes, this dream can now be fulfilled with this amazing set for your special someone.

48. Vintage Coffee Art

Vintage Coffee Art

Are you wondering to gift a person who sees coffee everywhere? Then this vintage coffee art can actually save your day.

49. Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrub

This coffee sugar scrub can be an exclusive collection for coffee lovers. Now they can cherish this delight with all their heart.

50. Creamer and Mugs Set

Creamer and Mugs Set

Coffee is good but without a proper creamer and mug, it sounds incomplete. You might want to gift this to someone who is lacking this amazing combo. Find this exclusive set of a coffee mug and creamer for that exclusive friend of yours.

51. Painted canvas sign- coffee theme décor

Painted canvas sign- coffee theme décor

Painted canvas with signs of coffee all over it can actually serve to be an amazing idea when it is gifting coffee lovers. This can help their love for coffee grow deeper and firmer.