40 Unusual Gifts For Cyclists

Cyclists have a penchant for riding their bicycles. Nothing brings them more joy than the experience of pedaling their way through the terrain. Some may find this passion for biking unusual.

gifts for cyclists

Cyclists are of a unique kind and have to be pepped up.  Let us take a look at 40 unusual gifts for gifts for cycling enthusiasts:

Unusual Gifts for Cyclists

1. Cycle


Cyclists love cycles, and if you can get them one of their dream vehicles they would be overjoyed. The first in my list of gift ideas for cyclists is a bicycle. For beginners, I found a suitable cycle. You may also look at cycles with multiple gears, shock absorbers handlebar design and different seat heights to suit the taste and style of the rider.

2. Helmet


When it comes to safety there should be zero compromise. So, my next item in the gifts for cyclists is related to the head gear. A helmet can provide your head that much needed protection in case of a fall. Not to mention that head injuries are one of the most serious injuries a bicycle rider can have in case of a freak accident.

3. Cyclist watch


Well, watches have been a gift object for long. However, this watch that I am referring to is more than just a timepiece. It also supports messages, Call, and other mobile chat apps. It has an in-built GPS that is capable of tracking the distance covered, route taken, time consumed and many other details. This watch will definitely feature in the list of cycling gifts.

4. Cycle care kit


A typical cyclist would not only love to ride his or her bicycle for long durations, but also ensure that the vehicle is well maintained. Given the condition of the roads and environment today, it would be rarity if there is no maintenance required at all for your cycle. So, the cycle care kit can be a great inclusion in the gift ideas for cyclists. I found a good one online  that cover all aspects of cleaning, protecting and lubing the parts in your bicycle.

5. First aid kit


A first aid kit is a must where in a car or a bicycle. It can be of great use both for the rider or any other road user in case of any unfortunate accidents. Look for a first aid kit that has the required alcohol/antiseptic wipes, cotton, bandage clothes, CPR breathing mask, band-aids and relief wipes. See to it that the kit is made of a waterproof material and is not too heavy. I found a similar one online. and is adding this to my cycling gifts.

6. Bike Printed coffee mug

Bike Printed coffee mug

Now, let us move a bit from the essentials for a cyclist and venture into the thoughtful fancy gift section.  How about a Coffee mug having bicycle printed on it. Here is a mug I came across that has a 3D effect, take a look yourself. I am sure you would love this beautiful mug and so would your cyclist friend.

7. Cycle shaped wine bottle holder

Cycle shaped wine bottle holder

Well, this one is got to be a masterpiece. I came across a wine bottle holder that is in the shape of an elegant cycle and will feature in the list of cycling gifts for men. This would be a good specimen to adore the cupboard of a passionate cyclist who has a flair for good taste. Take a look at this beautiful wine rack yourself. Get one similar to this for the cyclist that you love!

8. Jacket for cycling


Part of a biker’s repertoire is the outfit that he or she wears during the ride. A rider’s jacket would be one of them and can be included in the list of cycling gifts. A good rider’s jacket would keep the rider warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. Some may even be made of a breathable fabric for added comfort. I found one such jacket online.

9. Bicycle maintenance book


While maintaining a bicycle is not an uphill task, professional tips can definitely come handy. So, why not find a bicycle maintenance booklet with tips to keep the bicycle in great condition. So I have added this bicycle maintenance book to the gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

10. Magnetic bike lights

Magnetic bike lights

Next in my list of gifts for cycling enthusiasts is a magnetic bike light. The lights in the link can be attached to any cycle or bike with the help of the magnets. The pack contains one red light and one white light which will blink when attached to the cycle.

11. Cycling sling bag


A cyclist will need a bag to carry his personal items and water bottle while going for cycling. To help him / her you can gift a sling bag as a gift. A compact and convenient cycling sling bag will feature in the list of gifts for cyclists.

12. Mini Bike pump


An accessory that every cyclist will need is a pump and a mini bike pump will be always a great gift to the cyclist you know. Here, I have added a mini bike pump which is 7.5 inches long (when closed) and weighs only 140 grams. I was searching online for myself and found this mini pump; so I added it to the list of gift ideas for cyclists.

13. Ancient Wheels Cycle

Ancient Wheels Cycle

I found one Ancient Wheels Cycle which is made of Tuzech Brown Metal and is in the shape of a cycle. This can be a great addition to their living room décor and shows their interest in the sport.

14. Bike basket

Bike Basket

If you have one bike basket on your cycle it is always convenient to carry thing while cycling. Next in my list of gift ideas for cyclists is a bike basket which is woven with cane.

15. Bike rain seat cover


Next in my list of cycling gifts is a cycle rain seat cover which is made from waterproof material. This Bike rain seat cover is small enough to fit into a saddle bag and big enough to protect your cycle seat from dirt and dust.

16. Bookend


We all know that bookend is used to support a row of books in a shelf. You can gift a bookend in the shape of a cycle to the cyclist you know. A cycle figurine is cut into two parts to use it as bookends at two ends of the row. This set of bookends can be a great addition to the list of gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

17. Cycling outdoor sunglasses


Next in my list of cycling gifts for men is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are necessary if you are cycling in the daytime. Buy sunglasses with polarized lenses which give UV protection also. Your loved one is going to appreciate this smart gesture and the care you have shown for him.

18. Sports water bottle


Next gift in my list of gifts for cyclists is a sports water bottle. A cyclist will need to be hydrated throughout the workout session. There is no other perfect gift for a cyclist than a sports water bottle. The sports water bottles in the link provided here can be personalized with your friend’s name or any other text.

19. LED Headlamp


A gift that you can consider when you are searching for gift ideas for cyclists is LED Headlamp. This can be very useful when it gets dark soon and also in the monsoon season. The headlamp in the link lights up to 100 feet and has three different colored beams to select from.

20. Reflective vest


The next gift in my list of gift ideas for cyclists is something that is suited for the night riders – cyclists who venture in the dark. I am referring to the Reflective vest that would shine brightly in low light. This is something that is a must during weather conditions when visibility is greatly reduced. Find one that is both comfortable as well as light-weight and gift it to the cyclist you know!

21. Cycling shorts


While cycling you should wear a comfortable outfit and cycling shorts are the best choices. While I was searching for gifts for cyclists, I found one cycling shorts for men. These shorts are made from the mix of nylon and spandex. These are good choices for cycling gifts for men.

22. Wheel lights


Next in my list of gifts for cycling enthusiasts are wheel lights. This is a perfect gift for kids and teenagers. The wheel lights illuminate your bike rims and fits as a gift for any festivals.

23. Compression shirt


Another gift that can be included in the list of cycling gifts for men is a compression shirt. The compression shirt in the link is light weight and is made of moist-wicking material. This keeps you dry while cycling and is comfortable to wear. When you gift, buy one size up than the normal size of the person.

24. Gloves


A pair of gloves is a good gift to any rider, be it a regular cyclist or a motorcyclist and is next in the list of gifts for cyclists. I found this one that doubles up as both a half fingered glove as well as a sweat band. The adjustable Velcro ensures that the best fit can be easily found.

25. Calf compression socks


Well, here we are looking at something that can be a source of great relief when you ride for a long time. A pair of calf compression socks would keep your legs warm and prevent injury to the muscles. I found one online that just does its job neatly and will feature in the list of gift ideas for cyclists.

26. Multi-use headband


The headband is something you can use almost while riding any bike. It keeps your hair immune to the effects that some of the headgears can cause. It also offers subtle protection to your face and neck. I found a set of headbands online and would suggest this as one of the gifts for cycling enthusiasts in your circle.

27. 3D gel padded shorts


The next item in my list of unusual cycling gifts for men is a pair of shorts with gel padding. This is a pair of shorts that has gel padding at the crotch that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with sitting on the slender seats of bicycles for a prolonged period. Gift this to him and he would love to wear it.

28. Waist pack


These waist packs would be ideal gifts for cyclists who would like to carry their mobile phones while cycling. This waist pack ensures that the mobile device is secured to the rider’s waist without any fear of it falling off.

29. Skull cap


The next gift in my list of cycling gifts for men is a skull cap that would keep the cyclist’s ears and head covered. This would give him the much-needed protection against cold wind and a visor design makes it look elegant.

30. Massage stick


A regular cyclist is bound to have a few sores in the muscles. So a massage stick would serve as the ideal choice to relieve them of their hamstring pulls, cramps, tight calves, and sore muscles. Find one from a local store and gift him this unexpected item. A massage stick will surely feature in the list of gift ideas for cyclists.

31. Long mittens

Long mittens

If you wish to gift something that would serve as a fashion statement, there is very little competition for these long mittens. This pair of fingerless mittens is knitted and would help them stand out in the crowd or should I say road. These beautiful mittens are a great addition to the list of gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

32. Bike chain bracelet


This is going to rank high among the unusual cycling gifts for men. I am referring to a bracelet that is in the shape of a bike chain bracelet. The one in the link is made of stainless steel giving it that luster and durability. This piece of ornament is definitely going to look good on him.

33. Cycling shoes


Cycling without proper footwear is not a good idea. Use of improper footwear can lead to quick fatigue and pain in the toes, ankles, and shin. Next in my list of gifts for cyclists is a pair of cycling shoes. You can find a lightweight, durable pair of shoes with good underfoot cushioning like this one.

34. Bicycle speedometer


Here is a small device that will let you know the speed at which you are riding the bicycle and is next in my list of gifts for cycling enthusiasts. The Bicycle speedometer is a wireless gadget that has an easy to read LCD display and shows speed, distance covered and riding time on it. Its small size makes it quite portable and he can carry it anywhere he wants.

35. Rinsekit


Any cyclist would agree that it is important to maintain his cycle in a good condition. This requires not just lubrication, but also proper rinsing before the lubrication to ensure that there is no residual dirt or dust on them. The Rinsekit that ensures your bicycle is rinsed properly with a pressurized spray of water is the next choice in my list of cycling gifts for men.

36. Men’s saddle


The men’s saddles shown here are something that can be perfect cycling gifts for men. This one is a saddle design that is over 100 years old and can be used as an alternative seating option. Gifting this would make him appreciate your taste for aesthetic and classical designs.

37. Bike chain photo frame


Continuing the search for aesthetic gifts, the next in the list of gift ideas for cyclists is a 5X7 print bike chain photo frame. The border of this photo frame looks like it is wrapped with a bike chain giving it that rugged look any macho man would love to have.

38. Bicycle pendant

Bicycle pendant

Some cyclists love to wear their passion. For them, I have this unique gift that combines the polish of silver with the shape of a bicycle. This gift would be a perfect gift for him to use while partying or even while riding his favorite bicycle. It definitely makes a style statement and is a great addition to the list of gifts for cyclists.

39. Rear view radar light


When it comes to safety, the more features you have the better. This gadget indicates an approaching vehicle through a radar display unit and is the next gift in my list of gifts for cyclists. In fact, it can show up to 8 vehicles coming from behind and give an estimate about the distance and the speeds of the approaching vehicles.

40. U-lock


It is sometimes a wise decision to invest in securing the bicycle. So locks are always good choices for gift ideas for cyclists. The one depicted in the link is made of high grade 14 mm steel designed to offer that much-needed durability.