31 Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

Dog lovers are people who put their shepherd, retriever, poodle, Dalmatian, pit bull etc. before anyone else in their lives.

gifts for dog lovers

Great gifts for dog lovers

So while you can easily pick gifts for dog lovers, keep in mind that each gift celebrates the owner’s closeness with their faithful companion. You will be deeply overwhelmed by the plethora of gifts available for different breeds of dog, some of which have been listed below:

1. Wood Pet Home

Wood Pet Home

Built of kiln dried cedar, this beautiful house is designed for small dogs and is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor usage. The small balcony, side steps and latticework make it the perfect dog house and amongst the best gifts for dog lovers.

2. Pop Up Tent For Small Dogs


This is a nice portable hideaway for small dogs that provides them will a comfortable and safe environment. The mesh top provides for ventilation and the roll up door flap allows easy access.

3. Dog Charm Bracelet


This is one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers and small girls who wish to be around their pets every time. With metal alloy charms fitted around a sliver plated bangle, this beautiful dog charm bracelet accommodates all wrist sizes and looks just great.

4. Pet ID Tags


These pet id tag are just the ones you need for furry friends. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors to pick from. If you have a friend who owns a pet dog, go ahead and buy him one of these and he will definitely love the great puppy tags.

5. Tuxedo Harness Vest for Dogs with Handle


For all the dog fashionistas, this classic tuxedo and bowtie vest design is a great product for party, birthday, wedding and other occasions. The red sequins with black bowtie along the exterior impact a princess look to your beautiful little pet.

6. Pet Stroller


One of the most stylish and innovative strollers, the happy strollers allows you carry your pet dog safely inside the stroller wherever you go. This pet stroller is one of the best gifts for dog lovers, especially for the little ones who do wish to walk for longer distances.

7. Pet sling Carrier


Carry your pet dog around and make your bonding even more happier and healthier with this sling bag carrier. The hands free design allows for free walking, the safety collar hook provides for added security and the sling carrier constitutes for a great combination of style and convenience.

8. Diner Dog Bowl


Let your pet dog enjoy a quiet and hassle free dining with this diner dog bowl. The double diners come with removable and bacteria resistive stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe and can hold till one pint in each of the bowls.

9. Hair Bow Lace Headdress with Hair Clip


There wonderful bows for your little fur puppies are really adorable and will make them look amazingly cute. These are also the best gift ideas for dog lovers who dress up their pups always and want to make them look elegant on any Christmas, New Year or Halloween party.

10. Pet Dog Neckties


Available in 10 different pieces and styles, this cute dog accessories is just the perfect one for weddings, parties and holidays. They fit beautifully on small and middle sized dogs and also come with a pet tag as a free gift.

11. Pet Blanket

Pet Blanket

This soft and warm pet blanket is great for puppies and helps to keep them warm and comfortable. You can even carry these along with you while taking your pet for an outing and the pet blanket will help your puppy feel more relaxed, safe and stress free even in a new environment.

12. Travel Car Back Seat Barrier Dog Cage


If you want to keep your dog from going into the driver and passenger seat area while travelling in a car, use this pet barrier to create a more safe and comfortable space for the driver, passenger as well your pet. Built of heavy duty material, the pet barrier is a universal fit and goes well with any kind of vehicle.

13. Pet Seat Cover for Cars


These pet seat covers provide car owners and dog lovers the easiest way of travelling with pets while still protecting the back seat from spills, dirt, fur and scratches. Also included are two pockets that allow easy storage of personal items like leashes, water bottle, toys and grooming supplies.

14. Storage Basket, Home Décor Bone Shape Bin


This is the perfect accessory for holding all your dog treats, toys, blankets, leashes and others. The dark espresso colored storage basket also is also among the ideal gifts for dog lovers who can both use it functionally as well make it a great décor piece for their homes.

15. Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat


Use this calming coat to help your dog get relief from car trips, anxiety, excessive barking, hyperactivity and noise. It is designed in such a manner that constant pressure is applied onto the dog’s torso which provides for a calming effect on most dogs.

16. Automatic Electronic Timer Programmable Dog Feeder


Forget about the worries of feeding your dog at regular intervals because this programmable dog feeder ensures that your dog has adequate potions of food for 3 times a day. Also you can record a personal message as an alarm in the machin to call for your pet when it’s time.

17. Extra Long Dog Leash


This extra long dog leash has been strongly built to resist abrasions and stretching. It is perfectly ideal for medium to large sized dog breeds and the handles are also equipped with extra comfortable grip and soft padding to cushion your hands against any kind of discomfort.

18. Saddlebag with Adjustable Straps

Saddlebag with Adjustable Straps

You will not find a more perfect backpack for your dog to help your little friend carry all its stuff for outdoor activities. It’s designed with storage pockets and has safe zipper closure to place all accessories and other things. Your dog will be relaxed and super comfortable while wearing it.

19. Dog Backpack Adjustable Saddlebag

Dog Backpack Adjustable Saddlebag

You pup can now comfortably carry its own gear and essentials with the help of this light capacity pack with saddleback style design that is ideal for everyday errands and quick getaways. The breathable mesh harness and adjustable straps create a perfect fit around your pup whenever you are ready to travel.

20. Seatbelts for Cars


It’s a simple to use harness that will keep your dog in a single position in the car so as to prevent driver distractions. The strap is fully adjustable between 17 and 26 inches and thus is suitable for various sized dogs and also allows for easy flexibility and movement inside the car.

21. Colorful Dog collar


This colorful dog collar elegant dog collar is a nice piece of accessory for small, medium and large sized dogs. Its fabric sewn over nylon webbing and its sliding adjuster ensures that your dog finds its perfect fit.

22. Dog Coat with Harness Slot


Keep your small pup warm and comfortable in this beautiful looking dog coat. The coat is made out of fleece and has thin cotton lining. There is also a Velcro to close along with a slot to fit in the harness buckle.

23. Dog Shirt

Dog Shirt

One of the best gifts for dog lovers as dogs shirt would be this nice cozy coat for your little furry friend. It is available in all sizes for various breeds and covers up your pup completely giving it a warm and comforting feeling.

24. Dog Carrier Backpack

Dog Carrier Backpack

Carrying around your pup is no more a thing of worry. This new dog carrier backpack with wide foamy slotted shoulder straps has been designed to comfortable carry you’re your little friend. There are side mesh panels to aerate within and side pockets are also designed for holding water bottles, leashes etc.

25. No Pull Dog Harness


It’s not a collar, but a stylish, durable and safe dog harness that you have always wanted for your dog. It will support your little friend while standing, walking as well as climbing stairs and it’s amazingly great for outdoor sports also.

26. Pet Booster Seat


Designed to create the ultimate riding experience for pampered pups, the pet booster seat elevates the pet off the seat of the car so that they can have a better view of the outside world while slogging comfortably in the back seat. There’s also a storage pocket and safety leash included.

27. Chilly Dog Sweater


This adorable woolen sweater is one among the perfect gifts for dog lovers that you can use to pamper your pet. Made from organic plant dyes, the dog sweater is cent percent woolen and works perfectly to keep your pet warm and comfy.

28. Helmet for Biker Dogs


If your dog often accompanies you on your bike, this helmet is the perfect piece of accessory you would want to buy. It protects your pet’s head from wind, sun and other irritant objects. It is light weight, is well padded from inside and comes with adjustable chin straps.

29. Led Dog Collar


The bright led glowing led dog collar helps you to track of your dog easily from distance so that you can always keep an eye on them. The collar can be adjusted easily to any length for an exact fit of any size breeds.

30. Washing shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub


This is one amongst the ideal gift ideas for dog lovers, especially if you know a friend who has just bought small pup. This portable bath tub is sturdy and super durable and is the perfect sized tub to bathe small as well as medium sized pets.

31. Adjustable Seat Safety Belt


During long drives, this adjustable seat belt helps to keep your dog safe and secure on the back seat. The adjustable leash and durable buckles ensures that your pet can comfortable stand, sit and also move around freely and safely within the car.

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