Induce Smiles This Year End with These 6 Amazing Gifts for Elementary Students

Though X-Mas gifts for students are not mandatory; many teachers do like presenting something nice to their students before their holidays. If you are an elementary class teacher searching presentable gifts for elementary students over the internet, here are a few try-outs.

gifts for elementary students

Amazing End of the Year/X-Mas Gifts for Elementary Students:

1. Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Floor Puzzle


This is a very popular choice which many elementary/kindergarten teachers are considering as gift options. So, if you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out the perfect gift for your little students, a glow in the dark floor dinosaur floor puzzle is one safe bet.

With illuminating dino-puzzles, these little kids will simply be left in amazement. In many ways, this toy will also help your students develop their personal skills. Plus it is sure to keep them engaged for a long period of time without troubling their mothers.

You would find numerous options available online as it is a popular gift choice for elementary kids. Like this idea? Then check this link below.

Its super fun, engaging and will surely will aid in boosting up your students curricular skills.

2. A Mouth Watery Gift Box

A Mouth Watery Gift Box


It goes undeniable that small kinds love to eat. They always have their chewing mode on and have a habit of putting anything they feel is eatable into their mouths. If your class is full of such naughty ones, then it makes sense to gift them something which they can actually eat without any worries to you.

Usually these gift baskets come with an array of edibles which is healthy and safe for consumption. Even their parents will approve them eating these quality consumables without scolding them one bit.

The link below does prove to be an adequate Christmas gifts for students option 2. Check it out.

3. Colouring Pencils to Bring Out Their Creativity

Colouring Pencils to Bring Out Their Creativity


The thing with elementary kids is that they also love to draw or sketch. They watch cartoons all day and want to express what they see in a blank drawing sheet. Come this year-end/ X-Mas holidays; present them a fine assortment of colouring pencils to sketch their imagination.

When choosing for such colouring pencils, teachers need to check the quality and also the number of colour options which one in the pack.

Pencils which offer rich and saturated pigments usually appeal to small kids. They love spending more time with them crafting their creation. Again you would find a slew of options existing over the net. To simplify things just a tad, here a good option to look into.

If it deems appropriate as a gift, simply present it to them. Also allot each one of your students a task to make something with it and show it to you on their return.

4. Spelling and Writing Book for Your Little Graders

Other effective gifts for school students (1st graders/elementary students) are the spelling and writing text books. With these, not only are you guaranteeing them a chance to do something interesting on their holidays but also building their key skills for the coming year.

Generally such texts consist of word scramblers, crossword puzzles and educational games to help your young students upgrade their basic understanding of English. Plus it also consists of creative writing structures, spellings for high-frequency words and sentence construction lessons to help them learn about the language properly.

Simply speaking, there are 2 kinds of gifts which you can present to your young students. One which presents them immense happiness and second, which makes them learn something worth-while. This particular gift is surely going to present them both. So this is another option to consider.

Check out these 2 popular options by clicking on their links.

·         Spelling and Writing for Beginners, Grade 1:

Spelling and Writing for Beginners, Grade 1


·         Spectrum Spelling, Grade 2:

Spectrum Spelling, Grade 2


5. Wooden Box Calendars

Wooden Box Calendars


Wooden box calendars are unique gifts for school students in their early grades. Their attractive designs make them great gifts for elementary students this X-Mas Eve. They appear great on study tables, home desks, shelves or mantles- wherever one puts it.

It also inculcates young tikes to know the order of months and also differentiate between those with 30 and 31 days. Furthermore it makes them know about the specialty of February.

If you like the idea of presenting wooden box calendars as Christmas gifts for students, then here’s one good option to consider.

6. Make Them Know Their Animals With Miniature Animals And Their Matching Cards.

The last option which you can give a thought as a gift is animal cards with toy animals. This is one mode of making your students learn how to identify different animals.

These generally encompass photo cards which includes prints and names of different animals. Plus they also come with toy animals which little kids can use to sort and categorise figurines depending on their traits. It promotes learning and also keeps them engaged in something worthwhile.

A suggestion:

Make Them Know Their Animals With Miniature Animals And Their Matching Cards

These are some amazing gifts for elementary students, you as their teacher can think of presenting. Each of them is quite pocket friendly too and the best part is, your students will accept with wide smiles on their faces. So check them out now.