28 Appealing Gifts For Journalists


Best Gifts For Journalists

1. Stamp art

Stamp art for journalist

Searching for perfect gifts for journalists? How about an unframed and unmatted frame that is based on postage stamps? this can be a great piece of art for any journalist’s house. Gift your friend one!

2. Writer’s cube


One of the best journalist gifts, this wooden block is an ideal place where your dear journalist friend can sit back and decode news articles. Being of 5 sides, it either comes in default view or can be customised as well.

3. Travel Coffee mug

Travel Coffee mug

Life of a journalist is not easy but this travel mug helps you store water that you can easily carry places. Having rubber rim it the lids, this prevents leakage and with the keep calm logo helps you to keep your calm as you deal with tough jobs! One of the best journalist gifts!

4. Newspaper print cover

Newspaper print cover

For those journalist friends of yours who loves to decorate house with antique journalism related aspects, this is one of the best presents for journalists! A cushion cover that has print of old newspapers, is truly an artistic piece that help in ensuring that your house gets a unique intellectual feel.

5. Business card holder

Business card holder

What could be better presents for journalists than a business card holder? Made of polymer clay this is just perfect to be set on table, acting both as a decorative piece and for holding important cards.

6. Set of pencils


One of the best gifts for journalists, this set of pencils are specifically engraved and customised to ensure that you have something handy to take notes as he or she deals with important issues.

7. Paper baseball cap

paper cap

8. Hoodie


Keeping a cover while hunting for news is part of a journalist’s job. As one of the perfect gifts for journalists, this polyester cotton dark grey hoodie is there. Made of a combination of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is printed by using digital print and helps in keeping warm! Gift it now!

9. Tote bag

Tote bag

Hundreds of knickknacks are to be included in a journalist’s regular bag, and this tote bag is just the one. Made of natural canvas cloth, this is ideal for ensuring that all the important stuffs are packed inside. Gift one now itself!

10. Mini Video Camera

Mini Video Camera

As one of the perfect presents for journalists, this is ideal for snapping up those important details in case of a secret mission.  Providing HD video recording, this has delicate IR vision that helps in supporting video for a longer time period. Having a full hiding effect, this can also be used for auto saving previous data.

11. Loudspeaker


The primary work of a journalist is to ensure that a certain piece of news reaches the public. For that purpose, this tape recorder cum loudspeaker, perfectly acts as a solution with its 3D sound quality. Having an 8GB memory card, this has to be placed within 3 metres of recording distance. Definitely, one of the best gifts for journalists!

12. Pocket Camera

Pocket Camera

Journalists always have something or the other to record as evidence, and this pocket camera is just one of the perfect gifts for journalists. Having a 75 degree angle wise length and a maximum recording time of 5 hours, this supports micro SD card up to 32 GB, and is built with rechargeable battery.

13. Quoted Tees

quoted tees

It is expected of a journalist to have a diplomatic say in all things, but nothing can be more motivational than tees with strong quotes. Acting as a perfect self-booster, this is made of pure cotton, and is lightweight. So while a journo runs and covers breaking news, this would provide that much needed comfort.

14. Monogrammed Leather notebook

Monogrammed Leather notebook

Jotting down notes is a regular issue, and it is very important to have a monogrammed leather notebook covering up all the details. Handmade from recycled craft paper, this has 100 pages and notes can be easily made. One of the best presents for journalists!

15. Writer’s Block Journal


Be it a journo or a writer, everyone faces a writer’s block. This notebook having 300 pages can appeal extremely well to someone who has suddenly felt a block. The journalist can simply ramble his thoughts, or note down haphazard point unless he fixes up something to write.  One of the best gifts for journalists!

16. Journal Binder

Journal Binder

It is no new sight to see that all the important documents are left open in a journalist’s room. However, with this journal binder, important documents and notes can be kept compiled in a specific place with no chance of losing them out. Coming in 12 colours, this has customised engraving making it one of the perfect presents for journalists.

17. Drawing pad


What if a journo needs to draw up some important pictures? Get your dear friend a spiral bound drawing pad having 50 pages with non-coated paper. He can dabble up a cartoon to accompany along with a news piece or simply frame a flowchart to explain a topic in detail. One of the unique journalist gifts!

18. Tales of Paranormal Journalist


Every journalist likes to spend some time with himself, and nothing can be a better companion than tales of paranormal journalism. As one of the perfect gifts for journalists, this book has stories of investigating journalism with specific details. Present your dear one a copy now!

19. Monogram cufflinks

Monogram cufflinks

Which man doesn’t like monogram cufflinks? This set of monogrammed cufflinks arrives in a hard sided box along with a microfiber polishing cloth for keeping it shining. Just the perfect one for that friend of yours!

20. Sheet Notepad

Sheet Notepad

Does she have to hurriedly write down some points? Ditch those heavy copies and get her this sheet notepad! As one of the best presents for journalists, this has 50 sheets and blue and black ink works perfectly on this. Gift one now!

21. Coffee cup

Coffee cup

Having a cup of hot steaming coffee while composing an important article is a must for journo! As one of the best gifts for journalists, this microwave safe and colour changing coffee cup brings a colour the much needed freshness. This festive season, this is the best gift for that budding journo.

22. Metal Bottle


Carrying a bottle is a must as the journo goes news hunting. Made of aluminium and having twisted caps, this is a perfect one that fits most of the cup holders and is customised with high gloss image. Just one of the perfect journalist gifts that is desired!

23. Bamboo notepad

Bamboo notepad

If there is some important article to note, then why not note in style? With this bamboo notepad, made of recycled paper, every special article can get a special domain to reside. Specifically made for noting some important details, this just makes every journo feel special.

24. Theme based earrings


Who said a journo cant style herself? With this specifically question mark danglers made of hand, the whole style quotient reaches to a high level even when one is in the midst of a dusty operation. Just one of the perfect gifts for journalists!

25. Colored Journal Planner Pens

Colored Journal Planner Pens

For a journalist, marking out important notes and highlighting certain sections is very important. From this set, he or she can choose multiple colours to depict important details. Such retractable assorted ink pens are need of the hour and serves as perfect gifts for journalists!

26. Recorder cum microphone highlighter

Recorder cum microphone highlighter

Have an important interview to cover? With this recorder cum microphone, recording can be dome up to a maximum of 36 hours. Coming with a memory card of 8GB, this has capacity to store 560 hours of audio file. A must and one of the best gifts for journalists!

27. Condenser microphone

Condenser microphone

Have a live interview to cover? This professional condenser microphone has capacity to cover sound in its completion while minimising background sounds to a great extent. Frequency of this can be tailored and neodymium magnet present provides signal to noise ratio for better capturing of sounds. Having a capacity to create podcasts and voiceover for videos, this is truly one of the best presents for journalists!

28. Highlighter


How about a getting a branded pen for your journo friend this season? Make sure that you customise this pen as per his or her demands and present this pen to ensure that his every note has a special feel to it.

Get some of the best presents for journalists from this list! Also, you can find more information about best Gifts For Photographers here.