6 Unique Gifts for Kayakers That They Will Simply Love

Have friends who are passionate about water sports and fishing? Know a fact about them- buying gifts for kayakers is a venture very different from all other non-aqua people.

gifts for kayakers

Their lives particularly revolve around the arched boat and the rowing stick. Given a chance, they would spend a whole weekend kayaking in a nomadic routine, fishing in discreet spots of a lake or simply floating over the water!

Therefore if you present them with a set of denim or a handsome wallet on their birthdays, it would fail to raise any reaction from them!

So, when spending on buying stuff for them, why not buy something that they will both love and find useful?

Here are 6 Unique Gifts for Kayakers

1. Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Any kayak lover who spends days after day’s outdoors, under the scorching sun would love to receive an interchangeable polarized eye gear! These are light-weight, rainproof and fit every person just right.

Moreover, the interchangeable lenses are just an add-on fun; a person can keep altering them with each new pair of shorts!

However, jokes apart, every lens colour serves a separate purpose for different environmental conditions. The yellow lens is ideally suited for night time vision. The gray lens is particularly suitable for strong sunlight.

Some lenses come with UV400 protection to save your eyes from the harmful UV and UVB rays of the run.

With its unbreakable, durable and flexible frame, this pair of polarized eye gear indeed makes for one of the best gifts for kayakers.

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2. LED Headlamps

LED Headlamps

For sports lovers, there is no night or day! They are just always ready to explore a little more, “to seek and to never yield”!

Therefore, what can be better than a headlamp? One can look up for the LED Headlamp on leading e-commerce stores to avail them at the best market price.

These usually come with 4 lighting modes, three levels of white light brightness and a red emergency flashlight. Moreover, it is waterproof, adjustable and extremely lightweight- making way for a no-baggage exploration!

3. A Waterproof dry bag

Kayaking without placing one’s valuables inside a safe, waterproof, dry bag is as risky as it can get! So, this year, present a lovely waterproof bag to your kayaker friend and help him be a little relieved while on water!

A Waterproof dry bag

Made from commercial grade PVC, these big size bags are ready to be the ideal water companion. Moreover, the easy-to-access front zip makes them far easier to store stuff. Their advanced zip lock system does not allow even a drop to drip inside, even if the kayak topples in water.

Here is another good news- these bags may come along with waterproof phone cases that can hold a device safe inside. So, isn’t this one of the best gifts for kayakers for your bestie?!

4. Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When kayaking strenuously, whether alone or in a group, anybody would want to listen to some pumping beats. It not only acts like a dose of recreation but also boosts the spirit to go forth with more energy.

So, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be a good option to gift a kayaker. He can connect to the portable speaker anywhere under the sky and listen to his favourite tune.

The best thing about such kayak gifts? This high capacity speaker may be capable of pulling off consistent 12 hours of play time! This makes it a great entertainment box for hanging out around beach, pool, lake or river. Charge it once and play music on water for hours!

However, it is better to carry small speaks. Look for power-packed sound systems that are not more than 5 inches long 3 inches tall- making it easy to carry inside a waterproof, dry bag!

5. Push button vintage sundial compass

Push button vintage sundial compass

A vintage compass can never fall short of elegance. It is the most thoughtful gift you can present to a fellow kayak lover! He will be delighted to receive something as priceless and useful as this!

While the compass will point the directions, the sundial will display the time. These compasses cum sundials are usually made of brass and come with a metal chain to wear it around the neck.

Wrap it in a striking vintage box and surprise the sport-soul with a device to show him or her better directions in life!

6. Drink Holder

Drink Holder

Who would not want a chilled drink on a late summer afternoon while relentlessly kayaking? Also, a steaming cup of coffee for an early winter morning session? Well, comforting stuff like that are always gleefully welcomed!

So, make such a soul happy by gifting a beverage holder. They come in various shapes and sizes. They only need to be hooked to the kayak’s edge, and the beverage is always near at hand, sitting stably inside the firm holder. No spilling or mess!

So, want to win the heart of a kayaker? Use any of the above gifts for kayakers to show them that you care for their intense passion for water sports!

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