Help Your Friend Smash a Few More with 6 Amazing Gifts for Tennis Players

Do you have an aspiring Federer or Serena Williams in your gang of friends? Then the fortnight before their birthdays are probably spent brainstorming for the ideal gifts for tennis players. These people usually do not have the will or time to spend in other activities apart from hitting the tennis ball. So, get for them something that circles around their passion for sports!

Gifts for Tennis Players

Gifts for Tennis Players

To make your task easier, here is a list of amazing tennis gift ideas that any player would love to unwrap on his/her birthday!

1. A set of vibration dampener

A set of vibration dampener

A seasoned tennis player is almost always on the lookout for some good tennis racket vibration dampeners! Instead of getting those old boring ones, it is advisable that you choose a set of bright and quirky dampeners. Your friend will definitely love these colourful tennis gifts with nice catchy quotes like “focus” or “move your feet” or maybe, “ok, I got it”.

Not only will these help to reduce the vibration of the racket strings when the player strikes the ball, but also make it appear so attractive!

2. A Wine stopper

Wine stopper

One who plays tennis might also like relishing some good old wine during leisurely hours! So, why not get them customised wine stopper? These gifts are available in separate designs for both boys and girls.

3. A set of tennis towels

A set of tennis towels

Really? Now, what sort of a gift is a towel set? Well, look at it this way – it is useful and above that, the towels can also have attractive quotes stitched. These are readily available on leading e-commerce sites, so one does not even have to visit a personalization store to have the quotes sewed.

4. Bracelets, charms and ring!

For a girl who loves to play and watch tennis, she would want to make it evident through all her accessories and jewelleries. Get her some racket and tennis ball charms in the form of pendant or a tennis racket carved finger ring!

Bracelets, charms and ring

In fact, if there is a girl on your mind who is also a tennis lover, try proposing her with the tennis themed finger ring. Who knows, she might fall head over heels, sending your thoughtfulness about her passion!

There are great varieties of such customised jewelleries available for the girl with bouncy feet. You might find one in the link below.

5. Tennis player Wall Art

Tennis player Wall Art

Many people dwell with the notion that there exist no paintings to accentuate the love for sports. Now, that’s absolutely wrong! There are, in fact, astounding paintings that can make for unique tennis gifts.

Tennis print posters and wall hangings are available in abundance. You can choose to gift these to a friend who obsesses over the game. He or she can hang these in the drawing or dining area, to show the world his or her love for the amazing game!

6. Printed T-shirt

Printed T-shirt

Good text tees that have quirky captions like “Eat. Sleep. Tennis. Repeat” can be good tennis gifts for him or her. You need not travel from one mall to another to find one as these are available in plenty online.

Just keep a lookout to the size chart because all companies do not follow the same sizing standards. Also, check for exchange facilities when buying apparels. What if the t-shirt doesn’t fit him or her?

Now that you know exactly what to buy as gifts for tennis lovers, prepare yourself for a match. Who knows, maybe that’s what your friend is waiting for – to hit some smashes on his/her birthday!