19 Unique Gifts For Writers Those Are Not Too Boring

We all have that writer who is always busy with his or her notebook and pen. Nowadays, instead of book and pen people have started using computers, tablets and smartphones to write. However, the conventional method of writing is still popular among writers.


We have so many options for writer gifts and can get the gift delivered to their doorstep. Here I am going to list out some interesting gift ideas for writers.

Best Gifts For Writers

1. Writing pad


Just like pen writing pad is an accessory which provides the comfort for the writer. When I was searching for good writing pads to compile this list of presents for writers, I found one online that is compact, simple and is durable. The writing pad in the link is made of polished metal and the edges are with rounded corners.

2. Writer’s remedy

Writer’s remedy

At times the writer goes into a shell when he or she is not able to write anything. This stage is known as Writer’s block. There are no other writer gifts which can help them come out of this block like a magnetic poetry. Now you would be thinking what a magnetic poetry is. This pack contains words with magnets which can be attached to any metal. The writer can shuffle the words and try to make sentences and you will see him starting to write again.

3. Stick-up weekly calendar

Stick-up weekly calendar

If the writer you know is a professional and needs to complete the writing tasks in time, you can gift him / her this stick-up weekly calendar to schedule the tasks. This is one of the great gift ideas for a writer. The calendar in the link has a set of stickers to indicate the tasks like bills, events like birthdays and for reminders. The writer can just stick the appropriate sticker to remind him of the task to be completed along with his writing.

4. Leather journal


Without a doubt you can add a leather journal to the list of presents for writers. The journal in the link is handmade and is of antique style. The papers of this journal are unlined. This journal is an ideal gift for writers or artists. The cover, flap, and wrap are made of leather. The leather wrap also works as a bookmark. Your writer friend can easily carry this around and thus will not miss any idea that comes into his mind.

5. Scrabble


Next item in the list of gift ideas for writers is Scrabble. We all know scrabble is a word game which can be played by two or four players. The scrabble in the link comes with a storage pouch for tiles and a nylon zipped case for the foldable game board. The writer can improve his vocabulary by using this scrabble and also is a useful time pass.

6. Quill pen

First one in my list of writer gifts is a pen which is of retro style. Quills were used for writing before the invention of pens. Quills are made from the feather of a large bird and are dipped in ink to write. Gift a quill pen to the writer you know. The pen in the link is a pen which is a combined version of pen and quill (real feather). The pack comes with six different nibs and two ink bottles.

7. Necklace with their initials

Necklace with their initials

Writers would love anything that is related to writing, be it an old style or modern. Here I am referring to a necklace which has the letter in typewriter font. These necklaces with their initials become unique gifts for writers when you add their initials as the pendants. I am sure the writer you know is going to be delighted with this simple gift.

8. Roll-up Pencil case

Roll-up Pencil case

A roll-up pencil or pen case can be one of the best gift ideas for a writer. A writer’s weapon is his pen and he would like to keep it safe and organized. He likes to keep them arranged and this leather roll-up pen case will help in that. The vintage style pen case in the link has four pouches to hold pens, pencils, and even an eraser.

9. Library socks

Library socks

Next in my list of presents for writers are socks which look like a library card. If you check in the link you can see that the socks have lines like in a card. At the ankle part of the library socks, it has the fields in a library card (Author, title, date due and borrower’s name). I am sure that the writer is going to agree with you that these are unique gifts for writers.

10. Book clutch

Book clutch

Just like the other accessories a writer likes to keep his favourite books covered and safe. Book clutches are perfect gift ideas for a writer. The clutch in the link is like a box exactly in the size of a book and is made of metal. The clutch is golden in colour and outside it has the cover page of Charles Dicken’s novel. You can get other models also in different sizes. Buy one that suits you and gift it to the writer you know.

11. Calligraphy set


Calligraphy is an art (visual) related to writing. In calligraphy, the writer uses different symbols and forms to present information. But in the modern calligraphy, the methods are different and the writer uses a pen with different types of nibs. A calligraphy set can be one of the unique gifts for writers and will encourage them to learn more about it. Calligraphy is used in simple forms for wedding invitation cards and font design.

12. Pen and pencil holder

Pen and pencil holder

Another one in gift ideas for a writer is a pen and pencil holder. As I mentioned before pen is a writer’s sword and he is going to need a decent pen holder to keep all his pens and pencils organized. The one in the link is a simple cut-out design and the pack contains two holders (for pens and pencils). You can gift a desk organizer which comes with more compartments.

13. Manual typewriter


Even though the ways of writing have changed a classic manual typewriter has its own place in the list of gift ideas for writers. Many writers like the special sound of a typewriter and also enable the budding writer to practice without making any mistakes.  Even now, typing the address using a typewriter on the envelope is more accurate than the computer printer.

14. Pocket notebook


A writer will not know when he will get some ideas or thoughts that he wants to include in his work. These pocket notebooks are the presents for writers who travel a lot and do not want to forget about the ideas. The pack in the link contains 12 pocket notebooks with lined pages. The kit includes four different cover designs and easy to carry around in the pocket.

15. Horn letter opener

Horn letter opener

The next gift in my list of unique gifts for writers is a letter opener which is made from horn. The manufacturer does say that the letter opener will develop a natural horn over the polish brass over time and you can buff out this with a microfiber cloth. 

16. A dictionary


For any writer building a better vocabulary is important and there is no other aid like a good dictionary for them. A dictionary is one of the great gift ideas for a writer. The link takes you to the product page of Oxford English dictionary from one of the popular dictionary authors in the world. Select one depending upon the age and skill of the writer. You even have the option to buy a picture dictionary which is very helpful for a budding writer.

17. Aqua note

Aqua note

The next gift in the list of writer gifts is the Aqua note. You would be wondering what this aqua note is. Now the writer you know does not have to worry about forgetting the idea after the shower. If the pocket notebooks help them to preserve the ideas while travelling these aqua notes help them to capture the idea even in the shower. To facilitate that the manufacturer has made these notes waterproof.

18. Coffee mug

Coffee mug

Coffee mugs are always great gifts for writers because they sit for a long time to write. You can select one mug which has a motivational quote or funny note. Buy one of these and gift this to the writer you know.

19. Warning sign

Warning sign

The last one in my list of gift ideas for writers is a warning sign. The “warning” is written in mixed colour in the white background on the board.

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