12 Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Yoga is a group of practices that originated in ancient India. Yoga has been accepted worldwide now because of the benefits it offers to keep your body and mind calm and healthy. This article is an attempt to help you in deciding the best yoga gifts for yoga lovers or practitioner you know.

gifts for yoga lovers

Gifts for yoga lovers

1. Yoga CD

Yoga CD

The first one in the list of gifts for yoga lovers is a yoga CD that will help the beginners to learn Yoga and its associated benefits. The CD in the link contains 8 routines to help you in increasing strength, flexibility, and body weight maintenance. The Yoga instructor featuring in this CD is famous for her contributions to yoga. She has written many journals and also conducts seminars worldwide. Gifting this CD is one of the gift ideas for yoga lovers.

2. Oil warmer

Oil Warmer

Next gift is one of the yoga gifts for women – an oil warmer. This can be used for multiple purposes. In certain procedures of yoga, you will have to use oils that can be applied on your body for health and pain relief. Some of these need to be lukewarm in order to obtain their complete effect. The oil warmer in the link is a beautifully crafted one which can also be used to provide pleasant aroma. The warmer is made in a way that it looks like three praying women holding the oil. You can place a small candle below so that the oil will be warm.

3. Yoga mat


Anyone who does yoga will understand the necessity of having a yoga mat for practicing yoga. Yoga mat is undoubtedly one of the best yoga gifts you can give to a yoga lover. The yoga mat in the link is lightweight and has 5mm thickness to give you that cushioning effect. The pack also comes with an option to download free Yoga workout so that you can start working out as soon as you buy the yoga mat.

4. Yoga mat bag


Finding out perfect gifts for yogis may be a tedious task. But gifting a yoga mat bag is always an option while you are searching for gift ideas for yoga lovers. Most of the yoga lovers will have a yoga mat at home so that they can practice Yoga at home. Why don’t you gift them a yoga mat bag  so that they do not have to miss performing those asanas (postures) just because they do not have the mat with them.

5. A book on Yoga

A book on Yoga

Another one in my list of gift ideas for yoga lovers is a useful book on Yoga. This is a book in which almost all the yoga postures (including Astanga and lyengar Vinyasa) are illustrated step-by-step. Along with all the exercise postures, the book also gives a light into other yoga practices to be carried on while you are doing yoga.

6. Yoga print wall decor

When I went to buy a gift for my friend I found one canvas print which had a yogi doing yoga in blazing sun. The picture was beautiful and I realized that the canvas wall decors like this can be perfect gifts for yogis. The canvas print in the link has a hanging accessory kit included. You can buy this in different sizes.

7. A yoga gift basket


One of the great yoga gifts for women is a yoga gift basket. This gift basket contains everything that a woman need when she is starting to practice yoga. The kit comes with a yoga book, DVD, aroma therapy candles, bath mitt, herbal tea, bath pillow, green tea foaming bath Fizzies and other things needed for a rejuvenating bath. So after the yoga practice the lady can take a refreshing bath with all aroma therapy and bathing accessories.

8. Yoga pants

yoga-pantsWhen you do yoga, the dress you wear should be comfortable and light. Keeping that in mind, next I am going to discuss about the yoga pants which are great yoga gifts for men. The yoga pants in the link are made from 94% of cotton and have thick waistband to give the comfort you need. These pants allow him to move and stretch freely since the fabric is stretchable.

9. Yoga toes gems


You would have experienced pain in between the toes (or your toes may look like they need a straightening) after doing an extensive yoga session or walking. One of the best yoga gifts are yoga toes gems  which give the relief you need after the workout. This toes gem will easily fit beneath the toes and gently separates them apart to give the same benefit you gain if you walk barefoot.

10. Toeless Yoga Socks


Just like the yoga pants you need to wear comfortable socks while doing yoga so that you are not distracted while doing difficult postures. Toeless Yoga socks as one of the gifts for yoga lovers can be helpful if you do not have a yoga mat. The targeted traction zones beneath the socks allows no-slip grip and the toeless design lets your toes to be spread enough while doing yoga.

11. Cooling Arm Sleeves


Next gift in the list of yoga gifts for men is a cooling arm sleeves . While doing yoga you are going to sweat and this cooling arm sleeves help him get a cooling effect. The cloth starts to cool when sweat from his hands is circulated through the sleeves in turn producing a cooling effect. Not only that these arm sleeves protects him from harmful Ultra-violet rays of the blazing Sun (when outdoors).

12. Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga

Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga

Soft on skin, hard on exhaustion. That is the benefit of having a Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga. These multipurpose towels are airy and long that comes with waterproof casing and carabiner. Not to mention, these towels are extremely light as a feather. Breezing the special technology, these towels are good for every age group.

This sums up my list of gifts for yoga lovers. Choose one that suits your loved one’s requirements and spring him/her a surprise with your well-thought gift.

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