5 Gifts That Start With D

Who doesn’t want to be surprised with a gift or two? Or who doesn’t like to be gifted? Yeah, everyone does and that is the most probable reason, why we wait the whole year round, so impatiently, for our birthdays to come. Gifts are the means to show and express our gesture of love to our loved ones. Now, in this era, we have gone slightly different. We have curated some Gifts That Start With D which can be gifted out to your “D letter” named fellas.

gifts that start with d

Gifts That Start With D

1) Dumbbells


This easy to use and highly efficient pair of dumbbells are perfect for your regular workouts. They are very versatile and practical, thereby helping you in switching from one exercise to another. They are the great pair for your strenuous hours of training. They also help in improving the overall fitness of the body by making your weight loss progress efficient day by day.


  • This product comes in a set of two dumbbells.
  • It is made up of cast iron.
  • It also includes 16 inch diamond knurled chromated handles.
  • It incorporates star-lock collars and resistant rubber trims.
  • It is easy to use and store.
  • It can also be among your xmas gifts beginning with d.

2) Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

This large sized duffel bag is made up of 100% reliable nylon threads. They are the perfect gifts that start with d. Measuring up to 50 pounds by capacity. It facilitates easy travelling due to it’s features like rectangular shape, loop handles etc. It’s durable zippers allows it’s unzipping along 3 sides thereby, ensuring complete provision of proper organisation of stuffs.


  • It is made up of high quality of nylon.
  • It is 100% ideal for travel and storage.
  • It also includes zippered interior pockets for keeping smaller items safe.
  • It includes top loop handles for easy lifting.

3) Dreamcatcher


This can be the perfect gift for someone’s sleepless and nightmare nights. It’s vintage and feathery look adds charm to the place. It can also be accessorised with flowers, beads and ribbons. This dreamcatcher is handmade, can be a perfect choice for your gifts that start with d and has been personalised to suit your taste.


  • It is made up of natural cotton lace.
  • It’s rustic look adds a new style to your home’s decor

4) Detangler Hairbrush

Detangler Hairbrush

This product comes with ionic bristles for smooth detangling and shaping large sections of your dry or wet hair. It swiftly sweeps out the knots by gently massaging into hair. This product is suitable for people having sensitive scalps and protects the hair from undesirable breakages. With this product, detangling of your long hair can be now, a easy job to do.


  • It is flexible and comes with padded brushes with glide bristles.
  • It is suitable for every hair type.
  • It is gentle in it’s design.
  • This can also be one of your gifts with letter d in your list.

5) Dollhouse

doll house

This dollhouse is perfect for your little angels. It comprises of a three storey building with a gliding elevator at it’s side. Beautifully decorated with intricate designs in pink, this product is elegant and stylish. This can also be included in the presents beginning with d. Be it your doll’s kitty party or Christmas party, this house’s decor can go fascinatingly well.


  • It comprises of 3 levels, 4 rooms and a balcony.
  • It also comes with a gliding elevator.
  • It incorporates detailed scrollwork and indulges smart and sturdy wooden construction.
  • It is easy to assemble.


With this range of D lettered gifts, sudden parties won’t be boring anymore.