Halloween Costumes And Decoration Ideas

Halloween is the time to celebrate. With this celebration fast approaching, you might be thinking about costume and decoration ideas. If you are planning for the Halloween party at your home and if you have plans to invite your friends to the party, you can create your own haunted house with the right decoration ideas for the occasion.

You can also conjure up for a great time with some DIY stuff or you can also get the right stuff to decorate your home for the occasion. Let us get into some Halloween decoration ideas and costumes.


Pokemon Costume for men:




With the introduction of Pokemon Go recently, Pokemon costume is going to be the hot favorite for this Halloween. This T-shirt is available X-large size, thereby making it the right fit for even bulky men. This is a purely cotton shirt made out of good quality fabric. You can also get it in medium and small sizes.


Pokemon decorations:




You can theme your entire party with Pokemon and in this case, you are recommended to decorate your house with Pokemon decorative stuff. For instance, you can get Pokemon foil swirl decorations that can be found in multiple colors. You can also hang Pokemon balls in the party arena to add spice to the whole party.

How about Pokemon recipes?

If you have decided that Pokemon is going to be your theme for the Halloween party, you should never forget to present your guests with snacks that suit the theme.


In addition to lollipop sticks, you can also serve your guests with Pokemon candy-filled Pokeballs. You can also fill the balls with an assortment of Pokemon sweets and snacks. In addition, Pokemon cake can be the excellent and the aptest for this theme. In addition, you can also serve Pokemon Noodles for your guests.

Pokemon balls:




If you are planning for a theme-related gift to the children visiting the party, you can consider Pokeball along with an anime action figure, which will make the kids happy.


Wall decorations in traditional manner:




If you do not want out to miss the tradition at least when decorating your house for the Halloween, you should make sure that every decoration has some haunting stuff attached to it to enthrall your guests. For instance, you can opt for Halloween spooky cemetery giant wallpaper to bring in the theme right to your hall.


Pumpkins for decoration:

When we talk about Halloween, the image of pumpkin is a thing that most of us get into our minds at the first instance. You can bring in the Halloween arena to your home with a set of mini pumpkins that are artificial.


When these small pumpkins are placed with stickers pasted on them similar to Halloween theme like scary eyes, spooky nose, etc, your house will turn out to be the real Halloween party arena within a few seconds.

Costumes for kids:




When talking about Halloween costumes, you might be looking for the best costume for each one of your family member. How about your baby? You can opt for the baby tiger costume and your little baby will become an adorable tiger pup.

Now, a Halloween costume idea is ready for your baby, how about your 2-year old little girl?  She can turn out to be a little pumpkin, with the pumpkin costume.


Try homemade Halloween costumes:

It is true that preparing a homemade costume will take time. But, you can get the excitement of preparing a costume for the forthcoming Halloween by yourself.

You can share the same with your friends that the costume was created by you. For instance, you can turn out to be a mason jar yourself, by preparing a jar shape in a huge chart paper with the words Mason jar written on it and can place a lid like substance on your head to become a jar.

DIY Halloween luminaries:

Once you have decided that everything on this Halloween is going to be handmade, you can also consider preparing luminaries or lighted jars with scary images for decoration purpose.


For instance, you can get transparent jars that are of equal sizes. Then, can decorate them with attractive scary stickers suitable for Halloween theme and can light them up to create a scary image.

Samara the Ring:

When it comes to Halloween costumes, anything scary can turn out to be a great hit. For instance, Samara is the popular character in the film ‘the ring’. You need not have any specific type of costume needed for preparing yourself as Samara.

Yes, you can just use your white colored full gown or even half gown and just leave loose hair. Also, just make some black marks on your arms and in your legs to turn out to be the scary Samara.

Costume ideas for pregnant women:

Pregnant women can just make use of their already bulky stomach as a part of their costume, such that they need not have to spend too much on their Halloween costume. You can turn out to be a curvy lady, just by placing a cardboard that reads ‘dangerous curves ahead’, like in the image given below:

The carrying mom and her partner can turn out to be avocado fruit. The price of avocado might soar, but this is a cost-effective Halloween costume as it can be prepared at home with the help of a cardboard.

She can also turn out to be a construction worker by posting a little sign on her tummy that says that ‘bump ahead’ or ‘under construction’ as her baby is technically under construction. She can also turn out to be soccer ball by creating the appropriate image on her tummy like in the following image:

Pumpkin vase:

You can make the best suitable flower arrangement for the Halloween party by placing some flowers on the pumpkin after cutting its top portion. This will turn out to be the best decorate for the occasion.

Witch door decoration:




Your friends should get the scary feeling, right for the first minute they enter your home. So, to make this possible, you can decorate your entry door with Witch’s Brew door cover. As soon as they enter, they should be able to see the words ‘enter at your own risk’ cardboard on a table that is filled with pumpkins. Use other stuff like ghost cake toppers to make your house still scarier.



Halloween without any doubt is a special occasion to meet our friends and family. This occasion can be made even more special with all your creativity and shopping ability. There are many creative ideas online these days for many of us, which were not available in olden days of our parents. But, they too celebrated Halloween in a grand manner like us and even they prepared special dishes that rightly matched the occasion. Now, many of us do not want to prepare dishes, but we decide to shop for foodies.

Regardless of whether the foods are bought or prepared, they can be made suitable for the occasion only with the right presentation and this is where your creativity will come into the picture. So be creative and let the Halloween party at your home this year, turn out to be the most unforgettable for your friends and family!


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