House party ideas for Halloween night

You know it’s time to start planning for a gorgeous party when Halloween is only but a few weeks ahead. The earlier you get your priorities set, the better are your chances of organizing a grand event while still sticking to your budget.

Majority of party enthusiasts and planners start shopping for Halloween celebrations usually when autumn is round the corner.

House party ideas for Halloween

Organizing a fabulous ghostly bash with spooky invitation themes requires a good amount of thoughtfulness and experimenting, especially if you want to host your masquerade or a spooky costume party. The first thing to start with would be selecting party invites for your themed celebration.

Choosing and beautifully customizing your party invites may seem secondary to all your celebration planning, however the truth is, nothing else comes as close to being as essential. Spine chilling personalized invitation cards is the first step towards setting the right mood for the rest of the event to follow. If the Halloween invitation is not stimulating enough to excite your invited guests, they simply might opt towards attending a more titillating one. There is a gigantic selection of party invitation card designs on online holiday stationary websites that will amazingly complement to your specialized themes. There are websites offering the trendiest, stylish and frightening designs at various discounted rates. Invest a good amount of time in here because nothing screams spooky and horrifying than a successful party planner with a great history of knowing to give their invited guests a seemingly delightful good time.

Halloween is that time of the year where you can decorate your place howsoever you like and adorn an avatar of whomsoever you love. And it’s perhaps the only time when people appreciate dead bodies and graveyards in their front lawn. Needless to say, the spookier it is, the more awesome the party treads. Decoration doesn’t always call for digging deep into your pockets in order to bring out that scary Halloween vibe. Here are some great tips to create the awesome decorations with cheap materials and resources:

Spooky Silhouettes:




If you wish to go for a haunted house effect, target your windows with spooky silhouettes by cutting figures from paper or cardboard. It can be a serial killer, the ripper, a headless person or any other image that well complements the theme. Paste them on windows that would bring on the spooky effect, especially when you turn on the lights at night.

Crawling spiders:

These objects are the staple of any Halloween themed party. Buy small spiders from the stores and creatively attach these at the entryways, above the doors, on window curtains and throughout the stairs. You may also have a huge spider placed on your patio or lawn for a greater scarier vibe.


Creepy dolls:

The feeling that there is someone watching you closely from afar gives you the chills and creeps any day.


Recreate this feeling by strategically placing such creepy dolls in your house and it surely will scare the shit of your friends and passersby.

Head in a jar/ Creepy eyes:


Head in a jar/ Creepy eyes


These cheap tricks brings about a forced perspective that will instantly catch people’ attention. Create some glowing eyes place them behind bushes or have a picture of a head inside a jar and keep in the refrigerator ready to be served.

Floating Candles:

Floating candles provide the awesome effects. Use some old tissue rolls, have them painted white, insert flickering light within and hang them with nylon strings and spook the hell out of your neighbors and friends.


A successful Halloween bash is just incomplete with fun party games and great, all the more scarier tasting snacks. Here are a few ideas on how you can prepare gross treats, cupcakes, pumpkin bread and candy apples for the occasion.

Gross brains:




Yucky brains is of the grossest looking recipes that appeals mostly to the kids and adults as well. Have cheese in a bowl followed with berries and food coloring. Now mix Jell-O (preferably blue colored) on a plate, pour some blueberry syrup for extra flavors and have the mixture of blueberries and cheese added onto it. You now have a disgusting looking brain that tastes simply awesome. Jell O is available in multiple colors and you can creatively design numerous great Halloween treats out of it.

Spaghetti Brains:

Another great food that can bring out the creepier feeling on Halloween is spaghetti, especially when you place it in a shell like bowl. Do not forget to add thick tomato sauce to substitute for the blood. This disgusting, yet fun filled Halloween activity will freak people out while having a taste of the delicacy.


Chocolate spiders and gummy worms also make for a great treat. Equally gross and yummy would be candy corns served in chocolate pudding. With some creative juices flowing and a little imagination, you can have a host of weirder and tastier foods that will hold your guests forever.

To keep your little monsters engaged for the night, you can make a little effort to organize some simple spooky party games like ghost hunt, ten pin pumpkin bowling, yucky dip, the haunted jar, musical monsters, trick or treat and the graveyard game to name a few. Just ensure that you create adequate horror space within while designing the games.

Last but definitely not least, being the host for the evening, you need to look great and the coolest. Remember that the most effective decoration that you can make is on yourself, so picking one fabulous costume is essentially important. Invest a good amount of time to go through various selections of costumes in nearby outlets or online stores.

Choose one while keeping in mind the duties that you have to perform for the night. Also when you are absolutely sure that you have the most gorgeous dress delivered in your closet, do not forget to hold a costume contest. Inform your guests in advance so that they can prepare to wow themselves as well and make your grand event a grander success.



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