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Ideas To Choose The Best Rakhi For Your Brother

If you are looking for some useful ideas to select the best rakhi for your brother for this Raksha Bandhan, here are some ideas to help you out.

Now, with Raksha Bandhan fast approaching, you can make your brother-sister bonding stronger by selecting the right rakhi color to your brother as per his zodiac sign this year.

For instance, if your brother’s star is Aries, you can opt for a rakhi in red color and in case he is a Cancerian, you can opt for a rakhi that is made out of pearl or silk thread to bring him more luck and favors.

Here are some ideas to select the best rakhi for your brother, who would have already started searching for best among the gifts for sister.

Ideas To Choose The Best Rakhi

1. Aries:

If your brother is Aries, you can opt for rakhi in yellow, orange or red colors for your brother. People in Aries star are generally sports lovers and so the best Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for boys or men under this sign are sports equipment along with rakhi.

Red color floral design set

Red color floral design set: 

As you are looking for red colored rakhi for your brother, you can opt for this red color floral design set with silvered colored band and red colored floral pendant at the center.

You will also get a red colored threaded rakhi along with this silver chained rakhi. The other contents of this pack will be a greeting card to sharing your wishes to your bhaiya, misri, sandal powder, rice, roli and a Pooja coin. This is a fancy rakhi that will bring great luck to your Aries brother.

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2. Taurus:

If your brother is Taurus you can opt for blue or silver colored rakhis. So, the previous rakhi can also be the best choice for you. Even though Taurus men will be stubborn, they are generally open and warm.

So, he would have already started searching for the best rakhi gifts for sisters to show his warm love to you. As he is a warm person, your gift for him can be anything like a gourmet of chocolates, plush pillows or cashmere blankets.

Dashing blue color beads thread rakhi

Dashing blue color beads thread rakhi:

This is a handcrafted blue crystal beads rakhi and the special thing about this rakhi for your Taurus brother is that it also has silver beads to bring him more luck. In addition to this rakhi, you will also get a complementary thread rakhi, a designer pack of misri, chandan, chawal and roli along with this pack.

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3. Gemini:

Is the star of your brother Gemini? Then, you should opt for a green rakhi for him. It can have green thread or beads or it can also have green stones. Gemini people are generally highly intelligent and talkative.

So, you should present him something that will compliment his intelligence among the many gifts for rakhi available online. For instance, things like a journal, a book or a picture frame will be the good choice.

Green color glass stone designer bracelet

Green color glass stone designer bracelet:

This precious rakhi with a stunning look can be suitable for any dressy occasion for your brother. So, he will not miss it somewhere for his entire life and it will turn out to be his lucky charm as well.

It is made out of metal alloy with green color glass stone. This can be suitable for ethnic wears, traditional and festive occasions.

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4. Cancer:

If your brother belongs to cancer star, you can opt for rakhi that is made out of silk thread or pearls. Cancer people are generally soft from inside and they love something that brings personal meaning.

So, any gift that you make at home or something related to home can be the best choice when you search for rakhi gifts online for your brother.

Elegant Rhodium Plated Designer Pearl Rakhi

Elegant Rhodium Plated Designer Pearl Rakhi: 

This rakhi from the brand called Sukhi looks highly elegant with pearls fixed amidst Australian diamond stones. This rakhi touches the tradition in a modern look. It is made out of alloy material.

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5. Leo:

If your brother is a Leo, the rakhi that will bring him luck and wellness should be in red, pink or orange colors. When you are looking for rakhi gifts for brothers to choose one for your Leo brother, you can opt for items like a grooming kit, fragrances, cosmetics, jewelries as Leos generally love these types of items.

Silver plated pink stone rakhi

Silver plated pink stone rakhi: 

This handmade rakhi looks traditional and it is a multicolored fancy rakhi with pink stone at the center. Its attractive look will surely enthrall your brother. It comes with free roli and rice for Pooja tilak in sealed pouch. The size if 15 x 2 x 2 CMS.

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6. Virgo:

Virgos generally love being highly organized and so when it comes to rakhi gifts for Virgos, something that will help them keep their things organized can be the best choice.

It can be something like magazine basket, a nice watch, schedule-appointment journal and similar stuff. As far as rakhi is concerned, you can opt for the one that is made out of silk material or white or green colored threads.

White moti rakhi

White moti rakhi:

This is yet another pearl rakhi and its pure white color will bring all sorts of luck to your brother this year. This pack comes with a greeting card, a pack of rice and a pack of roli. This designer rakhi looks elegant in its pure white color.

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7. Libra:

Turquoise and purple are lucky colors for Libra boys and men. This is a sign of scale and balance and people in this star generally, love sensuality and beauty.

So, when you shop for rakhi online, you can look for gifts like a basket of scented soaps, candles, and lotions for your brother.

Purple rakhi for bhaiya and Bhabhi-1

Purple rakhi for bhaiya and Bhabhi: 

Yes, this is a set of two rakhis one for your brother in purple color to bring him luck and another one for yourself. This set comes with a fancy pack of chawal and roli suitable for the occasion.

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8. Scorpio:

Scorpios generally wish to associate themselves with red color. These people are generally highly sensual about their appearance and so you can opt for branded perfumes as gifts for them.

You can also opt for designer shoes or sunglasses or anything that will help them improve their look to a great extent.

Red rakhi combo

Red rakhi combo: 

This combo has two red rakhis for brother and sister. This set is made out of quality material and it also comes with an angry bird rakhi for little ones. It also comes with red Pooja thali. Everything in red to bring all lucks to your Scorpio brother!

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9. Sagittarian:

For Sagittarians, yellow can be the best choice of color and these people are generally outspoken. So, they will be straightforward and honest about their liking towards your gift. Therefore, to avoid embarrassment, you can gift him something related to outdoor picnic or adventure.

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Maroon beads and yellow thread rakhi

Maroon beads and yellow thread rakhi: 

This yellow colored thread with maroon beads at the center can be the excellent choice for your brother. As its size is 4 cms X 1 cm, it can be the best choice for your little brother in Sagittarius star.

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10. Capricorn:

Pink is the lucky color for Capricorns and this is stated to be the most ambitious zodiac sign. So, when you do rakhi online shopping, you can choose gifts related to success, job or status to make your brother happy about your gift.

Swastik rakhis

Swastik rakhis:

The special thing about this rakhi is that the pendant is designed with pink color swasthik at the center. The pink tikka chawal container that comes along with a set of two rakhis can make your Raksha Bandhan fulfilled.

11. Aquarius:

To show your strong bond with your Aquarius brother, you can opt for any dark colored rakhi. When it comes to a suitable gift for Aquarius brothers, you can opt for some technical gadgets as the best among raksha bandhan gifts.

4 multicolored rakhis set

Multi-colored designer rakhi: 

This set of 4 multicolored rakhis set comes with a pack of roli, chawal, sandalwood powder, misri, greeting card and a dry fruit box. This can be the best choice if you are quality conscious on any items that you shop.

This set can also be the best choice for girls with four brothers looking for matching rakhis for their brothers irrespective of their zodiac sign.

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12. Pisces:

As Pisces people are generally compassionate and sensitive, anything that is connected with beauty and luxury can be the ideal gift for them. Also, when it comes to rakhi colors, yellow or white can do the best work.

Surat Diamond pearl and colored stone rakhi

Surat Diamond pearl and colored stone rakhi:

Even though white is the dominating color in this rakhi for your brother, it also has green and red colors to add to its attractiveness. It comes with small coconut, rice, and kumkum.

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Now, Raksha Bandhan offers are plenty in number and so you can conveniently shop both for rakhis and perfect gifts for your brother for this occasion with the best savings.

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