Make this year’s Christmas decorations Elf themed

Once the season of Advent sets in, we very well know that it’s time for gifts, joyful wishes, and attractive decorations. Something that most of us await, especially the kids is the arrival of Santa. While there is a lot being told about the good old Santa Claus, let us spare this article to explore about the elves.

Christmas decorations

Elves are believed to be the ones who help Santa in making and delivering gifts to the children on Christmas Eve. Since the 19th century, elves have become a regular face in Christmas celebrations. We come across a lot of elf Christmas tree decorations and elf ornaments from gift stores. Let us take a look at some of the best representation of elves in Christmas celebrations.

A pair of elf shoes:

A pair of elf shoes

Elves are characterized by their distinct green color (even though they have red in their costume) when compared to the red or crimson Santa. A pair of elf party shoes such as the one available here – would turn out to be one of the best elf Christmas decorations this fall. These are made of polyester and would augur well for parties and Christmas celebrations at home. The children may even use it as stockings at the mantel.

Elf cake decorations:

Elf cake decorations

Cakes are an integral part of Christmas Eve feast and cupcakes are also made to distribute among friends and relatives. Along with the traditional cakes, you can bake decorated cupcakes for Christmas celebrations. Since you are thinking about elf themed Christmas celebration you can use a pair of edible Christmas Elf legs as the cupcake topping. However, you would not be able to use these elf legs to decorate the Christmas tree as there would be none of these delicious elf decorations left after some time.

Elf Christmas party favors:

Elf Christmas party favors


Well, we all love partying and Christmas is the time for parties and gathering. By the end of the Advent season, the Christmas parties begin and so does the decorations. If you are planning to decorate your house as elves would do why don’t you arrange a Christmas party as elves? Be it a small birthday party or a big one, there would be return gifts or party favors distributed to the guests. When you arrange a party for Christmas, you should buy some party favors too. This year you could buy elves party favors.

Elf Christmas tree skirt:

Elf Christmas tree skirt


Christmas tree skirt is the cloth used below the branches. The real purpose of the Christmas tree skirt is to keep the Christmas gifts for the kids and family members during Christmas Eve. Since you are planning for an elf themed Christmas, buy one elf tree skirt with the elf Christmas tree decorations. The skirt in the link is made of felt, sequins, and yarn. This will complete the elf decoration for your Christmas tree.

Elf legs for Christmas tree:

Elf legs for Christmas tree


Christmas tree decorations are also called ornaments and elf ornaments are mandatory for elf themed Christmas celebrations. Hence, the next item you have to buy is a set of elf legs for Christmas tree decorations. The dominant color for elves is green which will be mixed with red and white stripes. Here these ornaments are in the shape of an elf’s leg from the rears. You can select different patterns for the stripes on the leg. If you want to make it look like an elf is climbing, you can hang a hat on the other side of the Christmas tree.

An ornament for elf Christmas tree decorations:

An ornament for elf Christmas tree decorations


This ornament is a miniature of an elf that can be personalized with your name. This can also be given as Christmas gifts for your friends with their names printed on it so that they can hang it on their Christmas tree. Elf Christmas decorations can be made more attractive and customized with these tiny elves on your Christmas tree. These ornaments are made from clay and are handmade. So you will be getting a unique piece, because no two miniatures can be identical.

Elf Ladder as a party favor:

Elf Ladder as a party favor


As I mentioned earlier, you have to give return gifts to those who attend your Christmas party. Since your Christmas celebrations are elf themed the return gifts also should reflect the same theme. You can order for elf ladders as return gifts. Even though you can use these ladders as elf decorations, the best choice will be to give them as gifts. These can even be placed on the study table or living room table.

An elf collar for your pet:

An elf collar for your pet


If you really want to celebrate the Christmas to the fullest, you have to include your pets too. Go get a collar for your pet as one of the elf Christmas decorations. This collar is one inch wide and has Elf legs sewn onto it. Before placing the order remember to take your dog’s collar measurement so that the seller can make it accordingly. This is important because your pet should not feel suffocated after wearing the collar. The collar has a side release buckle, so that it can be easily removed.

Elf costumes for your family members:

Elf costumes for your family members


Just like the elf ornaments are important for Christmas trees, family elf costumes are equally significant. So, the next product that you have to buy is an adult costume that resembles an elf . You can order both male and female elf costumes from e-commerce websites. The product in the link contains tunic, belt, hat, tights, and shoes. Everything will be in red, green, and white colors as on elf dresses.

Elf cards for Christmas:

Elf cards for Christmas

While decorating the Christmas tree, we used elf legs. Just like that, Christmas cards are very important for Christmas celebrations. This is a centuries-old approach to greet people for Christmas. So the next thing you have to buy is the “clip arts” to create your own Elf Christmas cards for your loved ones. Once you place the order through online websites, you can download the digital format of the clip art. After that, you can take printouts of these clip arts to make your personalized Christmas cards.

Elf hat with ears:

Elf hat with ears

Well, when you host a themed party you should also provide a costume that is suitable for the theme to the guests. Usually, for birthday parties we give our guests a cap that has “happy birthday” written on it. We all remember the hats that the elves from the North Pole wear in Christmas movies. Since this is an elf Christmas party, we can arrange for elf hats with ears as the party costume or as one of the possible elf ornaments for Christmas. These hats are quite comfortable to wear as they are made of polyester and acrylic stuff.

Christmas elf wreath:

Christmas elf wreath


It is necessary to decorate our house for Christmas and this includes outdoor elf decorations too. The most commonly used decoration outside the house is the wreath used on the doors. So for this year’s elf Christmas decorations, we will buy one Christmas Elf wreatho welcome the guests on Christmas Eve. This wreath has an elf hat and elf legs to give it an elf look. It would seem like an elf is standing at the door waiting to greet you.

Elf ornaments for Christmas tree:

Elf ornaments for Christmas tree


There is no end to the list of elf Christmas tree decorations and elf ornaments definitely make it to that list. Elves are believed to be funny characters that help Santa Claus deliver gifts to everyone on Christmas Eve. If you have decided to have an elf themed Christmas, the decorations on the Christmas tree will not be complete without these hanging elf ornaments. Each pack contains miniatures of 4 elves in red and green costumes. They are only 3 inches tall so that you can decorate your tree with ease.

Christmas elf cushion cover:

Christmas elf cushion cover


Well, decorating your house does not mean only living room decorations or Christmas tree decorations. The elf Christmas decorations should cover your study room and bedroom too. So the next item you can buy is a Christmas elf cushion cover for your pillow. These covers will have an elf printed on them using sublimation ink on a beige colored cloth.

An elf Christmas tree topper:

Christmas tree topper

We all usually keep an angel or star as the Christmas tree topper. Tree topper is one of the last elf decorations needed for your elf Christmas tree decorations. Since this year’s Christmas is elf themed we will use elf head tree topper in place of the conventional Christmas tree toppers. The elf head is made using red, green, and beige colored cloths with a scarf styled accent containing white stripes.

Newborn Christmas elf hat:

Newborn Christmas elf hat


Let us not leave out the new-born babies from our elf themed Christmas celebrations. So, the final item in your elf Christmas decorations list should be an elf hat for the newborn. This is a handmade hat knitted using acrylic yarn. This baby hat has a pom pom at the end of it giving the look of an elf hat. So on this year’s Christmas Eve dress your baby as a tiny elf with this hat. It is going to be an adorable sight!