How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Gifts?

This is the question that most of us get in our minds when we get a wedding invitation. The decision should be made based on different factors. Every time you get a wedding invitation, the first question that will be arising in your mind is what to gift. It is true that most of us want our wedding gifts to be special. But, of course, it is true that you should fix a budget for yourself. Fixing the budget depends on a number of factors like your relationship with the bride or the groom, your present financial state, etc. Let us gather some tips on how much to spend when you are shopping for wedding gifts:


Do not spend less than $50:

The thing to remember here is that it is actually bad to use the price-per-plate formula to decide on the gift item to shopping for. Just because your friend had a very casual affair, you should not opt for a gift that is worth less than $50. On the other hand, you can think what is reasonable cost and what can be the gift that will be useful for the couple in the future in one way or another. Here are some values you can fix for people in different relationship with you:

A co-worker:

If the groom or bride is your co-worker and has invited you to the wedding, you can fix your budget between $50 and $75 and can accordingly shop for a gift that will be useful or even be attractive for the couple. Let us get into a gift idea in this cost range and you can shop for similar stuff or even the same:

Cutlery set:


You might think that cutlery sets are traditional gifts, but the fact is that they are romantic gifts for the newlywed, who will be spending time together in cooking. This set from Bambusi brand that costs around $60 can be a useful gift for a co-worker. This natural bamboo cutting board comes with a hidden drawer with many serving, spreading and slicing tools.

Relative or friend:

If the bride or the groom is your friend or relative, you can fix your budget for wedding gifts between 75 and 100 US Dollars. You can get some solid stuff in this budget range and here are is an in selecting the most suitable gift in this budget range:

Robe for the couple:



If the couple has planned for a honeymoon in a beach destination or even in any other destination for that matter, a bathrobe will be the most suitable gift. This set of robe for him and her with the words Mr. and Mrs. Embroidered can be the excellent gift for your relative or friend. The cost comes around $90 and even if you get this item with gift packing, it will come within your budget of $100. This will be a gift that will be remembered by the couple for long as well. You can also choose robes with the words bride/groom, his/hers as against Mr. and Mrs.

ButtonClose relative or friend:

If the couple or one of the couples is your close relative or friend, you can fix your budget at somewhere between $100-150. You can opt for a dressing table or similar stuff in this budget:

Dressing table:



As your budget is more than $100, you should shop accordingly to arrive at an excellent gift in this range. For instance, you can opt for this black Sonoma 6 drawer dresser for your close friend or relative. This gift can suit both conventional and modern home décor and the construction is laminated composite wood with black finish without any plastic edge banding. This is ready to assemble upon delivery and it costs around $122, which is very well within your budget for your close friend or relative as wedding gifts.



In the case of an urbanite, your budget for wedding gifts can be anywhere from $150 to 200 plus US dollars.


As your budget is huge in this category, you can opt for some gadgets that will be suitable for the couple. If they are tech savvies, you can opt for gifts accordingly. If they have excellent interest towards cooking, you can choose an appropriate gift. So, based on their tastes and preferences, you can choose a gift as you are very much close to them.