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February, 2017

  • 6 February

    31 lovely Valentines Day gifts for her

    Valentines Day

    Valentines Day is the time of celebration for lovers. Lovers exchange gifts and cards on that day. Are you thinking about buying the perfect gift for the lady in your life? Buying a gift for your girlfriend can be confusing sometimes.  You may not have an idea about the perfect gift for her.     Keep in mind that costly …

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  • 6 February

    30 best Valentines Day gift ideas for him

    Valentines Day gift ideas

    Valentines day is an occasion that is celebrated by millions across the world. Valentines day gifts are something people throng the shops to get. This is something that cuts across the barriers of language, religion and social strata. If you have to buy Valentines Day gifts for him it has to be special.     Sometimes planning to get those …

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December, 2016

  • 23 December

    7 of the Coolest gadgets to gift kids on Christmas this year


    Because Christmas Eve is all about starry lights, amazing decorations, delicious food, lovely get-togethers and last but never the least, gifts and surprises!! This tech revolution has by and large converted all of the current generations into gadget freaks and hence the demands for gadgets as gifts are ever soaring.     Here are some of the latest fun gadgets …

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  • 21 December

    8 Amusing Legends about Santa Claus

    Christmas gifts

    Besides those stories about an affectionate saint bringing cool Christmas gifts and blessings to homes of well-behaved children on the Holy Eve, Santa Claus is a well known legend with loads of historical myths associated to his name. Here are a few. Santa Claus was originally born to the city of Patara near present day Turkey dating back around 280 …

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  • 20 December

    7 unique ways of Christmas celebration around the world

    7 unique ways of Christmas celebration around the world

    With more than one-thirds of the world’s population being Christians, Christmas is celebrated with utmost joy and fervor in almost all of the countries over all 7 continents.     But of course the traditions and customs are subject to great versatility as far as any festival is concerned. Here are some unique ways of how amazingly Christmas is celebrated …

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  • 13 December

    Best Way to Celebrate Christmas – Here’s what lifestyle experts say

    Best Way to Celebrate Christmas

    Isn’t Christmas the holidays when we cheer up and spend the holidays with our friends and family? YES, Definitely. We do expect happiness all around during any occasion and Christmas is definitely one of them. There are many local customs and traditions which we stick to but there is a common feeling of joy and happiness definitely. Everyone exchanges gifts …

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November, 2016

  • 28 November

    51 best holiday food gifts

    Gift Items for Festive occasions

    With holidaying occasions pouring in, there’s a lot of gift giving and sharing with food items. The joy of gifting delectable, mouthwatering and scrumptious edibles to friends, families and loved ones is beyond all other worldly items. Get the best Gift Items for Festive occasions Designed and wrapped in fun and festive art works, these are some last minute holiday gift …

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  • 24 November

    What should a Christmas Gift Basket have?

    Christmas gifts baskets

    If you are planning to present a gift basket for your family members, here are some ideas for the contents to form part of the basket.It is really adorable to choose Christmas gifts baskets as gifts for Christmas. The reason is that besides being good at the look, they are affordable and they can be personalized as well.     …

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  • 17 November

    The Only Christmas Buying Guide You Need

    Christmas Buying Guide

    Christmas is just a few weeks away. Every one of us is looking at gifting options to give our near and dear. They are magical and bring in the festive season with celebration and joy.     Our Christmas buying guide is the ultimate compilation of thoughtful and beautiful gifts which you can plan and buy just in time for …

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  • 15 November

    Buy Hatchimals With Ease

    Hatchimals are the cutest toys available right now. They have been sold out from stores, if you haven’t been able to get them from stores you can get them online. Here are a few online stores where they are still available.    

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  • 8 November

    25 unusual gifts for architects

    gifts for an architect

    An architect is different from others. He looks perfection and design in all things. It is easy to decide on a gift for your friend. But if you are trying to list out presents for architects you have to put some thought into it. Here are some gift ideas for architects.     1. Blueprint paperweight:     The first …

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  • 8 November

    24 gifts for zombie lovers


    Zombie lovers are one of a kind. They have a flair for things that others would dread for. Zombie lovers have a penchant to wear or possess articles that show off their leaning towards the undead. So, if you are in a fix on finding gifts for zombie lovers, this list of gift ideas for zombie lovers should be a …

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  • 7 November

    20 gift ideas for quilters


    Quilting is an art that needs patience, experience, and skill. You may find difficulty in finalizing a gift for the quilter you know. Here I have listed out some gifts for quilters that can be considered while selecting a gift for quilters.     1. Quilting Clips:     First gift in my quilting gifts list is a set of …

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  • 4 November

    15 gifts for marketers and bloggers


    Over the years blogging has become a marketing strategy and a profession too. A blogger can start his or her work without much investment. But more the blogging grows; they need better equipment and tools to build a bigger network.     There are many gift items in the market that can be given as gifts for bloggers. Here, I …

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  • 4 November

    62 top birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend 


    You may have successfully conveyed your feelings to him but what about his upcoming birthday present? There has to be a grand list prepared after great birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend. There is definitely going to be other gifts.     But your feelings will choose the best among them. This year he will definitely get one useful and …

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