Preparations and destinations for the Thanksgiving weekend ahead

Thanksgiving holidays are defined by tradition, fooling around loved ones and just way too much food. It’s all about tasting delicacies, enjoying dinners and parties, and celebrating festivities and music parades.

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year when people have fun, enjoy and cherish the good memories.


The most awaited long weekend is usually celebrated with a lot of thrill and enthusiasm throughout the nation. Whilst most have been following the same old traditions for years now, there are many that have moved from the felicitations and rituals. And fortunately there’s a lot more to do on Thanksgiving weekend rather than just lazing around your house or getting yourself drowned in the house party preparations. Here’s how you can do to while away and utilize your Thanksgiving weekend in the best manner possible.

Make reservations and dine out:




Either you could spend the entire day risking an oven blackened turkey while cooking up a huge meal for the family, or you could just thank the city’s best local culinary talent by visiting any of the numerous top notch restaurants.

Watch a movie:




Perhaps the best thing that you could do to make any day interesting is by watching an old time favorite movie.  Or you could just pick any latest one or from a huge pile of names that you have been meaning to watch from a really long time. Set up the home theatre, call up your buddy and finish them all back to back. If you aren’t really in a mood to slack at home, you can always head to nearby Cineplex and sit back with basket full popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Meet up with old friends:




If you can’t even remember the last time when you had met your favorite set of people, make sure that you leave no stones unturned on this Thanksgiving day. Plan out with your high school buddies and have a great weekend. Visit your favorite places and hang out, eat at those popular food joints once again, have lots of fun and enjoy those good old times together. There can be no better time of the year as the Thanksgiving weekend to raise a toast to your friendship while still indulging in the traditions of Thanksgiving.

Go out for a family picnic:




Get together with family is a fun way to come closer and interact with family members who are always otherwise engrossed in their busy schedules. Thanksgiving weekend presents an ideal time to go ahead and spend some amazing quality time with your family and create a lot of magical memories. Not only does a family picnic double up the fun for the weekend, it also helps your family members to be rejuvenated amidst their hectic schedules. Plan on a beautiful spot and drive your way through to it.

Take part in wine country Thanksgiving tradition:




This much anticipated annual event takes place in various locations. With thousands of wineries opening their doors for tasting wines, creative food pairings, rare library releases, live music and much more, people experience a quintessentially unique holiday celebration. Since most of the wineries work for limited hours during all throughout the year, this occasion presents a onetime opportunity to taste wines even from some of the country’s smallest and family owned manufacturers.

Spare time for yourself:




Our hectic routines usually leave us as slaves of time with no moments for introspections and health care. While the entire world is indulged in celebrating the occasion, how about you take a different route and attend yourself? It might sound strange, but staying alone for some time and thinking about oneself can do wonders to your mental health. Take the weekend off to relax yourself with a spa, meditation or the pleasures of anything that would make you feel good. Also you could take one of your buddies along and explore some new destination that you have always wanted to visit.

If you are tired to taking the usual route on every Thanksgiving weekend, then why not take this opportunity to travel some exquisite and historic parts of the world with your friends and family and discover some of the city traditions and specialties that will provide your Thanksgiving a different angle rather than the usual mundane Turkey dinner. There are several great cities and towns around US that observe special Thanksgiving parades, events and celebrations.





The city hosts its grand Thanksgiving parade with various entertainments, marching bands and huge helium balloons. Philadelphia’s restaurant scene is something to watch out for. Also there are a lot of historical icons and museums which include Barnes Foundation museum, Liberty Hall, Philadelphia Art Museum and Independence Hall.





Disney world in Orlando puts across a huge show with gorgeous autumn decorations and special events for people across all age groups. The Cinderella’s Castle is transformed into a shimmering ice place. Restaurants around the area are also open for Thanksgiving, offering delicacies for families.





If you wish to celebrate Thanksgiving in the New England style, Plymouth is your destination. The town celebrates “America’s Hometown” and features parades, autumn food festivals, children’s activities and a varied assortment of historical villages and reenactments. For the entire November month, there are activities planned out such as special Harvest dinners with the pilgrims or activities like visit to Pilgrim Hall museum and tour of the Mayflower.

San Diego:




If San Diego is on your list of places to visit, now is the ideal time. The climate presents its best at pleasantly warm and watching the huge Mother Goose parade is a bliss. This parade at El Cajon features nearly about 100 colorful floats from across the country. The city is brightly lit and spruced up and there will be several celebrity guests, special characters, clowns, performing artists, equestrians, marching brands and gigantic helium balloons to mark the occasion.

Also you have the chance to visit the world famous San Diego Zoo, Old Town San Diego and Sea World. You can even enjoy a calm and tranquil weekend in any of the city’s most beautiful beaches.