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We at Unusual Gifts respect your privacy to the fullest extent. Any information collected from you will be only to better understand your comments and to give you the best services possible!

The information collected by us from you are only: –

  • Your Name or the User ID of your e-mail ID.
  • The e-mail ID itself.
  • The website to which you are a liaison in case you are.

We can only receive this information if you comment on our site.


In case you’re wondering how we can give you so many unique choices to opt for we would like to give you a little secret. Simply, we have many friends who help us and we are affiliates to them.

We, Unusual Gifts, are members of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program. This is an affiliate advertising scheme created so that sites can earn fees from Amazon in exchange of showcasing and linking to Amazon.

If you’re worrying whether the teeny weeny fees Unusual Gifts earn from Amazon is taken from you then don’t. Whatever you buy through us is simply being bought from Amazon. We’re only helping you get what you want, things which you never thought about but things which are just as superb as a gift as imaginable!

And we at Unusual Gifts also guarantee that the quality of whatever bought through us will be as good as what Amazon guarantees. So, you don’t need to brood at all regarding the quality of what you’re buying.


Unusual Gifts is also in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Policy Act. We do not collect any information from anyone below the age or 13 years. Whatever product or services we provide at Unusual Gifts are aimed only for individuals 13 years or older.


If you’re angry with the cookies which crop up every now and then please don’t be! They do so only according to what you have previously searched for. And they’re only to help you get what you actually want and need.

We use tracking cookies from Amazon and few other partners who are our friends and yours too! If you shop at any of our partners’ stores, they will let you know of the best offers and deals at their stores in our website to help you get what you need.

These cookies do nothing aside the above-mentioned other than giving Unusual Gifts with the advertising remunerations.

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