Rakshabandhan – The Prayer of a Sister To Protect Her Brother

RakshaBandhan is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in India, mostly by the Hindus, as a prayer of a sister to protect her brother and the vow of the brother to protect his sister at all times.

As childish as the whole concept might seem, the deeper meaning and the fact that the siblings’ love surpasses all is something that is really overwhelming in itself.

Although currently, it is celebrated by siblings by the Rakhi being tied to a brother by his sister, initially it wasn’t restricted to siblings only.

Women from all walks of life tied rakhi in the hands of their male family members as a mark of their prayer of protection.

How important is the brother sister relationship?

Relationships of all sorts are extremely important and need to be dealt with caution and care and the relationship between siblings, especially brother and sister is no exception.

Friends, spouse, and everyone is on one side, and your sibling, no matter how irritating and stupid he or she is, is on the other.

They are your lifelines, believe it or not, and without your siblings, your house is bound to be way more quiet and boring than it is with them.

One thing that you should always remember is that no matter how much you both fight and how much you might feel like ripping their head off and sending them off to Mars at times, they will always be there, ALWAYS and that is why the relationship between siblings are as pious as that.

brother sister relationship

Is Raksha Bandhan limited to blood brothers and sisters?

Definitely not, RakshaBandhan is absolutely not limited to blood brothers and sisters because relationships of all sorts are not always determined by blood.

You might not have any siblings, to begin with, what then? Would you not want to tie rakhi on your brother’s wrists or wouldn’t you wish your wrists to be filled with rakhis as a mark of the love and prayer of protection of your sister?

Of course, you do and this is why rakhis are not restricted to Blood brothers and sisters alone. Rakhi can be tied to anybody whom you consider as your brother or anybody can tie rakhi to you whom you consider as your sister.


How amazing is it to have a sister?

All those brothers who have sisters are sure to acknowledge their contribution to their lives. Sisters are those little chirpy blessings that annoy the hell out of you but whenever you are low, they are sure to do whatever is in their hands to make you feel good.

They might not admit it but they truly look up to you and if you have an older sister be sure to get whacked by her but for your own good that too.

Having an older sister is more like having a second mother and this is why it is said that you should never underestimate the position of your sisters in your life.

Be it an annoying little baby sister or an older sister who is more like a second mother, they’re the ones that always wish for your well-being and protection.


How can rakshabandhan protect a brother from evil?

RakshaBandhan is a festival that is celebrated by the sister as a prayer to protect her brother from all kinds of evils and the vows of the brothers to protect her from all evils himself.

That is how strong the bond of siblings is. Be it any level of evil trying to block your paths of success, love can defeat all odds and the love of brother and sister is something that is way more strong than one gives it credit to.

Siblings are the greatest blessings of God. If you ever take this for granted, remember the unfortunate ones who have nobody to tie rakhi to or nobody to tie them rakhi. As silly as it might sound, it is indeed very sad.

Raksha Bandhan

Importance of Rakshabandhan

RakshaBandhan every year has some kind of significance and importance and this year is no exception. RakshaBandhan is one of the most auspicious times of the year.

Brother-Sister relationships are very strong in themselves but the knot of the rakhi is something that strengthens that bond in ways unimaginable.

The celebration of rakhi to celebrate the relationship between a brother and a sister is a great celebration in itself. RakshaBandhan is not celebrated on the same date every year, it is celebrated on the day on which Rakhipurnima takes place.VK Jewels Om Vakratund Rakhi

However, if you wish to bowl your brother over with your rakhi this year here are 2 specially handpicked rakhis.