Read on to Select the Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys!

This age sees a gradual transition from childhood to puberty. The period is characterized by rapid growth spurts and major transformation in bones, muscles, brain and sex organs. So, it is important to choose those gifts for 11 year old boys that are appropriate for their development and intelligence.

gifts for 11 year old boys

It indeed is difficult to find appropriate presents for 11 year old boy as their tastes and preferences are changing during this phase. Moreover, there is an increasing demand to conform to peer pressure. So, get them something that will both steer them in a healthy direction and also boost their mental powers.

Check out the following list to get some ideas.

10 best gifts for 11 year old boy:

  • Indoor table tennis table –

    Indoor table tennis tableButton

Does your 11 year old love to play with the ping pong ball? Then get him an indoor table tennis table that has options of folding and can be easily stored. Additionally, these make for some great family time!

Gifting a table tennis set will foster his competitive spirit and prepare him for higher level sports.

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  • Electronics circuit-

    Electronics circuitButton

Most 11 year old boys will love anything that includes mechanics and electronics. A circuit kit will enhance the budding spark of his dormant creativity. Moreover, these circuits are great to develop problem solving capacities in young children.

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  • Skateboard Ramp-

Skateboard Ramp


A skateboard ramp will be one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy who has skateboards and BMX bikes. It will help to improve his hand-eye coordination and motor neuron development. Moreover, skate ramps also provide the thrill of higher level sports!

The only risk about a skate ramp is the injury factor. So, it is advisable that unless a boy is a pro at it, he must practice using a skate ramp under the guidance of an expert.

The following link contains a very well designed 8-inch high skate ramp-

  • A microscope-

    A microscopeButton

This age will have all the boys slowly losing interest in studies. What can you do to retrieve his interest? Well, gift him his own microscope and see how interested he gets about his science lessons once again! You might also consider this among the best Christmas gift ideas for 11 year old boy!

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  • Personalized t-shirt!

    Personalized t-shirtButton

An 11 year old is slowly growing conscious of his looks and his attire. He wants to be the best! As a parent or elder, you can nurture that feeling by gifting him a t-shirt with his name printed! Isn’t it one of the most unique gift ideas for 11 year old boy?

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  • A shoulder sling-

    A shoulder sling

Your 11 year old boy is as adventurous as anyone can get! He likes to carry his shotguns, binoculars and weapons around! So, why not gift him a shoulder-cross sling bag. These come in different colours with adjustable straps. It will also look classy as he can carry around his priced belongings in style!

A link is placed below to give you some idea!

  • An archery set-

An archery set


Do you know what is the most appropriate among many presents for 11 year old boy which can enhance his targeting skills? A bow and arrow archery set. It will keep him engaged for long durations in the endeavour to perfect the shot. Moreover, it will improve focusing and targeting skills in these young individuals.

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  • A classic game of Djubi-

Encourage your boy to be more active outdoors with a brand new set of a Djubi classic game! It helps to promote physical activities (which is anytime better than sitting with the computer or the tablet) and enhances visual-motor activities!

A classic game of Djubi


Here is a reference link to help you find an excellently built Djubi classic game set!

  • A quadcopter-

A quadcopter


For those boys who love aerial games, a remote control quadcopter can be a great gifting option. The camera fit into it will allow taking landscape snaps from up in the air! Indeed a camera fitted quadcopter is among the most pleasing Christmas gift ideas for 11 year old boy!

  • Lego-

Nothing can beat the creative boost that a Lego set has to offer. So, gift your 11 year old champ a robot building set or car building set- depending on where his interest lies.

Want some Lego gift ideas for an 11 year old? Follow the link below!



So, what are you waiting for? Get these unique gifts for 11 year old boys and surprise them. Start shopping before someone borrows these ideas!