Religious significance of Christmas

Christmas is perhaps one of the most celebrated festivals all over the world with billions of people taking part in the celebrations to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Considered as a festival of the utmost religious significance among Christians, it starts the season of Twelvetide which, as the name suggests, lasts for twelve long days and events like feasts and nativity plays are organized during the period. A public day for almost all over the world, Christmas brings about a tide of happiness among everyone and plays an important role in bringing people close to each other during the winter holiday season.

Christmas is observed with grandeur in India with places like Goa, Puducherry, Bangalore and Kolkata being the epicenters of celebration and attracting millions of city dwellers and tourists on the eve of the festival. This is primarily because India excels in diversity with a large Christian and Anglo-Indian population residing in the country. The native people have also adapted their culture to some extent and Christmas has become a popularly celebrated festival of the country. Places like Park Street in Kolkata or Candolim in Goa are well adorned with Christmas trees and lights making it a lifetime Christmas experience for anyone visiting these places.

With Christmas comes the folklore of a man named Santa Claus riding a sleigh and bringing gifts for children. The myth has now become a custom and elders of the family buy gifts for the children to make their Christmas Eve even more happening. Nowadays buying Christmas gifts for everyone in the family has become a tradition whose boundary has even extended to that of friends and acquaintances. Theme parties are organized in various parts of the country with people dressed like Santa Claus gifting children small tokens of love. Feasts and get-togethers are commonly planned and the purpose of these events are fulfilled with the exchange of gifts between loved ones.


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  • Christmas gift cards: Considered as one of the most popular Christmas gift suggestions, give your loved one the liberty to choose their gifts by sending them Amazon Christmas e-gift cards customized especially for the season. Enter any amount in accordance with your budget and send the gift cards online through e-mail.