Saying it with two dozen roses

Roses first graced the earth more than 35 million years ago, long before passion, politics and love came into being, yet the rose has now come to symbolize a lot of those things in course of its history. Roses have grown to exert a meaning expression in all our lives. With their pleasing fragrance and gorgeous appearance, and the associated wealth of symbolism, roses help to convey a wider range of sentiments and feelings. The most amazing way of making a lasting impression is by gifting a bouquet of two dozen roses.

two dozen roses

Roses are all about romance and enjoying the moment of giving and receiving. They can spice up any relationship and turn any of your ordinary days into an extraordinary day to remember. Also the rose is a flower steeped in tradition and its enduring symbolism has helped express most of heartfelt emotions. Because of their romantic associations, red roses are said to be the epitome of true passionate love and are the most ideal valentine day gifts. The hue remains surprisingly popular with lovers and also at weddings. However, there are numerous other elements such as the number of stems and type of roses that carry as much significance just as the color.

As old superstitions continue to fade, you may not probably be counting the number of roses while gifting them. But the number of roses that a man gives a woman can hold numerous hidden meanings, just as is the significance and appeal of two dozen roses. Apart from the fact that such a huge number makes for a gorgeous arrangement, they also carry some special meanings. Just as a dozen roses has many of the symbolic overtones, the number 24 also carries its own special symbolism that echoes in a bouquet of two dozen roses. Although not prevalent, the number holds a place of distinction in numerous aspects of human culture.  The traditional romantic message that is associated with 24 roses is complete devotion or to summarize in a simple words “I am yours”. However there are other obvious representations also.

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The number 24 is a close representation of the number of hours in a day, so if you are gifting someone two dozen roses, it means that you have them on your mind 24*7 and that you love, appreciate and care for them all day long. Each rose in the bouquet of 24 corresponds to every hour of the day and it strongly conveys the message that they are in your thoughts all the time.


The bouquet of 24 roses has its symbolic association with 24 carat gold, which clearly tells that your love is true and pure and cannot be tarnished in any form. Just like gold is eternal, sending two dozen roses is one of the most perfect ways of saying, “I will love you and be with you forever”.


Often love, creativity and happiness are represented by the number 24. Numerology says that if your birthday falls on the 24th, it implies that you would enjoy harmonious and happy relationships. So if you are sending two dozen roses to someone, it tells them that you love them and you wish to see them happy in life.

Happiness with 24 roses

A strong message:

Two kisses are always better than one and same is true for bouquet of roses. Sometimes two dozen roses are chosen to enhance the impact of a traditional bouquet of a dozen roses. Showering your beloved with 24 roses emphasize the message that you wish to send. If you wish to convey an important message, think about the color of roses and their meaning before buying two dozens of them. Red represents passion and love, pink stands for gentle love and happiness, lavender is a symbolization of love at first sight and yellow roses with red tips indicate that you are falling in love.

Strong message with two dozen roses

Two dozen roses can be twice impressive and impart a deeper meaning as well. These have become an enduring way of communicating our affection and love towards our close ones and whom we care about.


Roses have always symbolized beauty and love since ancient times. In mythological times, they had sacred connections with goddesses Aphrodite and Isis, and roses were uses at confetti in most of the celebrations held in ancient Rome. The rose is also a symbolization of Virgin Mary and during the 19th century, they were used for expressing emotions. Thus, roses have become favorites of many because of their many varieties and hues which they lend towards representing different stages of love. Roses have always remained an essential part of our lives and the practice of gifting two dozen roses continues to retain a special appeal. There isn’t any doubt that a bouquet of 24 roses makes for a powerful statement and would be a lot appreciated.