Significance of gifting flowers on a birthday

If you can rightly remember how great you felt the last time there was a bunch of flowers delivered at your doorstep, why not make someone else feel the same by combining birthday flowers with starsigns or special elements to create a memorable and unique gift. Flowers have long held special meanings and speak a thousand words aloud. All flowers have different meanings and thus its necessary that you choose the one which fits the description and personality of the receiver perfectly. Flowers express varied degrees of emotions and you can add an elegant flair to the entire celebratory occasion by picking the right kind of basket or bouquet. Mentioned below are some gorgeous flowers and the hidden significance they hold when it comes to gifting them to the special people in your life.



The flower symbolizes true and chaste love and so you can use it in a bouquet along with a great collection of vintage chocolates as a gift to a person whom you love dearly. Bestowing a unique collection upon an acacia person will bring in an elegant accent to the entire celebration.



Commonly known as the Peruvian lily, this flower adds an amazing touch to your bouquet. It usually depicts a person’s bloomy character. This annually blooming flower signifies a deep sense of friendship and love. So if you are gifting someone a bouquet of alstroemeria with colognes and a box of chocolates, it might be amongst their birthday gifts received ever.



For one year old babies, these are just the perfect flowers. They are considered as symbol of luck and all newborns need are perfect wishes. Azalea is also a Chinese representation of womanhood and a bouquet of these lovely flowers is a great gift to an independent woman colleague.



These exotic tropical flowers come in open heart shape and they aptly symbolize hospitality. Anthuriums come in shades of pink, white and bright red. These irresistibly pretty flowers are known bring in good luck and ward off the evil. So wish someone on their special day with a bunch of these and he/she will definitely adore the thoughtful gift.



Daffodils are one of the prettiest flowers normally given to someone as a token of love. What most people may not know is that gifting daffodil is among the many best ways of expressing your care and admiration for a loved one. It is first step towards becoming the knight of your partner in shining armor since the hidden meaning of this beautiful flower is chivalry. So the next time you want to add something special in your gift list for your partner, do not forget to consider a bunch of these.



The popularity and like ability of roses need no explanation. These are among the most loved ones and are known for their sweet smell and easy availability in various colors. They are the only amazing things that you can gift anyone on their birthdays especially when you have run out of gift options; just take care to pick the right color.