Snowman Christmas decorations – novelties and ideas

Christmas is the merriest time of the year when everyone will be busy in shopping, decorating, and celebrating. There are many stories and traditions related to Christmas celebrations.

snowman christmas decorations

Different types of decorations are done for Christmas. Santa, reindeer, elves, and snowmen are some of the characters associated with Christmas celebrations. Here we are going to talk about snowman Christmas ornaments and decoration ideas.

Snowman top hat Christmas tree toppers:

Snowman top hat Christmas tree toppers

Christmas tree – the common Christmas decoration has many ornaments that are used to make it look festive. Snowman hat tree topper is one of the best snowman Christmas ornaments available in the market. This will also make the Christmas tree look like a green snowman. You can even use this tree topper on the snowman in your yard. The tree topper is made of foam and polyester. This can be considered as a perfect idea to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas mix soaps:

Christmas mix soaps


Christmas is the time of gifts and small soaps in the shape of snowmen, reindeer, and sled can be considered as one of the unique Christmas gifts. The oils used to make these glycerin soaps are Christmas tree oil and orange fragrance oil. These soaps are handmade hence the production will start only after you place the order. This is just an idea for Christmas gift since it has almost all the Christmas characters in the pack. Using these soaps in Christmas time is also a great idea.

Yard decoration with inflatable snowmen family:

Yard decoration with inflatable snowmen family


Snowman was introduced centuries back as an anthropomorphic sculpture made of snow. The size, shape, and accessories used to make a snowman kept on changing as time passed by. The point here is that we can use a snowmen family to decorate our yard. Since these sculptures are self-inflatable you can keep them for next year’s decoration too. You just have to let the air out after the use. In the night also it will be visible because of the outdoor lighting. This is one of the best ideas of snowman Christmas decorations for yard decoration.

Personalized snowman ornaments:

Personalized snowman ornaments

Another idea for decorating your Christmas tree is by using snowman balls. These décors can be personalized snowman ornaments if you send the message (3 words only) you want to write while placing the order. These balls are brown in color and have a light brown colored snowman painted on it. The messages can be something like “Christmas celebrations 2017”. The ornament is made of wood, ribbon, and acrylic paints.

Christmas snowman shower curtain:

Christmas snowman shower curtain


When you decorate your house for any festival it should be to the fullest. I have a decoration suggestion for your kids’ bathroom. You can buy a shower curtain that has the Jolly snowman waving below the moon in the snow. Hang this curtain in front of the bathtub. As soon as your kid enters the bathroom he/she will be delighted to see it. This will make the decorations complete.

Snowman Christmas decorations patterns:

Snowman Christmas decorations patterns


These patterns are actually used to decorate the fireplace and mantel. This pattern pack contains snowmen appliques for the wreath, drawstring bag, stockings, and Christmas tree skirt. Once these decorations are completed your fireplace will look like a snowman’s fireplace. The product in this link is a bit old commodity but you can buy something like this from any of the stores. Check for snowman patterns while going for Christmas shopping.

Flameless Christmas LED candle:

Flameless Christmas LED candle

In the old days, people did not have the string lights or fairy lights to decorate for Christmas. They used candles and other lights to illuminate their houses. As a tribute to this tradition let us light our living rooms with small snowman LED candle that is flameless. This can be counted in the snowman Christmas decorations needed. This 6-inch tall flameless candle can be kept on any table as a decoration. You can even use it as one of the Christmas tree toppers.


Patterns for snowman decorations:

Patterns for snowman decorations


An excellent idea to create snowman Christmas ornaments is to order for Amigurumi patterns online. You will have to place the order at least in the beginning of Advent season because it will take some time to knit the crochet toys. The Amigurumi patterns available online can give you some idea about the shapes and method of personalized snowman ornaments. This link is for a snowman crochet that can be knitted in the size of a Christmas tree ornament. The language can be selected while placing the order and there are other models (Santa Claus, reindeer) available for you to try.

Porch light covers:

Porch light covers


Houses lit up in Christmas season with decorations and lighting. Just like the fairy lights the porch lights also contribute to this. Let us not forget to buy the porch light covers to represent the snowman Christmas decorations. This porch light cover is made of flexible plastic and is a replica of snowman’s head. The pack contains two snowman porch light covers. These can be just fixed on top of the porch lights to give a festive look to your house. These can even be used as Christmas tree toppers. If the tree has a light at the top these beautiful covers will give a pleasant look to the tree.

Miniature plastic snowman top hats:

Miniature plastic snowman top hats


Well, these are craft figurines that can be used to make personalized snowman ornaments. These snowman miniature hats can even be used to make melted snowman ornaments at home. Not only that these hats can even be used to make Christmas tree ornaments or other figurines that can be used as ornaments. The pack contains 50 small plastic hats to make little Victorian carolers and magicians other than snowmen. Any figurine that needs a black hat can be completed with this pack.

Christmas LED house musical sculpture:

Christmas LED house musical sculpture

We all have to give some gifts to our friends and family on the Christmas Eve. This LED musical house sculpture is a perfect choice for that. This house sculpture has a turning snowman and is musical with 8 different melodies. The melodies included are silent night, jingle bells, deck the halls, joy to the world, we wish you a merry Christmas, oh Christmas tree, the first Noel, and Hark! The Herald angels sing. This can be displayed under the Christmas tree, window sill, bookshelf, a tabletop centerpiece, and even at fireplace mantel. If you want to order this as a gift make sure to wrap it in a gift wrapper.

Melted snowman ornaments for Christmas tree:

Melted snowman ornaments for Christmas tree


From the name itself we know that snowman is made from snow and will melt when the sun is up. It may not melt completely but it will melt to an extent that it will no longer look like a snowman. But you will get Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of melted snowman. The one in the link is just for representation purpose. You can order for something like that to decorate your Christmas tree. This is a handmade item and is made of polymer clay.

Snowman Christmas countdown calendar:

Snowman Christmas countdown calendar

The Christmas preparations start from the first day of Advent season. This countdown calendar can be hung in your living room to know the number of days left for Christmas. The calendar comes in the shape of a snowman head and the carrot shaped nose can be moved to count down the days on this calendar. These countdown calendars can be used as Christmas tree toppers too.

Wooden Christmas tree ornament:

Wooden Christmas tree ornament


We are talking about snowman novelties and snowman Christmas ornaments here. There is another ornament that can be considered here. This is an ornament that is made of wood This round ornament has snowman, snowflakes, and a quote painted on it. The quote says “God’s love never melts”. This means even if the snowman melts love of God does not melt. You can get these wooden ornaments ordered to your address for decorating your Christmas tree.

Snowman wreath hanger:

Snowman wreath hanger

Christmas wreaths are used to decorate the doors and mantels. If you are going to hang the wreaths on the door you will need a hanger for that. You may either buy a wreath that represents snowman of can buy a hanger that looks like snowman head. This wreath hanger is adorable and can add that festive look to your Christmas decorations. The product in the link has the jolly snowman’s head that is ready for the winter season (wearing a scarf).

Snowman gift tags:

Snowman gift tags


The gift tags are used to mention the name of the giver and receiver while we gift something. I have included these gift tags as the final item in the snowman Christmas ornaments and novelties. These are printable gift tags that can be downloaded once you place the order. Each tag has a different snowman clipart with funny quotes. Since these are digitally transferred to your account through email or order you just have to take the printouts. You even have the option to write your name and the receiver’s name.