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Celebrate rakshabandhan with your closed ones in a traditional manner

Significance of Rakshabandhan

The relationship of a brother and sister is the purest form of all relationships. RakshaBandhan is a celebrated to rejoice the fraternity of a brother and sister. No other place celebrates this occasion as India. This festival is celebrated to show the bond and affection between a brother and a sister. On this special day, the two siblings pray for …

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The story behind brother and sister love on raksha bandhan

Story Behing Raksha Bandhan

From the name of “raksha bandhan” we can assume that it means the protection of bond. It is not the bond between a father and a mother, or a girl and boy but between a brother and a sister. This bond is pure and is celebrated as raksha bandhan. There is a lot of history associated behind this bond. During …

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Show love and affection to your sister by gifting her raksha bandhan

Rakhi history

Rakhi Purnima is celebrated as a festival in different parts of India to worship goddess Bhagwati. There are different types of Purnima celebrated in India. Some of them are Kajri Navami in Northern India, Sharvam Purnima in Southern India. It is widely celebrated across the whole world. In this auspicious occasion sisters tie a knot in their brother’s arms in …

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10 ideas to celebrate RakshaBandhan with your younger brother

10 ideas to celebrate RakshaBandhan with your Younger Bro

RakshaBandhan is one of the most pious festivals celebrated in India by the Muslims to celebrate the brother sister relationship. The sister ties a rakhi, a sacred thread, on the wrist of her brother, as a prayer for his protection against all evils followed by his vows for the protection of the very same sister by himself against all evils. …

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Rakshabandhan- the prayer of a sister to protect her brother

Rakshabandhan- the prayer of a sister to protect her brother

RakshaBandhan is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in India, mostly by the Hindus, as a prayer of a sister to protect her brother and the vow of the brother to protect his sister at all times. As childish as the whole concept might seem, the deeper meaning and the fact that the siblings’ love surpasses all is something …

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History behind the rakhi thread tied in rakshabandhan

History behind the rakhi thread-1

RakshaBandhan, to the Hindus specifically, is one of the most pious and holy festival, where the sister ties rakhi or the thread of protection around the wrist of her brother and he takes vows for her protection and in some cases, the sister in law is tied rakhi too. What people do not know, however, is the fact that tying …

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Send Adorable Rakhi To Your Brother Staying Abroad

Are you worried that your brother cannot come to your home nation for this Raksha Bandhan due to his profession? Do not worry, you can send rakhi to your brother staying abroad with ease. A popular saying reads that ‘happiness is having an older brother who takes care of you’. Yes, if you have an elder brother, you might have …

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Ideas To Choose The Best Rakhi For Your Brother

Ideas ToIdeas To Choose The Best Rakhi Choose The Best Rakhi

If you are looking for some useful ideas to select the best rakhi for your brother for this Raksha Bandhan, here are some ideas to help you out. Now, with Raksha Bandhan fast approaching, you can make your brother-sister bonding stronger by selecting the right rakhi color to your brother as per his zodiac sign this year. For instance, if …

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DIY Rakhis; Make 2019 Raksha Bandhan Special

DIY Rakhis

A popular saying reads that ‘A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams’. Yes, with such a person in your life, you will have to look for the right opportunity to show your love and affection towards your brother. This is what Raksha Bandhan is all about and this great festival brings great opportunities for sisters to express their love …

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