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7 Best Gift Ideas that would make a Pilot Delighted

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Getting a perfect gift idea for anyone is quite tricky. Especially for the friend who flies high for a living.  You need to get something insightful and not something that’s cheesy. So choose something that a pilot can use or enjoy. Now, there are plenty of ideas which can be presented to your aviation connoisseur. Some of them are customized …

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Top 10 ideas to celebrate teacher’s day 2019

Happy Teachers Day

Teacher is the first mentor for every individual. She/he grooms and shapes the career of an aspirant on the right path and helps them to become a good citizen. However, to honor the teachers for their untiring contribution to the society by impairing knowledge to the students and for shaping their minds, people celebrate teacher’s day. This is a tribute to all the teachers …

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Best graduation gift ideas

graduation gifts

Graduation gift is a celebration of an achievement in its own way, and it describes your appreciation of somebody’s talent and perseverance. It also serves as an encouragement for him or her to do better in future. The graduate is going to move on to the next phase of his or her life and so the gift that we plan …

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The best 50th anniversary gift ideas


The couples who have been together for as long as long 50 years deserve appreciation and special attention. So 50th anniversary gifts need more thought and care. You have to first create a list of 50th anniversary gift ideas and select the best from the list. Here I am going to list out some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Magnifying …

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50th birthday gift ideas to make the day special!


Birthday is a special occasion for everyone, no matter how old they are. When somebody is celebrating their 50th birthday, the event is all the more special. What kind of a birthday would it be if there are no gifts? We list a few 50th birthday gift ideas that will help you forget your worries on what to choose for …

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Best ideas for executive gifts

It’s the time to splurge your office guys with gifts. This time it is going to be a set of unique executive gifts that you plan to award. Many organizations have a culture of awarding or rewarding their employees including the ones in the Management cadre with executive gifts. Taking a leaf from that culture we will try to create …

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What to see while choosing a Gift

Choosing a gift can be a mind-boggling exercise. Before buying anything we come across of many ‘if & buts’ like if one will like it or not, can use it or not and many more. It has become necessary to have an overall idea about the receiver of the gift. But suppose you don’t know the person you are gifting, …

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Durga Puja: How the biggest festival of East India is celebrated


After the gloomy, sulking and rather grey monsoons, we enjoy the glory of the autumn. The blue skies, the cotton clouds and a little bit of chill in the weather announces the arrival of winter in the distance. The faint fragrance of the Sheuli flower and the sight of the willowy Kash remind all of us, especially the Bengalis that …

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This Dussehra, take a twist in gifts

This Dussehra take a twist in gifts

Dussehra is almost here!! The significance of victory of good over evil in Treta Yug is here to shine upon. Be it Lord Ram taking on Ravan or Goddess Durga slaughtering Mahisasur, the auspicious day vibes poses power, success, worth, wealth and prosperity of the righteous. Celebrated on the month of Ashwin’s tenth day, according to the religious Hindu lunisolar calendar, this …

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The Essence of Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi can perhaps be called as the one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. It takes place on the day of Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu month of Bhaadrapada and lasts for ten days long. During this span, Lord Ganesh is ardently worshipped by his devotees and on the final day of the celebration, i.e. on the day …

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