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Ideas and Gifts to make Mother’s Day Special for the Desi Momma!

Mothers Day

“She scolds you with a spatula in her hand, but loves you like there’s no tomorrow.”- Unknown! Indian mothers are not that hard to shop for, but often you might be questioning yourself, “Should I get her a sari?” Or “Is it okay to plan a vacation”? this article explains about Mother’s Day gift idea Now, here’s what you can …

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Make this Mother’s day unforgettable with personalized gifts

Mother's day

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mother. Mother is indeed God’s gift to man. History is replete with innumerable instances of mother’s sacrifices for their children. The thirty six odd weeks that a mother spends carrying the child in her belly can be matched by no other human effort. How do we ever repay them for what they have …

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Mothers day – whom should you honor on this special day?

Mothers day is celebrated all over the world in honor of mothers – the giver of life. But have you ever thought that other than your mother, there are other motherly figures in your life who have guided you in tough situations and played a vital role in molding you into the human being that you are now. This year’s …

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Prove this Mother’s day that how well you know your mother

Every heart has its own beat, every beat has its own rhythm. Similarly every person is different and so are his preferences and likeness. So why load her with boring and usual gifts. Time to think differently. When you were young you must have been surprised with the lovely bicycle you had seen in your friend’s garage. When you returned …

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In our culture we strongly believe that our parents are none but God’s incarnations. We respect and love them a lot. The sacrifices they make for us to see us happy,  the efforts they make to feel us comfortable, the adjustments they do to keep us away from any compromises and many uncountable stuffs are worthy remembered and celebrated. Though …

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What should you gift on this Mother’s day ?

Check out this awesome video at the bottom which reminds you of your mothers  🙂 Mother’s day is by far one of the most underrated occasions that we celebrate. This day is definitely a day that we should make special or the most important women in our lives; for the women who gave birth to us and raised us into …

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