Teen vs. Child! The Complete Guide to Buying gifts for 14-Year-Old!

Choosing a present for kids are comfortable, selecting gifts for adults easier. But, deciding gifts for pre-teens can be stressful, especially for birthdays! Now, why is that?

Gifts for 14-years-old

Just because, young adults have the most complex set of minds, they don’t realize if they’re still children or grown up. Now, having a teen, you must have experienced the daily dose of moodiness or the affectionate gestures of your child.

Therefore, let’s take a look into the mind of a 14-year-old to help you comprehend the types of present you can buy your teen; starting with their psyche.

What goes on in the minds of 14-year-olds?

“Old enough to feel it is wrong, young enough to do it anyway”- Unknown

The line mentioned above is perfect when describing a young adult. Teens are in a state of transition, and hence, their mind is at its most volatile. The ages ranging from 14-17 are when teenagers develop their opinion and mentalities.

So depending on the changes, select the birthday presents.

1. Cognitive development

The onset of puberty, allows the teen to grow intellectual powers. Therefore, they can finally comprehend complex relations or develop a sense of humor. So, choosing something mind stimulating can work well as a birthday present.For example- A Hardy boy novel.

Note- Teenage psyche is,however, very delicate. Thus, while picking a gift, be careful and select something age-appropriate, which will develop his mind.

2. Social changes

You might have noticed the emerging defiant steak in your teenage son/daughter. Well, teenagers do show signs of a rebellion, mainly because most of them crave acknowledgment.

Teens often wish to be part of peer groups. According to studies, preteens like showing off their belongings. It makes them feel superior and cooler amongst their peers.

In fact, you might have heard your son/daughter complain at dinner that his friend had got a new stereo, so, they want one too.

Hence, while buying a present, you can choose one which will not only sit well with your teen but liked by his friends too.

3. Increased Tech Savoriness

Teens are reportedly more tech savvy than adults. The reason is, first they have complicated minds and can comprehend complex gadget functioning. Secondly, their developing brains tend to be influenced by the online media, and thirdly, they harbor more interests than adults.

So, best gift for young adults can be video games and DIY science or mechanical car kits for boys. For girls, buying those I-pods or cameras or DIY science kits can be an excellent way to stimulate and develop the brain.

4. Budding talent!

As parents it’s vital you keep track of your child’s abilities. For Example- If your child shows a knack for painting, then, make sure you encourage his/her talent. You can buy him poster colors or draw sets to develop his artistic skills.

Now, considering these points mentioned above, let’s discuss what present can be age-appropriate gifts for 14-year-old!

What kinds of age-appropriate presents should you choose for a Preteen?

5. Gifts which have educational values.

You can opt for buying your child a DIY birthday craft kit if your child shows interest in handicrafts. Let him give in to his creative abilities!

Further, if your child is of a quiet nature and likes to read, you can opt for getting him/her an encyclopedia to expand his knowledge.

In this way, you are choosing fun gifts which are also enhancing his primary GK and making him/her smarter.

6. Positive fun items.

Did your child do well in his class test? Then, he/she deserves a reward. So, why not gift him fandom based goodies.

Say, your child is a lover of superhero comics! Then, buy him/her a series of Marvel or DC comics to make his birthday extra special.

Note- Check while ordering online,if the comic is age-appropriate for a pre-teen or not.

7. Useful gifts!

Useful and fun, is what you’ll need to choose when it comes to buying your child a birthday present. Now, these things will naturally be age appropriate.

So, choose your son or daughter a pair of roller blades or a cycle to help him become an outdoor person. Now, this choice will kill two birds with a stone!

  • Firstly, your child will love an outdoor present; moreover, this choice is the safest if you’re confused what to buy for your teen. The reason is these items work for both children and teens alike.
  • Secondly, your child, on getting these presents, can keep his body and mind fit and stimulated at all times. Thus, he or she will undoubtedly focus better on studies and show less chance of being obese.

Now, here are a few trending gift for  14-year-old birthday-

For your son-

  • A Skateboard
  • Video games
  • Tee shirts
  • Sports accessories
  • Digital watches
  • Sneakers
  • Comics
  • DIY craft packs
  • Headsets

For your Girl-

  • Birthday outfit
  • DIY cookbook
  • Make up for beginners
  • Rollerblades
  • Novels
  • New CD’s
  • An mp3 player
  • Camera
  • Fandom based goodies

Moving on, now that you know the types and kinds of the present, so choose depending on their demeanor, let’s discuss buying guide.

Steps to buy the perfect birthday present for your teen-

Step 1

Look into his preference and the theme of the birthday party chosen and buy the gift accordingly.

Step 2

Your child’s personality will decide the type of gift he or she will like. So, whether you have a nerdy boy or a tomboyish girl, depending on their demeanor choose an item which will work in best interests.

Step 3

Choose a reliable shopping site, and go online to check for trending or innovative gift ideas.

Step 4

Set your budget and preferences and choose amongst the best sellers.

Step 5

Order at least a week before your child birthday, to get it delivered on time.

Now, surprise your teen with the best gift ever and watch him boast about it to his peers.

Note- Try throwing a fandom based birthday party for your teen to make his day extra exciting.



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