The Only Christmas Buying Guide You Need

Christmas is just a few weeks away. Every one of us is looking at gifting options to give our near and dear. They are magical and bring in the festive season with celebration and joy.

Christmas Buying Guide

Our Christmas buying guide is the ultimate compilation of thoughtful and beautiful gifts which you can plan and buy just in time for this season to spread festive cheer. Our curated shopping guide, that we have compiled for you this season is just what you need. When you have looked at myriad gifting options on the internet and are confused at what to buy and when to buy, help is just a click away with our Etsy buying guide for Christmas.

This Etsy buying guide is designed to inspire our readers into making informed decisions, keeping in mind, the aspirations of their family and friends, rather than randomly choose something that they would like to give. Their Editor’s picks is the most lovable and intriguing section you will ever find.

Early Christmas shopping can save you a lot of time and worries. It saves the last-minute rush and with a plan you can effectively shop and save money before your favourites are out of stock. We recommend these tips to a happy, effective and relaxed Christmas shopping.

  1. Make a list of people for whom you wish to buy gifts.
  2. Have a budget.
  3. Browse through our top picks and choose gifts that match the personality and preferences of the recipients of your gifts.
  4. Time your gifts purchase so that you are neither too late nor too early.
  5. Time your purchase in a way that gifts of one variety arrive together. For example, clothes and jewellery. When you time the arrival around the same time, you can easily wrap and label them to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Christmas Buying Guide

1. Must buy-Hatchimals : Most loved toy for Christmas 2019



2. NameMyMonogram:

You can never go wrong with jewellery and it’s a sure-fire to satisfy those special people in your life.

personalised jewellery pieces

  • This is a gold-plated sterling silver jewellery which can be customised to suit your preference. These jewellery pieces are hand-crafted to perfection and is the best bet this gifting season.
  • We recommend you buy this early on, say November 21-30.
  • These are personalised jewellery pieces, which are made to order. So, you need to give them some time to craft them to your specification. If you are the early bird, your gifts are sure to arrive just in time.


3. LaLa Crystal:

Rose Gold Bracelets

  • These are handmade items too and have many options like Rose Gold Bracelets, Personalised bangle bracelet, Pine cone bracelet, family tree, friendship, the list is long but exciting.
  • Its best to buy handmade jewellery at the start of the season when new designs are available. Order any jewellery piece you like in the last week of November say 24- 30, to avail of season best buys.


4. Mary janes tearoom:


  • These cute little tearoom dolls will surely appeal to the craftsman in any of your friends or family members. This is a gift which will appeal to their creative instinct and comes with 4 variations of an original tearoom doll design. Free PDF with patterns and instructions are available. Basic knitting skills are required.
  • If you intend this kit as a gift item, buy it in the first week of December from December 1 – 10, so that they arrive comfortably in time. These are easy to store and can be hidden till the gifting time.


5. DIY scarves MyandGG:

crocheted scarves

  • These are the ultimate crocheted scarves which come with a step by step instruction guide.
  • The recipients are surely gonna love the stylish intricate patterns and will love you more so for making the effort to do it yourself.
  • If you intend to crochet it yourself, be sure you plan and time their arrival in the first week of December before 5th to give yourself adequate time to knit with all the festive chores in tow.


6. SugarRobot:

EDIBLE Butterflies

  • How much more exclusive can you get with your gifting ideas with these edible cake and cupcake toppers and food decoration items which are handmade and pre-cut, ready to use.
  • The EDIBLE butterflies are their trademark and come in several pretty eye-appealing colours. They are made of wafer paper and brushed with organic vanilla.
  • It is best to order for these cute magical food decoration pieces around December 3rd to December 10th to time their arrival just in time before Christmas. These usually take 3- 5 business days to arrive and are a good give ahead gifts for your favourite hosts to plan their party menu.


7.Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

  • This is an exclusive know all book for aromatherapy. It features the key properties of aromatic oils and make for excellent gift choices which reflect your personal touch. They have many other exclusive book gifting ideas which are unique and appealing.
  • These gifts can be bought around, say, December 8th to December 15th, so that they are arrive well in time for you to wrap and neatly store them away before their gifted.


8.Flip Calendar:

Flip Calendar

  • This is an exclusive Flip calendar which is spiral bound.
  • That it is a limited-edition piece, makes it even more exciting and if you wish to gift this to an important person, be sure to plan it ahead and procure the item around December 7th to December 15th, before the last-minute Christmas chaos begins.


9. Tipsocreations:

miniature Gibson Guitar

  • This personalized miniature Gibson Guitar Gift for musicians is the best way of making music lovers happy. Tipsocreations features musical instruments and accessories that are unique and custom made and well worth a look.
  • These are gifts that can be ordered well ahead in the first week of December between 1st and 8th of December so that you are ensured of their availability.


10 Hippie Crap Store skin care:


  • These are natural and organic gifts, spa range with products to make women happy.
  • Since these are gift baskets, they can be ordered towards the end of your shopping period. They can be ideally bought between the 15th and 20th of December, so that they can be gifted away in time when holiday partying has just commenced.


11. LembergLeather:

Leather bag

  • These are zippered leather bags to suit every occasion and need. Handstitched leather with water resistant nylon lining, these gifts are unisex and can be gifted to any of your friends or extended family members.
  • These bags can be purchased around December 14th to 16th, so that they arrive on time. These don’t require special handling and hence can be closeted comfortably, before they are gifted away.


12.Pamper gift set:

Natural spa products

  • These are organically grown and harvested aromatic products to soothe and heal. If you are looking at cool and chic gifting choices, these may be just right for you.
  • These are spa products and have good shelf life, so go ahead and buy them some ten to fifteen days ahead of Christmas (5th to 15th December). The early ordering is only to ensure their availability on time.


13. Durable and stylish monogrammed leather key chain:

leather key chain

  • This is a handmade leather item by ‘AwesomeWomen’. It’s a quintessential ornamental item which will bear your exclusivity stamp.
  • These can be bought well-ahead in the first 2 weeks of December from 1st to 15th and stashed away for use when an unexpected occasion arises.


14. MrsMzSewingRoom:

MrsMzSewingRoom bag

  • A treasure trove of personalised bags for the young girls to suit just about any occasion. Colourful, handmade and personalised they are so girly and bright.
  • Make sure you hit the ‘add to cart’ button in the two weeks preceding Christmas (December 5th – 15th), when the season trends are out and you get to choose your favourite and not settle for ones that are left out.


15. Personalised phone covers:

personalised phone covers

  • These sparkly phone covers are eye catchy and may outshine all other Christmas goodies. These can be made to fit any of the top smart phone brands and give a personalised touch.
  • Well, sparkly phone covers sound even more exciting than the phones. Go ahead book yours in advance, so that you get to pick any design of your choice.


16. Assorted silver charms:

Assorted silver charms

  • Made with 925 sterling silver, these charms are truly charming and endearing.
  • Go ahead and pick up one of these for your special ones. Handmade items are exclusive, buy early in the first weeks of December (December 1 to 15) when the season styles are out and make sure you pick one that is truly special and appreciated.


17. Papercraft gifting ideas:

Papercraft gifting ideas

  • Kindle the craftsmanship in children. These easy to make paper craft ideas will surely excite and inspire.
  • These are cool, last-minute gifts that make up for those unexpected moments.
  • Pick up these gifts towards the middle of December 15th to 20th, when you anticipate the need for more kids gifting options.


18. Scarves


  • Scarves as accessories are unique style statements. Scarves as gifts are winners and hands down lend a uniqueness to any garment.
  • When you pick scarves for gifts, make sure you choose it when the season exclusives are out, say December 1st to 15th. These dates may feature a lot of variety and you will have a lot of options to choose from.


19.Vintage Decorative Wooden Telephone:

Vintage Telephone

  • Vintage gifts are never out of style.
  • Buy these when there are season’s best offers, just before Christmas around the 15th to 20th of December, so that your unique choice is wrapped and ready for one of those exclusive Christmas parties.


20. Handpicked exclusive design pieces:

Multi Charm Bracelet

  • BestoffersBoutique is a one-stop shop for all exclusive hand crafted jewellery and accessories.
  • Look out for cyber Monday offers and seasonal best deals, where you can get exclusive pieces at great discounts. So, time your purchases for the weekend or the Mondays when there are good offers. Start looking for offers in the weekends preceding Christmas.


21. Photo frames:

Photo frames

  • These personalised photo frames will add to the festive spirit.
  • These frames can be bought anytime in the preceding weeks to Christmas in the month of December. Look out for black Friday and cyber Monday offers to purchase them.