The Top 25 Innovative Rakhi Ideas

It is that time of the year again when we are reminded about the pure and special bond which we share with our brothers and sisters. All around the world brothers and sisters gather to celebrate the ancient and ceremoniously significant festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Previously the Rakhi (the main component of Raksha Bandhan) used to be a simple thread, with very little or no decorations. However, with progressing times the sacred thread has evolved and come a long way from that.

Today there are a lot of innovative Rakhi ideas and designs inspired by popular sections of everyday life. From personalised rakhis to elaborate hand-made ones, there exist much more options than one can even comprehend.

Raksha bandhan

1. Rakhi with Chocolates

If your brother loves chocolates then Rakhi with Cadbury Bournville is what you should choose to send.

cadbury Bournville and rakhi

2. Rakhi with Roses

Personalization has reached a whole new level these days. On that very note, a Rakhi with a bunch of red roses will sure make your brothers day brighter.

Rakhi With flowers

3. Soft Rakhi

This type of rakhi is best suited for that very little brother, who is too delicate to handle the wrath of some humongous rakhi. The rakhis are made up of soft thread, which while looking stylish and elegant provide a fuss free experience for toddlers and little baby brothers.

Soft Rakhi

4. Classic Sandalwood Rakhi

One of the most popular types of rakhi, its popularity lies in its simplicity. Little beads of sandalwood with very fine carvings form the main motif.

Another important aspect of this type of rakhi is that it can be gifted across all age groups. Also sandalwood rakhi comes in a variety of designs and various sizes.

The intricate detailing in each of the sandalwood beads ups the ante for this rakhi type. Thus the rakhi shows our culture and heritage but with simplicity and elegance.

Classic Sandalwood Rakhi

5. Ganesha Strap-on Kid’s Rakhi

This is one of the latest trends in rakhi industry and is directed towards the kids. This has a modern take on the traditional rakhi by including a strap-on instead of the usual threads.

Along with this a cute picture of Lord Ganesha, adorns the motif. Sometimes the Ganesha motifs are coupled with light and/or sounds to add extra oomph factor to this type of rakhi. The band ensures that the rakhi can be used for longer duration compared to simple threads.

Ganesha Strap-on Kid’s Rakhi

6. Blue Stone Rakhi

Blue stone rakhi are one of the special types of rakhi as it forms a very exquisite series of rakhi. The central motif includes a beautifully decorated blue stone with and silver beaded balls complimented by yellow resham dori.

This type of rakhi represents royalty and elegance without being too flamboyant. The blue stone can be personalized by carving the initials on it. Also, apart from blue stones blue stone other coloured stones are also available for purchase.


7. Rakhi with Sweets

If you are one of those traditionalist types of want to send a Rakhi it was meant to be then this Rakhi with flowers and sweets is the best choice for you.

So if you’ve finished pondering over Raksha Bandhan gift ideas, go for it.

Rakhi with Sweets

8. Angry Bird Rakhi

Angry birds seems to be everywhere these days, including even angry bird Rakhi. These are very popular amongst kinds and teenagers. The motifs contain the different characters from the game both solo as well as in groups. These are available in various sizes to cater to different age groups.

The motifs are sometimes puffed or may be accompanied with light and sound fixtures. They are available in both gloss as well as matte finish sometimes accompanied by glitters.


9. Fresh Water Pearl Rakhi

Fresh Water Pearl Rakhi

Pearls are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. So it is natural to see pearls on rakhi which represents the special relationship of a brother and a sister. So fresh water pearl rakhis are popular these days as it offering something out of the ordinary.

These pearls form the central motif complimented by a series of beads (both multi- and uni- coloured) and a simple thread. These tend to have an understated look but some of them are also quite flamboyant. These rakhis are best suited for young adults and for men in their 30’s.

10. Motif Rakhi

Motif Rakhi

11. Designer Duet Rakhi

Designer Duet Rakhi

Duet rakhis are for both the brother and the sister-in-law. These rakhi pairs include a flower motifed rakhi for the brother and jhumka-themed (earing-themed) rakhi for the sister-in-law. Both the rakhis are heavily decorated with multi-coloured beads complimented by various designer threads and doris.

These rakhis are available with different colour combinations and also in different sizes. In some cases pearls and other exquisite amterials are also used to decorate the rakhis. Also, some of them are accompanied by kumkum and roli chawal for that extra wow-factor.

12. Pin Wheel Rakhi

These are fun rakhis mainly made for the kids. A pinwheel made of felt is attached to the main motif and can be spun with the help of a gentle blow. So it is both fun and game in this one!

13. Silver Shield Rakhi:

Silver shield rakhis are, as the name suggests are made up of silver (the central motif) and shaped like a shield. Finished in matte they have beautiful carvings on the shields.

Another usefulness of this rakhi type is that it can also be used as a key chain later on. The thread is mainly made up of resham. These can be had with a gold coating which enhances the beauty of the product even more.


14. Rajasthan Pink Spring Rakhi:

Spring rakhis are very popular these days as it represents both the ancient and modern culture with eye-catching designs. The centrepiece includes a brightly coloured spring (in this case pink coloured) which surrounds a beautiful rajasthani craving metal/plastic piece.

These two pieces are then joined by a metallic brightly coloured ball, which is attached to the thread itself. These are also available in different colours apart from pink but with similar styling cues, and can be gifted throughout the age groups.


15. Faux Emerald Panel Plated Rakhi:

These, comes in various shapes and sizes and have faux emerald with enamel plating on the central piece. The main body is formed by a silver plastic to accentuate the faux emeralds.

The threads are simple ones without any extra decorations. Apart from emeralds this faux emerald panel plated rakhi can be had with other faux stones. These add that little bling to the rakhi which are otherwise colourful but without a sparkle.


16. Yellow Gold Rakhi:

As the name suggests these types of rakhi are made up of gold. These can be had in various shapes. The central motif comprises of two gold rings and a cross sign made up of several authentic diamonds.

They are bit on the pricier side but are worth it as they stand out from the rest. And on a lighter note the brother will surely love to have some gold!


17. Gun Light Rakhi:

Gun light rakhi are mainly aimed at kids (pun intended). The centrepiece comprises a mini plastic gun decorated with colourful faux stones.

They also have light and sound so as to create the realistic sound of the gun without the destruction. The thread is a simple one. This is also available in different colours.

18. Bro-Sis Friendship Rakhi:

The thread comes with multi-coloured faux stones with enamel plating but in a shape of a bow which represents the friendship formed between a brother and a sister.

The thread is a silver finished chain or a resham thread. This rakhi is mainly aimed at the younger age groups.


19. Heart and Hand Rakhi:

This special type of rakhi is shaped like a hand with heart in the middle. The centrepiece signifies the lifelong everlasting bow that brothers make during the ceremony to protect their sisters.

The motif is small and not too inconvenient. The central motif can also be used as pendants later on.


20. Gold Ganapati Rakhi:

We associate Ganesh with prosperity and there is nothing more prosperous than gold. So combining these two the motif is the outline of ganapati made up of gold.

This rakhi represents the prosperity, which the sister wants for the brother. Also another use of the motif is that it can be used as pendent. The rakhi can be had with golden chain or resham threads.


21. Babaji ka Thullu Rakhi:

We all love Kapil Sharma and his best creation “Babaji Ka Thullu”. So to bring that to the next level sisters can give the brothers this cool rakhi sporting a plastic shirt with BABAJI KA THULLU written on it.

This is one of the best rakhi a sister can gift to a brother because a person without a humour should have a “babaji ka thullu rakhi!”.


22. Floral rakhi:

Floral Rakhi is one of the most sought after designs of rakhi and is available in both modern and traditional designs. The motif contains a flower or a series of flowers with colourful beads complimenting that.

There are multiple threads attached to the motif which helps to add the extra dose of colour to the whole rakhi. This is best suited for adults and but are also popular amongst the younger crowds.


23. Car Rakhi:

Boys are inherently attracted towards cars and keeping that in mind sisters can gift their brothers type of car rakhi. The centrepiece consists of a car which is attached to a simple yet brightly coloured ribbon.

The car can be made of various materials namely plastic, rubber etc. Sometimes they are accompanied by lights so as to add special effects and make the little brother smile!


24. The Nariyal (Coconut) Rakhi:

According to Hindu Traditions narials (coconuts) are considered auspicious and is used in almost every occasion. Thus this is one of the obvious choices for the rakhi motif. An artificial coconut is the centerpiece and the coconut is tied down by yellow and red threads.

The Coconut Rakhi

25. Classic Thread Rakhi:

Classics are never easily de-throned and so is the case with simple classic thread rakhi. It is popular as ever due to its simplicity and elegance which other types of rakhi cannot easily provide in one compact package.

The threads are brightly coloured arranged in different pattern complimented by a single or sometimes a few beads as the centrepiece. These are available in various colours and patterns. This is one of the best rakhi types one can give to their brother.


There are still myriad varieties of rakhis both hand-made and ready-made which is impossible to jot down that would make the list too long. But the most important point of this festival is the love between brothers and sisters which and nothing can replace. So go forth and have a sweet Raksha Bandhan.