20 Things To Buy Before Dusshera

Summary: With only a few weeks left for the beginning of Dusshera celebrations, you should be aware of the things to keep ready. Here is a list to help you out.


It is true that Dusshera, the festive season is fast approaching in India. Even though Dusshera is celebrated in different manner in India in different parts of the country, it is considered the festival where goodness takes over evils.

For instance, according to some legends, it is the period when Lord Rama killed the Demon Ravana, while in some parts of the country it is believed to be the period when the demon Mahishasura was killed by goddess Durga. Before this festive occasion, the items that you should keep ready differs based on the part of the country you belong to, while there are certain things that are common for all places. Now, let us have a look at the items that you should buy before Dusshera:

Things To Buy Before Dusshera

1. Statues of gods

radha krishna - Things To Buy Before Dusshera

If you are from southern states, particularly Tamil Nadu, Dusshera is celebrated as Navratri when women arrange the figurines of gods and goddesses in an attractive manner in their homes and invite friends and family women to their homes.

Then, those friends are given some small gifts along with the foods prepared for the god. So, if you are from Tamil Nadu, you can get this statue of carved lord Krishna and Radha. It is made out of resin and can beautify your Navratri.

2. Kumkum box


If you are from Tamil Nadu and other southern states, you will be presenting your guests with kumkum boxes along with thali. For this ceremony, you can opt for this elegant beautiful handcrafted Puja Thali with kumkum box. The attraction here is that it is decorated with multi-color stones.

3. Dandiya Stick

dandiya stickIf you are from Gujarat and other eastern states, you know that Dandiya dance is a part of the Dusshera celebrations. Just check whether the dandiya sticks that you shopped last year is fine. Otherwise, it is better to place an order for this attractively designed wooden dandiya stick set. It is made out of wood and decorative cloth.

4. Red and white saree


If you are from West Bengal or other similar eastern states, you know that  Durga Pooja is an important celebration. For Durga Pooja women drape themselves in white and red combination saree. So, you can shop for this white Chanderi Cotton Silk saree with a red border to get the blessings of Durga Maa.

5. Bandanwar or door hanging


Irrespective of the state you belong to, you might be interested in decorating each and every entrance or at least the main entrance of your home with an attractive door hanging for Dusshera. This Ratna Toran Wooden Elephant Beads Bandhanwar can be the best item to buy for this Dusshera to decorate your house in an attractive manner.

6. Rangoli Stencil


Rangoli is the part and parcel of any celebration if you are from Odisha and nearby states in India. This set of 12 small rangoli stencils can meet your requirement. You can just decorate your Pooja room in attractive rangoli with these small stencils that come in 12 different designs.

7. Thali


Irrespective of the part of the country you belong to, you need thali to place the auspicious things like kumkum, chandan, and other stuff to present to your friends. This is where this round thilak thali with 15 cm size and good design should come handy. So, keep this thali ready for the forthcoming Dusshera.

8. Goddess Saraswati Idol


If you are from Tamil Nadu, you might be aware of the fact that the first three days are for honoring, Goddess Durga, second three for Lakshmi and third three days is for Goddess Saraswati. The 9th day, which is for honoring Goddess Saraswati is celebrated in a grand manner.

Children are made to keep their books in front of the figurine or photo of Goddess Saraswati and offer prayer. So, for this Dussera, you can get this idol of Goddess Saraswati for your children other family members to pray on the occasion.

9. Preschooler’s first book

pre schoolers

If you are from south India, you know that the 10th day of Dusshera, not just to mark the end of the occasion of 10-day long festival, but this day is also considered auspicious for starting something new.

Particularly, small kids are taught to write the first letters of their mother tongue on this day. So, if you have a preschooler in your home, you can start his education on this auspicious day this year with this preschooler’s first book.

10. Lighting


In general, lighting is considered auspicious in India and this is why Diwali is celebrated as a festival of lights. Similarly, Kalash is something considered to have a spiritual connection. When you get both kalash and lighting as a single unit, spiritualty and auspiciousness get together.

This is what this Ascension beautiful kalash light string is all about. Just plug to play high-quality bright light. The beautiful traditional design makes it the best item for decorating your Pooja room on Dusshera, irrespective of the part of the country you belong to.

11. Lota Kalash


In most parts of India, Kalash in Pooja room with a coconut on its mouth can be seen as an auspicious item in any occasion. Generally, copper kalash is used for this purpose. If you are looking for such a kalash, this item from AsiaCraft can meet your requirement. It is made out of pure copper to make sure that your significance of copper kalash is righty met.

12. Red bangles

red bangle

In Kolkata, when women get together for Durga Pooja with red and white saree, you can see most of them with red bangles in their hands. You can get the red bangles ready with this set that you can shop in a suitable size. It comes with 30 days warranty that will cover you against manufacturing defects.

13. Diya


Irrespective of the part of the country you belong to Diyas are considered auspicious. So, you can buy this new diya for this Dusshera to decorate your Pooja room. The diya comes with a glass cover such that you can keep it glowing all through the day even if a fan is operated by your family members. The glass is sturdy and it will not crack due to the heat produced by the diya.

14. Turmeric Powder


In some parts of India, the statue of Goddess Durga is submerged in river waters along with turmeric powder. As the statues are made out of clay and turmeric is a disinfectant, it is mixed with river water, thereby making the water suitable for farmers to yield better crops. If you are from such a tradition, it is better to get this organic turmeric powder from Nimble Organics.

15. Decorative garlands


In some part of the country, on the 10th Day of Vijayadasami, buses, cars and other vehicles are decorated with garlands, kumkum, and chandan. If you have a car, you should have this attractive garland ready for your car. This one-meter garland can be attractively hung on the front of your car. In general, people use to decorate their vehicle with fresh flowers.

But, this year you can keep this artificial garland ready for the occasion. It is made out of fabric and is available in varied color combinations from which you can choose one or two. The gold roses attractively placed in this garland will give a rich look to your car this year for sure.

16. Ledger book


In some parts of India, people engaged in family business, start a new book of ledger every year on the Vijayadasami day. If you are from such a family, you should keep your ledger book ready. This is where this ledger notebook for bookkeeping will help you. You can easily keep track of the daily expenses and incomes related to your family business with this useful ledger book.

17. Seeds


In some parts of India, farmers begin their new crop cultivation on the Dasara festive season with the hopes of good yields. If you are from such a farming community, you can get this hybrid vegetable seed kit pack.

This set contains seeds for tomato, ladies finger, bell pepper, coriander, green chili, bitter gourd, lab lab and two other vegetables. These seeds will bring you good yield to make the year beginning with the forthcoming Vijayadasami to be an high-yielding year.

18. Construction supplies buying guide


In some parts of the country, Dusshera is the time to begin new constructions. If you have planned to start the construction of your new home or commercial project, this construction supplies buying guide will help you.

Just keep this book ready before the forthcoming Dusshera, such that you can arrive at your construction supplies with good knowledge. This book will teach you different factors to consider in shopping for the construction supply to make your shopping more meaningful.

19. Decorative hanging lamp

wall lamp

During Dusshera, you will be decorating your house and particularly your Pooja room in an attractive manner to attract your guests. This is where this hanging lamp will be the beautiful thing to purchase before the onset of Dusshera. It is made out of glass material and it has one lamp and a light kit with fitting. You can easily hang this material on the ceiling at your Pooja room to bring in a festive mood well in advance.

20. Decoration lights


In India, most festivals are associated with lights and decorations. Particularly, if you are from southern states, you might have seen in many houses that women have attractively arrangement of serial lights.

You can also decorate your Pooja room with this set of 4 serial lights that come in multiple colors. Just plug it in a power socket and switch it on, you will see attractive lights coming and going in a rhythmic manner to make your arrangements even more attractive.


It all depends on the traditional celebrations for Dusshera in your hometown. So, just have a look at the photos of the last year, you can get some ideas on items that are important to be present, even if you have forgotten some traditional things.

Shopping is really fun and when it comes to shopping for festivals like Dusshera, the enjoyment doubles without any doubt whatsoever.

Also, keeping the things organized and ready in advance will avoid a last-minute rush and you can concentrate more on decorations to make your home even more attractive as compared to that of your friends and neighbors. Are you ready for the Drama?