Top 10 gifts ideas for New Year

New Year Day is all about turning over a new leaf to enter a year of freshness, get closer to the people you love and escape from solitude.It is observed on January 1st according to the Gregorian calendar that is mostly followed all over the world.The day is believed to mark the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ and is celebrated by many Christian communities. New Year Day is perhaps one of the most celebrated public holidays of the winter season and takes place exactly one week after Christmas. At a number of places, people light firecrackers at midnight to welcome the new year, thus, burning away all sins and faults of the past.

Gifts Ideas for New Year

A perfect New Year celebration is one where there are get-togethers, feasts, elements of joy and exchange of gifts. Gifts are nothing but small tokens of love that your loved ones can keep close to themselves throughout the year.Gifts also signify that you wish the best for the people you care on the very first day of the year and the rest of the days to follow. You can make the New Year Day special by buying unique gifts for your friends and family. Although it might seem tough to select Unique New Year Gifts but with our top 10 gifts ideas for new year even the impossible would seem too easy to conquer. The more you share love, the more you get back. Resolute to become the perfect man/woman this New Year!

1) Books

The Story of My Experiments with Truth

A new book on a new day on a new year is something as enthralling as a new flavor of ice-cream on a winter night.As books are considered as universal gifts for any celebration, gift your sibling a real life story on an Indian to inspire him/her in becoming a better human being for the sake of the country. New Year day would surely refine his/her character for the rest of their life. How about The Story of My Experiments with Truth  by the Father of our Nation!


2) Apparels

Arrow Men's Formal Shirt

The more formal you are on New Year’s Day, the more aristocratic you would look to attend a party. Gift your loved one the dress of the eve and make the New Year celebration even more happening. We recommend the Arrow Men’s Formal Shirt for him and the AND Women’s Blended Blouson Jacket for her. The definition of beauty would change forever! Apparels are, thus, excellent gifts ideas for New year people who care more about their fashion statement in public and define their body language through it.


3) Chocolates

ferrero rocher - gifts ideas for New Year

Imagine the start of something new without chocolates. It’s as impossible as you can dream about because for Indians, the beginning of anything is always defined with sweetness. You won’t find any relative or friend reluctant to the efficacy of a heartwarming chocolate. Hence, this New Year, consider buying a delicious chocolate treat for anyone you care about and give him the joy of a new day. The Ferrero Rocher 24 Pieces Box Set has been a mass favorite gifts ideas for New year for a long time.


4) Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

Selfie stick - gifts ideas for New Year

Do you have a Selfie freak in your family or among your friend circle who loves to click selfies every now and then? If that’s the case, then this New Year, nothing can be better than buying a selfie stick for him/her. Not only he/she will be able to click selfies with a wide angle but also from different aspects. Bring about a smile on their face by gifting the thing they need the most nowadays. Try below selfie stick for the very purpose of gifting this New Year.


5) Travel Bags

The Winter holiday is perhaps the best time to go out on a trip and if anyone dear to you is out to explore somewhere, make their trip even more successful by gifting them a perfect travelling bag that has enough space to store their woolens and your love. We recommend the American Tourister Navy Travel Duffle as one of the best travelling assets for any tour. The New Year trip would be one of their best comfortable journeys for sure.


6) Cake Moulds

rolex aluminum - gifts ideas for New Year

Christmas was just knocking the door a week ago and we bet, the smell of cakes is still roaming inside you. If you cannot make one on your own, help someone in your family bake the same for you by gifting him/her the Rolex Aluminum Cake Mold which promises to make the homemade cake more attractive and delicious too! In this way you can have your piece of cake with ease and enjoy the taste more often as ever.


7) Spa gift cards

Spa Gift Card - gifts ideas for new year

Offer the experience of something soothing and relaxing on this New Year by gifting your beloved a spa gift card. No New Year gift suggestions can be as unique as this because we all resolute to spend the remaining year with prosperity and well-being and thus, having a comforting relaxation session would not only bestow her the much needed peace but would also make her ready to tackle the year ahead. Also, if you two have a party to attend, she would surely glow more and look even more beautiful once she attends the spa. The Lakme Salon Gift Card which is available in multiple denominations is one of the best gifts ideas for New year.


8) Home Decor

decor nation zig zag

New Year eve is equivalent to parties and you surely have one to attend too. But what would you take as a gift for the hosts? We bet you won’t go empty handed. How about buying some home decor materials for them? They would love the way you thought for them and would definitely display your gift by resting it in the best possible place. Don’t miss this chance of making a quality statement through your gift and buy the DecorNation Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf Unit without any further hesitation.


9) Grooming kits

Gifts ideas for new year - Phillips Trimmer

If you are looking for New Year gift suggestions related to personal accessories then you should immediately stop your search and go for grooming kits for him/her.New Year is the time to look bold and beautiful and define our attitude for the year to follow. Grooming kits offer the much needed personalization in terms of style and syncing with the current trend.Consider the Philips Beard Trimmer for him or the Philips Body Groomer for her.You can even go for shavers or hair straighteners as per your beloved’s requirements.


10) Health cares

omron Blood pressure - gifts ideas for New Year

Promise to become a responsible member of the family or a caring friend by ensuring optimum health among your family and friends, respectively. Whatever you resolute to do on New Year day, you determine to follow the same for the remaining 365 days. But what do we specifically mean by health care products? You can choose from a wide range of automated digital devices like the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor or the One Touch Blood Glucose Monitor which ensure that your family’s health is always your first priority.