Top 15 Best Picks For Her On Her Birthday

With the birthday of your spouse/girlfriend fast approaching, you might already have started planning for unusual gift ideas to enthrall her on her special day. At this juncture being a new husband/boyfriend, you might not be aware of the things that a girl will love a lot and feel highly happy about receiving gifts of that nature from a special person on her life. Being a caring partner or boyfriend, you can choose certain gifts online to give her and to help you in the gift selection process, here are top 20 best birthday gift ideas for her:

  1. Bling N Beads Classic white pearl Necklace with Zircon pendant set:

Bling N beads pearl

Girls and women generally love necklace and particularly pearl or bead based jewelry set can surely impress them. This eternally alluring bead necklace, which is enjoying great popularity among women, has a rich historical and cultural importance. This is actually a set with necklace and pendant, a pair of matching earrings and the lightweight piece will surely enthrall her. You might be thinking about gifting her a pendant set or whether to choose a pair of earrings. But, when you choose this gift, you will get the satisfaction of giving both to show your love and affection.

2.  Engraved wooden photo plaque:

incredible gifts

Women love to have their beautiful photos framed in attractive photo frame. So, you can opt for this gift to enthrall her. You can either choose to place one of the best collection of photos of her that you have or you can also simply present the plaque alone, such that she can keep her favorite photo (it might be yours too) to decorate her room. Even, you can place a photo in which both of you are together and this will also be liked by her a lot.

3.  Birthday Gift: A million I LOVE YOUs:

A million i love yous

Most women generally love to hear the term ‘I love you’ from her boyfriend/husband. Rather than showing your love in words on her birthday and as you are looking for unusual gift ideas, you can choose this stunning book. What is in this book? This book that measures 7 inches by 10 inches has nothing, but the phrase ‘I love you’ printed one million times. Sometimes, you might be interested in showing her your love on a daily basis, but your busy lifestyle might not have permitted for the same. In such cases, this can be the wonderful gift without any doubt.

4.  Jewellery Box cum Organizer:

jwellary box

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for your lady, you can choose this compact travel-friendly box. The exterior is attractively designed with PU Leatherette, while the interior is designed in velvet to give her a soft touch. This is a single level box with 6 compartments with 4 small corner pockets and 2 slightly larger middle compartments with slots for placing rings and also there will be cushion for bangles. Easy closure and large mirror ensures that she can keep herself fresh always. As this is a great traveling companion, your wife/girlfriend will remember you always in travel. Most women have great collection of imitation jewelries and if your girl also has such collection, this can be the wonderful gift for her.

5.  Foldable Rosewood Book Stand:

book stand

You might be well-aware of the craze your girlfriend/wife has for her collection of books. So, this is the right time to gift her, this foldable book stand. Besides being a bookstand, it is a decorative piece made with intricate floral cravings out of rosewood. If she has a growing collection of books, this can be the ideal piece of gift for her. You might also be frequently getting some new books for her knowing her interest towards books and you can get the pride of gifting both books and the ideal stand when you choose this presentation for her.

6.  Chocholik Luxury Chocolates – Scrumptious Chocolates Gift Box With Birthday Card:

Chocholik Luxury Chocolates

If your girlfriend has great craze towards chocolates, you can enthrall her with this chocolate gift box, which has dry fruits collection too. You need not worry about the longevity of the dry fruits and chocolates in this box as they are packed safely in special melt proof packing. Also, it comes along with a birthday gift card to make your girlfriend happier on her birthday.

7.  Exercise mat for her:


If your wife or girlfriend is more into fitness and if she meditates regularly, this can be the excellent gift for her. As it is made out of cushioned cotton, she will feel comfortable when doing yoga, exercise or when she meditates. Every day, when she exercises, she will get your remembrance with this healthy gift.

8.  Eye lashes:

de Eyelashes

If you are looking for unusual gift suggestions to enthrall your girlfriend, the best thing you can do is to opt for this set of 10 different styles of eyelashes. She can dress her eyes up with suitable eyelashes for different occasions.

9. Selfie stick:

selfie stick

If she is more into photos and she is more into taking selfies and posting them on social networks, this selfie stick can sure be an excellent gift for her. This is probably a new addition that anyone has previously imagined when it comes to birthday gift suggestions for her. She can take this compact piece of gift wherever she goes to take selfies and let her meet her wish of taking too many selfies with this great gift from a special person like you.

10.  Message Bangle

message written bangles

This adjustable message bangle comes with attractively printed message and you can choose the one with love massages to gift her on her birthday. This is skin-friendly and it is an Italian-design bangle that she will like for sure. As it is adjustable, you can confidently purchase it without any doubt as to whether it will fit her wrist.

11.   Printed cushion pillow:


If you wish to be close to her even when you are away, you can get closer with this pillow presentation with great love message printed on it. She can use it on her sofa or bed to remember you forever. As lovely message is printed, it can also turn out to be a birthday or love card on her birthday.

12.  Jewel box:

jewel box

If she has great interest towards antique collections, this piece of wooden jewel box will surely enthrall her without any doubt. As it is crafted with wooden rosewood and as it has floral designs, it looks highly attractive. This handmade jewel box by Indian artisans will be surely liked by her, if she is more into Indian handmade eco-friendly items.

13.  Beautiful brass sculpture: 

Brass structure

If your wife is more into spirituality and artistic pieces, this sculpture of Radha and Krishna can be the ideal gift for her without any doubt whatsoever. Besides this reason of spirituality, this is also a symbol of love towards her. This pair of sculpture is made to last with premium brass to serve as permanent decorative piece for your home as well. Let the blessings of lord Krishna and Goddess Radha flow on her on her birthday.

14.  Ceramic serveware:

tea set

This can be the excellent gift for your wife. It looks attractive with its yellow and red combination design. It is handmade out of clay and it is also fired at high temperature for its longevity by the artisans of India. It comes with teapot and a cup combo and can be one of the excellent birthday gift ideas for her. She will be in a position to serve you a hot cup of coffee or tea, whenever you reach home after a long way out.

15.  Birthday scroll card:

Happy Birthday Scroll Card

As you are looking for unusual gift ideas, why not consider this excellent scroll card? This gift will give her great memory with attractive words printed on it. It will show her how much special she is for you and she will in turn show her great love towards you on her birthday.


Along with the above-mentioned gifts, if you feel that a birthday card alone can enthrall her; you can sure add a birthday card and can write some attractive quotes on the card for her to remember for several years to come. You might feel a birthday card is enough. But, remember that words alone cannot convey certain things and you can show your true love to her with attractive and unique birthday gifts like those mentioned above. With online purchasing made easier these days, you can conveniently shop for these items online. Also, you can get them delivered directly to her doorsteps to surprise her with a special gift on her birthday and your gift will reach her before even you meet her directly.