Top 15 Best Picks For Him On His Birthday

When it comes to birthday gift ideas, some sort of out-of-the-box thinking is important for women, who wish to make the birthday more memorable for their partner or boyfriend. Finding a perfect birthday gift for him can be really tough. It is important that you should choose the one that comes within your budget and also you should also choose the one that will be liked by your partner or boyfriend. Here are some gift ideas that might help you in making the best pick for your man:

  1. Hip Flask set

Hip Flask set for birthday

If you are highly concerned that your man is not taking care of his health and you wish that he should at least have some fruit drinks or other hot drinks handy to quench his hunger, you can choose the hip flask set. If he is an individual, who will always be on the move for his job, this can the excellent gift for him. This high quality flask is bound with premium quality stitched leather. In addition, it comes with captive screw cap to prevent leakage and spilling. This gift pack comes with hip flask, 4 short glasses and also a funnel to pour the drink safely into the flask.

  1. Leather wallet:

wallet for his birthday

You might be well-aware of the fact that men generally love leather wallets. This particular gift not just has a leather wallet, but it also comes with a mug that shows your birthday wishes to him along with a birthday card. The attractive words printed in the coffee mug will remind you whenever he has a cup of coffee with it.

  1. Tied Ribbons:

tied ribbons for his birthday

As you are searching for unusual gift suggestions, you can opt for this gift for your man. This is a combo pack with a tie, a planner and an engraved stone. As you know, tie will be useful for him for his casual dress, while the planner, which will always be used by him, will be reminding you to him. The engraved stone reads ‘you are my world’, which will show your true love and affection towards him.

  1. Men’s fashion bracelets:

Mens braelet - birthday gift ideas

If you feel that your man is more into fashion accessories, the fashion bracelets can be the excellent gift for him on his birthday. This is one of the hottest jewelry trends in the market and this set encompasses red and brown bracelets for men with layered wrap design. In addition, the adjustable size will make it a perfect fitting gift for your man. These are handmade bracelets with red and brown colored beads.

  1. Card holder, belt and birthday scroll card

Birthday gift ideas for men

If your man is struggling with a huge collection of cards like credit card, debit card and many other cards, this combination gift can be the ideal choice you can make. This combo has card holder, belt, which will of course be useful for him for day-to-day or occasional use and a birthday scroll card that will take your birthday wishes to him safely. The belt is of free size that can be adjusted for men with 30-40 waist and so you need not worry about size. The belt is made out of artificial leather.

  1. Pen stand:

Pen stand for his birthday

If you are looking for some official birthday gift suggestions for him, you can choose this pen stand, which can stand on his office table and will keep reminding of you to him. Besides being a pen stand, it has provision to place mobile phone and also a small draw at the bottom, where some important cards or documents can be placed. Even though, this is something that seems to be a professional gift, many women opt for this as one of the best birthday gift ideas.

  1. Brass magnetic compass: 

magnetic compass - birthday gift ideas

If your man has attraction towards collectibles, the best thing you can do is to opt for this gift. It is stated to be collectible because of the fact that it is made out of high quality brass. It is stated to be one of the unusual gift ideas due to the fact that a poem is engraved on the cover. The Robert Frost poem can be a life changer for your man and so it can be the ideal gift for him on his birthday.

  1. Watch with blue dial:

Blue dial watch for his birthday

Even though, watch is a very old gift for men, even in the present world of mobile phones, men have great attraction towards watches. Particularly, if your man has attraction towards blue color, this Fastrack OTS Explorer Analog watch comes with round dial, blue leather band. The watch movement type is quartz and it is made out of aluminum material. It comes with one year manufacturer warranty and 6 months battery warranty.

  1. Leather Diary Journal:

leather diary journal

This leather dairy can be one of the best birthday gift suggestions for your man. It is handcrafted out of finest quality leather and the best thing about this gift is that even though, it looks like dairy, it actually contains 72 pages of unruled handmade papers. This can be used as a record book and can be used for recording personal and professional activities, doodling, sketching, jotting, writing and noting down important points, when your man is on the move. This is highly handy and it is handcrafted by the artisans of the Indian states of Rajasthan. If your man has great attraction towards handcrafted items, this will surely impress him to a great extent.

  1. Spectacle holder:

spectacles stand

If your man wears glasses, you can choose this spectacle holder for your man. It is hand carved rosewood material that is in the shape of nose. The nose shape of this article makes it one of the unusual gift ideas. When you gift this to him, he will no more search for the place, where he has misplaced his specs. It is not necessary that he should be wearing power glasses and he can also use this stand for safely placing his riding glasses or sunglasses as well. This is also a handmade gift and so if your man has great attraction towards handmade items, this can be the excellent choice for him without any doubt whatsoever.

  1. Watch holder:

watch holder

Are you concerned that everyday your man keeps searching for his watch in the morning when he is in the hurry to start to the office? The best thing you can do to prevent his tension is to gift him this leather-based watch holder. This is made out of tanner leather and it has a soft velvet interior. Not just a single watch, it can hold up to four watches to hold all his watches safely and he will also find it easier to take any of his favorite watches in a given day without searching for any particular one.

  1. Ram Darbar Statue:

ram darbar

If your man is spiritual and if you want him to be with you always, you can present your boyfriend or husband this brass Ram Darbar Statue. It can also be used as a home décor item, apart from being an item of worship.

  1. Handmade wrist band:


If your man loves attractive stone-based wrist bands, this can be the wonderful gift idea for him. The trendy look makes it one of the hottest jewelry trends. As the band comes with size adjustment, you can place order for this band without any hesitation about its size. Your man will surely love this, particularly if he has a fair complexion because of its dark color.

  1. Cushion to show your love for him


If you wish to take this birthday gift as the opportunity to show your love towards your man, the best thing you can do is to choose this cushion that has the term ‘I love you’ printed on it. This can be the romantic birthday gift that your man will love to a great extent without any doubt.

  1. Singing bowl

singing ball

If your man is more into meditation, prayer and yoga, the Tibetan Singing bowl set can be the excellent gift for him. This product will produce high grade tonal quality and resonance and the sound produced by this singing bowl that comes with wooden mallet and silk cushion will be an ideal stress reliever as well. Your man can use it at home for personal stress relief or he can also use it during meditation and yoga practices. If he is professionally a musician, psychotherapist or message therapist, he can very well use this item for his professional purpose.


It is true that birthday is the wonderful opportunity that comes once in a year to show your love towards your partner. You can choose any of the gifts mentioned above over the internet and get it delivered to the doorsteps of your boyfriend. Even, if you are away from your husband, you can show your love in the form of birthday gift to show him that you always remember him and your love and affection will be in eternity.