Top 15 Family Games to Play on Christmas

No Christmas is complete without the entire family coming together and spending some quality time with each other. These party games that are listed below are great for everyone in the family, and can even be enjoyed on a lazy holiday evening. These games will keep everyone highly entertained and will definitely help in bonding, since everyone may be seeing each other after a long time.


Christmas is all about good cheer and fun, and it is not complete unless you can have fun with your family. That is why you need these games in your life. You can keep them and reuse them for many years without getting bored too.

1. Spontaneous

Spontuneous family game

Everyone knows how much fun karaoke can be, but spontaneous game takes karaoke to another level. You don’t even need to be very skilled at all. All you have to do is sing, a lot. It all depends on how good your memory is and how brave you are to belt out a tune. The fun part about this game is that it has no age restriction at all. The littlest ones of the family and the oldest can join in without having any trouble of understanding the game. This game is amazingly fun to pass time while spending time with your family on Christmas.

2. Personalogy

personalogy family game

One of the most difficult things to do during the holidays is keeping the kids occupied while you have work to do. This is not easy to do when you are spending days on end with each other. This is why you need the game, Personalogy, in your life. It is ideally for kids between the age of 7 to 12. Of course, older members of the family can join in too for a little fun.  This card game guarantees a laugh for everyone involved.


3. Set

Set family game

If you are looking or a family game to play around Christmas, then set game is one that will keep everyone fairly entertained, especially if they love something that tests them a little bit. Kids may not enjoy this game as much, but once they understand how it works it might intrigue them as well. It is fast paced, and classic when it comes to rules and how the game operates. All you need to bank on is your visual perception. This card game will definitely keep you from getting bored over the holidays.

4. Family Fued

family feud

Nothing will ever beat a good old game of family fued. Adapted from the popular TV show, this game will definitely keep the whole family on their feet. It tests ones mental capacity and quick thinking, as everyone battles to get the highest score they can. You can play this game individually or in groups, whichever works best for you and whichever you find the most fun.


5. 5 Second Rule

5 sec rule

Time based games are always fun, it’s even more fun if you can think on your feet. In this game, you have 5 seconds to name three things that fall under the topic that you choose. This isn’t just a fun game but a really good mental exercise as well. It something that will most definitely keep the entire family occupied without getting bored over the holidays.

6. Wits and Wagers

wit and wagers family game

Kids are, sometimes, a lot smarter than most adults, and Wits and Wagers game will prove it. You can play this game with kids versus adults, which means everyone can play and enjoy them. This game is not just silly fun but extremely entertaining and educational at the same time. You need at least three people to play this game, and it will keep you entertained for at least half an hour. It is also easy to grasp the method and rules involved in playing this game.


7. Latice

lattice board game

Looking for something to keep everyone engaged for more than a little amount of time? This strategy board game should definitely be at the top of your list, in that case. Latice is one of the best classic strategy games that is fun for everyone. It involves quite a bit of thought, and of course a lot of strategic moves to be a winner here. Everyone above the age of six can play this game, so you can be sure that no one will really be left out.  This game is not only fun but helps to develop a number of skills, like cognitive, interpersonal and special recognition skills as well. This is a game to last a lifetime. It is something you will never get tired of playing because it will take quite a while to master it.

8. Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens

If you want something that is quirky, fun, but still family friendly then this game is the way to go. Exploding kittens game involves kittens, explosions and sometimes goats, so you can tell by the name itself that there is something in it for everyone. Many people have even turned this into a fun drinking game. However, anyone above the age of six can play and this fun and mesmirizing family game during the holidays.


9. Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity family game

This game is definitely for the adults in the family. If you’re tired of playing with your little cousins but aren’t ready to play games with your folks just yet then Cards against humanity game is the one for you. It is filled with a lot of dark humour than can keep you occupied for many hours. It is a lot of fun and entertainment that will help you pass your time during the holiday season. This game is all the rage so you should definitely add it to your gaming stash.

10. Jenga

jenga family game

A fun party game during the holidays to keep someone completely focused is Jenga. All this game needs is a steady set of hands to win. This popular game can also be customized. You can write truths and dares on some of the blocks and if you pick one, you will have to do whatever the block says. This most definitely makes the game a lot more interesting and fun to play, especially have you have a big family and can’t find anything to do during Christmas. It is a game that everyone can bond over.

11. Uno

Uno family game

This card game as resulted in many fights, but many laughs as well. It is an easy to understand game that can go on for quite a while. It is also not restricted to any age group, so anyone interested in the game can participate. Uno game has been around for many years, and it is still one of the most popular go to family and party games around.

12. Taboo

taboo family games

This is a word game and board game at the same time. If you thought scrabble was fun then this is definitely a game you need to try. All you have to do is try and get the other person to guess the word that is given without mentioning the word or any other substitutes that are given. It definitely requires some quick thinking and creativity to win this Taboo game.


13. Pictionary

pictionary family game

Pictionary is a fun game for anyone who loves drawing, but it is even more fun if you cannot draw. The guessing involved in this game is high and intense. It is one of the oldest and best family games available, so you should always keep in hand. It will come in use during the holiday season when the entire family is gathered together for some good old fashioned quality time.

14. Reverse Charades

reverse charades family games

The name of this game is fairly self-explanatory and fun to play when the entire family is together. It is an interesting twist on charades, so Reverse Charades is fun and new and enjoyable for one and all.

15. Roots



If you enjoy a game that involves a bit of intense thinking, then Roots game is great. It is a fairly new game that is still catching on in the market. But it is a lot of fun to play among the older ones in the family. It will definitely help to pass the time. Also you can find some Christmas gift ideas for women.