Top 15 gifts for your girlfriend this New Year

Don’t you have a date to go with your girlfriend on New Year? We guess the smile on your face says “Yes” but have you thought of buying something for her? After all it’s the New Year and you should try out everything to bring about the precious smile on her face. We know that buying gifts for your girlfriend can get a lot tricky as only a few things have been able to woo them occasionally since the beginning of time. However, if you look into our 15 shortlisted New Year gift ideas, you are sure to attract luck to your side. Rest assured on our recommendation as all the gifts have been well researched, quality checked and (read this carefully) tested on women!

Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

1) Formal wear

Formal Wear - gifts for your girlfriend

It’s New Year and thus, it’s the time to look elegant and beautiful. Gift the same elegance and aristocracy to your lady love by buying her a formal wear for the New Year night party. The winter formal wear would save her from the chilling weather outside and at the same boast her style statement to the other invitees.


2) Handbags

DAPHNE Women's Handbag - gifts for your girlfriend

No matter how posh your beloved dresses, her outfit is incomplete without a stylish handbag. Whether you know or not, a handbag stores all her little secrets and is of utmost importance to her to carry her belongings. However, not all handbags are made to suite a formal attire and here comes the toughest part of selecting the most appropriate New Year gift in terms of handbags.


3) Chocolates

Chocolates - gifts for your girlfriend

Women love to be pampered whether there is an occasion or not. And when it’s about New Year, expect her to turn mad demanding all her whimsies to be fulfilled every now and then. While we can’t help you solve that, we can surely ease your task of wooing your beloved by recommending a chocolate gift set on the very day of New Year.Chocolates are feminine favorites and even if all your backup plans fail, a pack of chocolate will never fail to woo her. Consider the Heart Shaped Chocolates  for your love.


4) Books

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

Is she reading magazines for staying fit? Does being obese concern her and her tensions concern you? Get rid of all her worries about her physique by gifting her a book on health and diet. Her leisure time would be well spent reading the book and her physique would be back to its ideal state within a few weeks. Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar is a great read for the respective category. She’ll feel blessed on the very New Year morning to have someone so caring and thoughtful by her side.


5) Kindle

Kindle - gifts for your girlfriend

Does your girlfriend love to read stories? Is she the coziest bookworm you have ever seen? Then make her reading habit even more intense buy buying her an Amazon Kindle that’s loaded with unlimited books to satisfy her thirst for both fiction and non-fiction genres. The first thing you’ll get back in return would be a package full of hugs and kisses. However, be aware as she might spoil your New Year night plans through her reading sessions. But listening to a story while lying on her lap isn’t a bad New Year day after all. The Kindle 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display  is what we were talking about. Can you even think of better New Year gift suggestions?


6) Teddy bears

Teddy bears - gifts for your girlfriend

Girls love everything that’s cute and cuddling and teddies are their best partners for the job. Hence, no matter how much you pray to take that place, your girlfriend would never allow you to be her new teddy unless you win her heart by gifting one yourself.As soon as she would get a new, round, fluffy teddy to cuddle with, she will run towards you, hug you tightly and shower you with love and affection. Tada! Your job is done. How about the Tickles Soft Plush Teddy?


7) Hair styling

hair accessories - gifts for your girlfriend

It’s New Year and she has to attend a party with you but she isn’t quite sure about how to stylize her hair. You, on the other hand, aren’t sure what to gift her on the eve. We are here to solve both the problems by recommending the Homeoculture Hair accessories as one of the perfect New Year gifts for your girlfriend for the very purpose of mending her hair in different styles. It’s New Year and thus, you cannot compromise with quality.Select only the best for her, always.


8) Body grooming

Female Body Groomer - gifts for your girlfriend

Won’t you feel blessed to see her look beautiful than ever? As your answer will definitely be one the positive scale, consider buying a body grooming kit for your girlfriend.With a body grooming product on New Year, she can get rid of any unwanted scales or hairs on her skin and make it glow with fairness in no time. In this way, you can make her New Year Day fruitful from all possible aspects.The Braun Female Body Groomeris a great product under this category with multi-purpose removable heads for different feminine use.


9) Yoga kits

yoga mat - gifts for your girlfriend

If you see you girlfriend going through a lot of stress due to her workload or studies, it’s high time you suggest her to meditate by doing yoga at home. With the popularization of internet, searching Yoga tutorials won’t be a tough job for her but you can make her meditating session complete by gifting her a Yoga mattress on New Year. It’s surely one of the most unique New Year gift ideas you have ever heard. The Strauss Yoga Mat has anti-skid surface to provide her a firm grip of the ground while undertaking different postures and performing exercises.


10) Massagers

massager - gifts for your girlfriend

How about spending the New Year day at home and enjoying the much needed retreat after the end of a tiresome year? Make this one day seclusion with your girlfriend even more happening by gifting her a body massager that promises to keep all her stress at bay and provide her a comforting experience during the time of its application. Massagers have become immensely popular nowadays because of their position independency as they can be used anywhere on the body at any joint or muscle. We recommend the Wahl Mini Therapy Massager as a great short therapy for pain or stress relief.


11) Health care devices

Wristband Fitness Tracker - gifts for your girlfriend

It’s important that you take utmost care of your girlfriend and monitor her health in order to keep her safe from any impending danger that comes in the form of disease. Though these New Year gift suggestions related to health care devices may seem a bit odd to you, there won’t be any better time to take the initiative of monitoring her health regularly. After all New Year is the time to take up resolutions and hence, you might consider buying her a Blackseed Wristband Fitness Tracker  that has specialized iPhone and Android support to store her daily workouts and monitor her heartbeat with efficiency.


12) Experience gift cards

Gift Card - gifts for your girlfriend

While gift cards can be varied, the newest and the most popular in the market are experience gift cards that contain a number of gift certificates in a collection and your beloved may redeem any one of the available gift cards. Experience gift cards can be varied based on your requirements, the popular being Trigger Your Passion Experience gift card. Can you imagine to spend the New Year night better than this?


13) Movie gift cards

PVR gift card - gifts for your girlfriend

Take your girlfriend out on a movie date on the very day of New Year to bring about the romanticism in her for the special occasion. However, give her the choice of selection by gifting her a movie gift card that’s both instantly purchasable and redeemable. It’s New Year Day and you should try out every possible trick in your pocket to see her smile. The PVR e-Gift Card was the one we were talking about. Buy it now and you might get a special New Year discount.


14) Mobile accessories

designer case - gifts for your girlfriend

We bet she loves her phone, whatever model it might be, and loves to adorn it with different covers and materials to make it look more attractive.You can help her to do the same by buying her a Designer Mobile Cover based on the credentials of her phone. She would love the way you think about her smallest of things and would return the favor with much love and kisses.So, check her phone’s model and order the best possible cover that suits her taste. Who knows it better than you!


15) Power Banks

Power bank - gifts for your girlfriend

If you would never like to be away from your lady love but think that her mobile’s battery backup is not letting this happen, gift her a power bank this New Year. A power bank would not only help her to keep the phone alive while texting or talking to you but would also help her restart it at the time of any emergency. Consider the Romoss 5000Mah Slim Polymer Power Bank as one of the cheapest and best power banks available in the market which has the potential to completely charge a phone multiple times after single recharging.