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Top 20 special gift ideas for your sister this raksha bandhan

The first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Raksha Bandhan is how special and unique you can make it for your sister this year. Though gifting her with something is only customary, a gift reflects your love, affection and the time you spent considering for her happiness.

A gift is thus the symbol of the togetherness you both have shared for years. However recommendations are always important and thus we have come with the top 20 gifts for sister so that you never run out of raksha bandhan gift ideas.

raksha bandhan

Photo frames:

There couldn’t be a better gift than this for the day of Raksha Bandhan. Gift a photo frame to our beloved sister so that she can add the pictures of the best moments between you two and cherish it throughout her life.

It would be even better if instead of a single photo frame, you buy her a photo collage frame so that she can select multiple photos instead of one. We recommend the Sisters Photo Fram.

Photo frames

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For the stylish sisters who love to sip their morning tea from a graphic mug, a special Rakhi edition mug can be one of the best raksha bandhan gifts you have ever bought for her.

Girls love anything that’s cute and sweet and hence you may consider this as your choice of gifts for sister. The PosterGuy Ceramic Coffee Mug will surely make her feel special.mug

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Does your sister love to read books? Does she smell books like you smell food? Well then you might make up your mind that the best thing you can buy her is a newly released book which has the potentiality to put up a smile on her face. Confused what should you purchase? How about Grey by E.L. James ?

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Mobile Accessories:

We know how much your sister loves her mobile and how possessive she is about it. You can easily convey how much you understand her feelings by gifting an accessory for her mobile. Maybe a designer cover might be what she was hoping to dress her phone with. Have a look at this large collection of designer back covers .

Mobile Accessories

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Handbags and Clutches:

Still finding the best gifts for sister? Give a woman what a woman loves. Yes handbags or clutches are what we are talking about. Being her beloved brother, you know what her favourite color is. Search and buy the most beautiful bag you can get for her.

Our experts say that girls love pink and girls love cute insects like butterflies. If that’s what you think too about your sister then the Butterflies Pin Wallet is where your search ends.

Butterflies Pin Wallet

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Trendy Watches:

Looking for raksha bandhan gift ideas? Opt for trendy watches for your sister which will not only make her look gorgeous but also has the potentiality of earning you a big scream followed by a bug hug from her end.

A lot of trendy watches to choose from, you might consider the Cilver Fashion Trendy Ribbon Watch before you continue your search anymore.


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Fashion Jewellery:

Imagine your sister attending a friend’s party or a family get-together without any stylish jewellery she would boast about.

We know how impractical it is to think of such a situation and hence we recommend fashion jewelleries like the Poetry Accessories Choker Necklace as one the best raksha bandhan gifts you can buy for your beloved sister.

Poetry Accessories Choker Necklace

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Music Albums:

Is your sister a music freak? Does she thrive for western music more than she thrives for desserts? We bet music albums is our best choice of gifts for sister this Rakhi.

Be ready for some head bang followed by loud dissimilar lyrics from your sister when you gift her The Book of Souls by Iron Maiden.

The Book of Souls by Iron Maiden

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Personal Care Appliances:

Personal care appliances have served as one of the most popular raksha bandhan gift ideas for years and it’s time you start thinking of gifting one to your sister.

She would surely love the care and thoughtfulness with which you bought the hair dryer for her. Although the list won’t stop ending, the Phillips HP8141/00 Hair Dryer  would make a great gift for your sister this year.

Phillips Hair Dryer

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Fragrance Gift sets:

Ladies love fragrances, be it a soothing EDT or one made from any flower essence. She can use it on any occasion or outing she attends and rest assured she will mention you every time someone praises her for the fragrance coming out from her.

If now you are determined that a fragrance gift set can perhaps be the best gift for her this year, the Nike Casual Women Gift Set  can serve your purpose well.Nike Casual Women Gift Set

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Beauty products:

Your sister is like a precious diamond to you and you can surely do anything to make her look bright and gorgeous. So how about gifting some beauty products to your beauty queen? It’s important that she takes care of herself which includes her incomparably good looks.

Buying her an essential beauty kit for Rakhi will surely intensify her love for you. The most frequently bought Lakme Face Magic Tints Soufflé is a sure addition to your buying cart.


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Pamper your sister with clothing of her choice to make her look like a princess. You can make this Raksha Bandhan special by buying her a Chemistry Girls’ Dress which she would adorn till the day she would stop fitting in it. She is your princess and will always be and a little addition to her wardrobe would be the best thing you can do for her.

Chemistry Girls' Dress

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Restaurant Gift Cards:

Are you looking for raksha bandhan gifts that can satisfy your sister’s love for food? A restaurant gift card can surely be one of the best gifts for sister which she can use and overuse to continue her eating errand. She surely loves to hangout every weekend to try out new pizzas. The Dominos Pizza Gift Voucher can thus instantly become her necessity once you gift it after tying the Rakhi from her.

Dominos Pizza Gift Voucher

Shagun Gift Cards:

Even if you and your sister have a different taste of things and a completely different look towards life, it doesn’t change the fact that you love each other a lot.

However buying something that she wouldn’t whole-heartedly accept won’t make any sense as your sole task on the auspicious day is to do anything to keep her happy. So we ask you to let her lead life in her own way and similarly let her choose her own gift according to her taste.

Buy her an Amazon Shagun gift card which is beautifully designed and specially made for Raksha Bandhan thus giving her the freedom to choose she always asked for.

Amazon Shagun gift card

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Salon kits:

A recent survey conducted on women has suggested that 60% of the women who used to go to a salon have opted for easy to use salon kits to take care of their hair.

A Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener can surely be one of the best things to which you can introduce her so that from now on she doesn’t have to go out in the heat to waste her money in a salon.

Philips Hair Straightener

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Cushion Covers:

You can surely pamper your lazy sister more by buying her a cute cushion cover which she will adore and would cling to it the whole day. If things get worse, she might hug it, squeeze it and finally when she is tired she will rest her head on it for the rest of the day.

Though there is a wide collection of cushion covers you can choose from, we have specially selected the Swayam Drape and Dream Cushion Cover  for you.


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Laptop Skins:

No one in your family is as possessive for a gadget as your sister and when it comes to her laptop she strictly sets rules that no one uses it without her permission and also no one should dare to lay a scratch on her beloved laptop.

So if you are still looking for gifts for sister, then a laptop skin can be one of the best raksha bandhan gifts you can present to your sister. She would surely love the Minions laptop skin attached to her laptop.

Laptop Skins

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Trendy headphones:

When you are out for a family trip, the only person preoccupied with journey songs is your sister and thus buying her a trendy headphone will be greatly appreciated by her and you might even get a warm hug from her in bonus. We recommend the Skullcandy Trendy Smokin‘ Stereo Headphone well suited for her purpose.

Skullcandy Trendy Smokin

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Premium Pens:

Does your sister spend the major time of her day scribbling and writing? Honour the writer in her and gift a premium Parker Insignia CT Ball Pen this Raksha Bandhan so that you can see her reach heights. These pens are specially designed to invoke the flow of talent from the hands holding them.

Insignia CT Ball Pen

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Designer Diaries:

Girls love to keep secrets and so does your sister. How about gifting her the place to safeguard her secrets? A beautiful designer diary is the dream place we are talking about.

Such unique gifts not only reflect your level of understanding but also imply the care and affection you have for her even for the smallest of things. The Vibrant Hand Crafted Floral Leather Journal will surely become her instant favourite.


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