Top 30 Free Ebooks As Free Gifts On Various Occasions

Summary: So, you have decided that you should present the receiver with a useful gift this time, right? Here are some ideas for eBooks as gifts for different occasions.


A popular saying comes with a meaning that if we come across a man of rare intelligence, we should ask him about the books he reads. Yes, as you know books are great teachers besides being excellent companions. Nowadays, you can present the receiver with eBooks, as against traditional paper books. This gift will indirectly help you to save paper and they are nothing, but electronic version of traditional books that can be read through a computer or through E-book readers. E-book can be downloaded and they will be available in printed form. If you wish that eBooks can be the most useful gifts, here are the best eBooks to choose for different occasions:

1. Father’s Day: A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son: 




This ebook can be the excellent gift for Father’s day, where the author Buzz Bissinger talks about his emotions towards his special son and a journey with him at his 24 years. This child is actually a premature baby with brain damage and this has made him a special child. At 24, he has just the brain of a 9-year old. Even though a father reading this book cannot help, but he can think, why not. The author has attractively explained about his concerns about his special son.


2. This is Water: David Foster Wallace:


So, if your son his going to celebrate his graduation day shortly and you wish that he should be given some tips to live a kind-hearted life, this eBook in its Kindle edition can be the excellent gift without any doubt. This book actually contains the speech delivered by David Foster Wallace in the year 2005 at Wallace County. This book will teach your son on how does an individual keep himself from going through prosperous and comfortable adult life without any consciousness. The book also gives some useful tips on how to get out of the foreground and how to achieve compassion.


3. How to cook everything: The basics by Mark Bittman:


It is a traditional practice to invite a newly-wed couple for a dinner and if you are planning to invite such a couple for a dinner at your home, you might be thinking about presenting a useful gift to them. You can present this eBook that can be an excellent guide to a new cook. The book explains how truly it is easy to learn fundamental recipes and techniques. Everything right from dicing vegetables can be learnt for this eBook.


4. Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see?


This book is yet another addition to the series of books authored by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. This book can be an excellent gift for you 7 or 8-year child on his/her birthday. The young reader will truly love the quest of baby bear in finding her mother and the animals the little one meet on the way of searching his mother. The book rightly explains the special bond between the mother and the little bear with a fitting climax.


5.Stop here, this is the place:


So, if you have decided to enthrall your mother this year with an excellent book on this Mother’s day, you can present her this great book from Susan Conley and Winky Lewis. This book will take her through a string of memories between two women. Each year, one of these women use to send a photo to the other lady and the latter responds with some excellent memories associated with the photo. The result was a collection of photos and stories that showcases the growth of a kid and also the love of the mother for the kid and the family. Your mom will truly love this book.


6.Too many pumpkins:


So, for this Halloween, if you have decided that ebooks should be chosen as gifts for your little daughter, you can choose this book written by Linda White. This book explains the life of Rebecca Estella, who had nothing other than pumpkins around her during their young age to eat. This made her hate pumpkins at a stage and you can get this book in CD format. This is a great book for kids to enthrall about and even teachers can use it for teaching some valuable stuff to kids during the fall when there are pumpkins around.


7. The Night Before Thanksgiving:


As you know, Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States and in the Canada. It is a day of giving the thanks for the blessings of the harvest in the previous year. You might be aware of how a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in America looks like. But, do you want the same carried forwards to your kids? You can teach them how cousins should be greeted, how everyone should gather in the table for dinner and many other things with this book for Thanksgiving Day written by Natasha Wing.


8. It’s a Magical World (Calvin and Hobbes):


If you are planning to choose a suitable gift for the wedding or birthday of your comic-loving friend, you can present this book to him to drench him in complete happiness.  This can be the best gift to take your friend to a magic world. One among the excellent collection of comic series by Calvin and Hobbes, this book will surely enthrall your friend. Even though it is a suitable book as gift for kids, adults will also equally love it without any doubt whatsoever.


9. Decorate:


If you are looking for a gift for her wedding for your friend, who will be reaching a new house immediately after the wedding, you can present her this book that contains 1000 professional design ideas for every room in the house. Besides enjoying the initial days of her wed-life, she will be surely synced with the excellent ideas given by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick. There are clever, creative and quirky ideas from the world’s best architects and designers in this book.


10. 101 Fun things to do after retirement:


If you have been invited for a retirement party of your colleague, you might be thinking about the best gift for him. You can choose this eBook, which will give 101 ideas for fun things to do after retirement to your old friend. This book from Stella Rheingold starts with an inspiring note that the retiring person is free from all sorts of official stress and tension from hereon. This book encourages them to welcome the retirement with utmost enjoyment and, of course, the book provides them some useful ideas that will help them keep engaged after retirement.


11. All you need to know about baby care:


If you have been invited for a baby shower, this eBook from Vivian Wilkins can be the best choice as baby shower gift. This book gives essential tips for new parents and insists that parents should take many things into account when it comes to making sure that the baby gets all the required focus. The content of this book is listed below:

  • A bedtime routine for your baby
  • Tips for choosing baby clothing
  • Organic baby food
  • Potty training for toddlers
  • Amazing abilities of babies
  • Natural ways to take effective care of the baby’s skin
  • Tips for looking after the newborn

So, present this gift for the new parents, which will be an excellent guide for them.


12. The Housewarming & Other:


If you think that the very name of the book should denote the celebration that you plan to attend, this eBook as you can understand is the best choice for an housewarming ceremony. This book contains a collection of 12 short stories authored by Suzzanne Ross Jones. The names of the short stories in this book are as follows:

  • Messages from the heart
  • The housewarming
  • Cherry’s secret weapon
  • The best intentions
  • The castle tour
  • Holiday for one
  • The Exuberant side
  • Revisiting the Past
  • Back to Basics
  • Tea for two
  • The Amiable Mrs. Appleby
  • A different kind of Christmas







If you are looking for an eBook to share your sympathy with someone on the loss of an important person in his/her life, you can send this eBook as your sympathy gift. This book from Michael Dunsmore will teach your friend on how to overcome the loss of a friend or family member. This book will help the reader understand the different processes involved in grieving and will tell him that the lost love will always be with him. In short, this book will help your friend get rid of things that slow down the process of grieving.


14. Get well soon:


If one of your friends is hospitalized, eBooks can be excellent gifts as he will get time to read books when he is somewhat recovered. This Book Get Well Soon written by Jennifer Wright talks about the worst plagues in the history of humans and also the book worships the heroes, who fought those plagues. Plagues here denote diseases like leprosy, polio, etc. This book will provide the best motivation to your friend to fight against illness and your friend will quickly get back to his normal.

15. Murder under the Christmas tree:


If your friend loves mysterious, thrilling and fearful stories, you can present him this book edited by Cecily Gayford for your friend. This story talks about a murder that was materialized in the snow field without leaving any footprints. The blackmail faced on the Christmas Even, the missing jewel and many other mysterious things in this story will keep your friend entertained and engaged on the holiday season. This is a book that is specially made to meet the hurry burries associated with the festive season.


16. Mayo Clinic Guide to health pregnancy:


It is good that your wife has conceived now. At this juncture, if there is no elder around her to guide her through the different stages of pregnancy, this book from the pregnancy experts of Mayo clinic can be the most useful gift for her. As you know, Mayo Clinic is a popular health portal that gives answers to any health issues. So, get this book from doctors, who are parents too for your wife to help her with the healthy pregnancy.


17. Sick in the head:


If you wish that your friend should get an understanding about life at least at his 40th birthday, this ebook can be the excellent gift for him. This book from Judd Apatow talks about life and comedy. This book gathers the most memorable and revealing conversations of the author into a single hilarious and incredibly candid collection. Your friend will be in a position to get a certain level of understanding about life through this comedy filled book, which is something good and easy to remember for his life long.


18. Comic Genius:


For your friend on his birthday, if you are looking for a comic book that will showcase the portraits of some comedy kings along with their journey details, Comic Genius can be the excellent gift without any hesitation. The photographs on this book were posted by Matt Hoyle, while the introduction was done by Mel Brooks. Get this book delivered to his eBook reader to get a complete understanding of world famous comedians and their service to the society.


19. It only takes a minute to change your life:


If you are looking for an inspirational book for the graduation of your son, you can present him this eBook. This book written by motivational coach Willie Jolley discussed the most crucial tools for success and for a better future. This book will guide your son on how to achieve the life that he was dreaming about. The author claims that success is the choice and not the chance and so it will motivate your son to choose success, rather than failure that comes out of chance. You can witness the change in your son with this excellent eBook that you present him on college graduation day to prepare him for an excellent life ahead.


20. What to expect when you are expecting?


So, if you are looking for a gift for your friend to congratulate on her pregnancy, you can present this book written by Heidi Murkoff, which will turn out to be a complete pregnancy guide to her. Most women, who have read this book has stated that this is one of the most inspirational books for carrying moms to carry forward their fetus all through the 9 month journey. Let your friend enjoy her pregnancy and let her turn the fetus into a healthy baby with the thoughts instilled in her mind with this great book.


21. The expectant Father:


This book is an ultimate guide for fathers-to-be. If you wish to congratulate your friend on becoming a father, this book from Armin A Brott and Jennifer Ash can be the best choice without any doubt. This is one of most informative and reassuring books for the expectant fathers. Your friend will be in a position to get a new insight of emotional, financial and even physical effects of impending parenthood.


22. The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion by Duane Swierczynski:


Have you been invited for the engagement party of your friend? The thing to remember here is that a newly engaged couple will have to figure out a lot of things in their life. Right from wedding to living logistics, they will have to plan for everything in between. This book can provide them with all the required answers. Yes, right from cocktails for birthday to Valentine’s Day and to drinks to impress grandma, this book will guide in preparing different types of cocktails for almost every occasion in the life of the newly engaged couple.


23. A Practical wedding:


With their engagement just over, the couples will have lot of things to plan and this book will help with in planning for a great wedding that each of the guests will enthrall about. This can be an excellent eBook gift form a friend like you. This book will help with planning for an affordable wedding without having to cut the list of guests. Many other interesting guides in this book will make it the most useful for the couple planning for a great wedding ahead.


24. Tell Me the Truth About Love by W. H. Auden:


When it comes to gifts for bridal shower, a book that explains the true love and sorrows associated with love life can be the most useful gift for the bride-to-be. She should be taught that not just happiness alone, but she should be ready to face sorrows and many emotional situations ahead in her life. This book will help her in understanding the importance of a love relationship.


25. The lonely planet kids travel book:


If your son/daughter shows great interest towards traveling around the world, this book from lonely planet for kids will introduce them some mind-blowing details about every country in the world. The book is loaded with thousands of amazing facts and figures about wild life, humans and their life in different countries, etc. If your son/daughter is 8 years or more, this book can be the excellent gift for the holiday season. But, it is better to make sure that they do not plead you to take to one of the countries.


26. 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Speeches:


If you are looking for a gift for the 50th anniversary of your parents, you can present them this book from Niamh Crowe. When you present this book in advance, you can help your parents to prepare themselves for the speech they will have to deliver on their wedding anniversary in front of their friends and family about their 50 years of togetherness.


 27. The 5 Most Costly Mistakes People Make when Insuring Their Business:


If your friend has invited you for the opening ceremony of your business and if you are planning to present him a useful book, you can choose this book written by Alison Evans. Rather than finding a solution for a mistake, it is better to prevent the mistake from happening. So, this book will teach your friend about the most common mistakes done by business owners when they try to insure their business. So, your friend can prevent these mistakes and can take his business to the next level.


28. Candle Magic Basics:


If your friend is highly interested towards magic tricks and wish to learn some for himself, you can present him this book for his birthday, wedding anniversary or for any other occasion. This book will teach him some basic magic tricks that can be done with candles. This book was created by an experienced practitioner Ms. Natalia Clarke. It is easy to use and it contains basic techniques for spell casting and other rituals done by a magician.


29. Yoga: The yoga beginners bible:


If one of your family members is highly interested in learning yoga, but does not have time to visit a practitioner for training, he/she can learn different yoga techniques for stress relief, meditation and mindfulness. It will take him to another level in spirituality and this book is authored by Tai Morello.


30. Introducing Philosophy:


If this is a gift for the 50thor 60th birthday of your friend, who has got philosophical thoughts recently, you can present this book from the Open University. This book actually offers a 8-hour free course as an introduction to the study of philosophy.



There are many reasons why books are gifts for great occasions. They will never lose their importance and they can be carried forward to the next generation of the receiver with utmost care and compassion towards their growth and development. So, choose the books mentioned above for different occasions and bring about a change in the life of the receiver.


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