Top 5 60th birthday gift ideas

Ageing is a process that man can never stop and your birthday is a reminder of that. Every year you celebrate your birthday or the birthdays of your loved ones with joy and excitement. Someone in your circle of loved ones would be nearing their 60th birthday. This is going to be a special occasion quite different from the previous ones as they are moving to a new phase in life. If you are planning for the 60th birthday gifts, take a look at this list of thoughtful 60th birthday gift ideas to make the occasion special.

T-shirt with a message


Let us start with the attire. It would be a great idea to present a t-shirt with a caricature highlight the special occasion as the 60th birthday gift. It could read “60 years young” or “60 years of celebration”. You can pick some of them ready made from online store. I found two, one read “Made in 1956 – All original parts”  and the other that grabbed by attention read “Awesome since 1956”. These as the 60th birthday gifts would definitely bring smile on their faces!

If you get to customize the T-shirt, that includes the relationship of that 60 year old with you like “Happy Birthday to the best Dad/Mom/Uncle/Aunt/Teacher!” it would be one of the best 60th birthday gift ideas.

Mug with a quote inscribed

Mug 1

Who doesn’t love a mug with a catchy message? Beer mugs are best left transparent, so I will settle with the idea of gifting a coffee mug. You can pick a coffee mug from a local store with an inscription on it to wish the person Happy birthday. Else, you can get a custom imprint done on the mug that has a catchy message and greeting. If you do not find these locally, the 60th birthday gifts can be ordered online. I found two pretty impressive mugs online. They read “It took 60 years to become this awesome and almost perfect” and “It is a crime to look this good at 60

A bottle of wine


Wine gets better with age, so do men and women. You can capitalize on this saying, by gifting a bottle of wine to the young 60 year old. Be sure to pack it really well, and include a small card with this message and of course expressing your love for the person. You can get a bottle of wine from a local beverage stall or even order it online. Be aware of their taste and choose the right one. Your loved one’s 60th birthday gift is for sure going to be delightful.

Celebration Memory Book

hAPPIE B'day

This would be the ideal gift for someone whom you have been closely related to. This great 60th birthday gift idea will make the day ever more memorable by keeping the events, the people and the happenings intact in the Memorophilia that you create. You can get one online from . I am sure this effort of yours would bring back cherished memories as he or she celebrates the next birthday!

Get a notebook – why we love you?

Prepare a small booklet with 60 reasons why you love the person. You can use sketch pens and markers to jot down the reasons; put in sincere effort to make them interesting and humorous. You can paste a few stickers here and there as well to further enhance your message. I am sure he or she has a special place in their mind for this 60th birthday gift. You can also choose other catchy topics for the book let like Sexagenarian and sexy – 60 reasons why we love you.