Top 7 gifts your teachers expect this Teacher’s Day

No matter how hard we try, there are certain people in life we may never be able to repay, whether it’s for their deeds or their kindness. A Teacher is one such individual. Teacher’s Day in many countries is a day specially demarcated for the appreciation of teachers. It is the day on which students get together to celebrate and honor the contribution of these hard-working individuals for the advancement of tomorrow’s youth. In India, September 5, the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

So, whether you’re reminiscing about a teacher who helped pave your life or just want to gift your guide on this special occasion, there’s an option for everyone in this unconventional list of gifts:

Magazine Subscriptions:

A teacher/ philosopher is that vast reservoir of knowledge which cannot be measured. So why not gift them a subscription to certain science journals or magazines for them to satisfy their quest for knowledge. It’ll also make for an interesting gift to say the least. And with the huge amounts of publications available these days, one will never run out of options to choose from.


Hand written gift cards and thank you notes:

This might seem stereotypical with respect to teachers, but any person will truly appreciate a message that is not artificial and has been self written with the purest of emotions (even if it’s a small line). This is multiplied tenfold in case of teachers. Even something as small as a handmade greeting card will melt their hearts.

Hand made gift card

Gift cards:

The gift seems rather quirky but more often than not people are happy with receiving such gift cards. They are very convenient and useful, and clubbed together can be very valuable too. The GC might just help a teacher in getting those extra supplies for better education of his pupil.


Books are a man’s best friend. A good book always puts a smile on one’s face and teachers are no exception. It’s a great way to pay respect to the person, while also displaying your taste in art. Chances are that the teacher might have already read the book, but will read it again just because it has come from a beloved student.



Chocolates are universally accepted as gift for every occasion. Everyone loves chocolates. There are different varieties to choose among, from simple bars to exotic gourmet chocolates.



Spa retreats:

These days everyone is stressed out and there’s no denying that teachers are at the top of this ladder. They have to cope with many students and their problems throughout the day and come back home rather exhausted. So a ticket to a spa retreat will be a thoughtful, albeit a costly gift for the teacher which will help him/her relax and loosen the everyday stress (you might gift it by pooling in money as a group). 


School stationeries:

This might be a good gift for teachers(but not for all) as most of the times there is very little budget allotted by the schools for the teacher’s stationary items, and in the end the teacher ends up paying for most of those items. This will be one of those practical gifts which teachers will appreciate hands down, although it’s also one of the most common gifts.


At the end of the day every teacher wants their student to learn, lead and set an example by giving back something to the world. For an educator of young minds, there can be no greater gift.