Top 7 purchases you need to make before Janmashtami

Krishna Janmasthami is just around the corner. But you already know that, since the air has been filled with beautiful devotional songs and slogans such as, “Hathi, Ghoda, Palki. Jai Kanhaiyya Lal ki!” Krishna Janmasthami, also known as Gokulasthami, Krishna Jayanti or sometimes simply Janmasthami, is a major annual festival in India that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If you stay in India, the festive fervor and joyous mood of the Hindus is quite conspicuous. So, if you’re celebrating Janmasthami for the first time, and are unsure as to how proceed with the ritual, here are a few purchases that you definitely need to make before the auspicious day:

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1. Janmasthami Puja Kit : This item should occupy the numero uno position on your list if you are even thinking about the Janmasthami Puja. The package is equipped with everything one requires for the midnight ceremony including puja clothes, a yantra as well as the likes of sindoor, sweets for offerings and other puja essentials. All of these come in a beautifully designed basket, saving you the hassles of countless hours of shopping and making sure you don’t miss a single item required at the time.

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2.  Sweets and Confectioneries: Any Indian festival is incomplete without sweets and confectioneries. Gokul Ashthami is no exception. After symbolically feeding Krishna with fruits or curd and sugar, devotees offer sweets to the deity. The sweets are then exchanged among neighbours and friends. If the choice of sweets is bothering you, there is nothing better than hand-made Laddoo to offer to ‘Laddoo Gopal’. Also barfis are considered a favourite in this season.




3. Traditional Attire: Whether it’s for your toddler or for your spouse, celebrating the day of Janmasthami is incomplete without donning traditional and ethnic clothes. Even better if it’s suited to the occassion and matches the dressing of the ancient times..



4. Lord Krishna’s Dresses: No one likes to let a newborn stay without any clothes on (even if they are dressed up for protection). The same goes for Krishna who is welcomed into the world on the midnight of Janmasthami. For that very reason, you should also consider buying a few clothes for Krishna if you’re considering celebrating Krishnasthami. There’s no particular design that these miniature clothes come in, and you’ll find at least a dozen to be to your liking.


5. Janmasthami Books and DVDs: If you don’t have a prior knowledge of Janmasthami, you should read up on some books or watch home videos that explain the history and symbolism behind the joyous celebration of Krishna’s birth. There are also certain books that explain and simplify the puja process, if one is unaware.

6. Jewellery: Another Indian favourite, jewellery is normally reserved for special ceremonies and if you were considering making a purchase- Janmashthami would be the right time to do so. Choose from a range of traditional jewellery here:



7.  Gifts and Gift Vouchers: Janmasthami is also a major gifting season. So, if you haven’t yet been able to decide on the gift you want to give your neighbors and friends, consider giving them a special Janmashthami Gift Voucher to see them rejoice.