Top six 30th birthday gift ideas

Birthday is a time when we get excited mainly because of the gifts that we get, and of course the birthday cake. It is really a difficult task to decide on the 30th birthday gift ideas that you wish to give to your friends and loved ones. Most of the time I end up exploring too much, and buying a common birthday gift. There will be nothing to symbolize they are 30th birthday gifts and let me mention that not all are excited about they turning 30. You should know how they feel about the 30th birthday before buying a gift, to cheer them up on their special day. You should know what they love to have and what their requirements are. Most people would like a gift that is useful in their daily life. Here we will see some of the ideas that crossed my mind that can be given as 30th birthday gifts.


30th birthday gifts


Birthday cakes:

If the gift is for somebody in your family or friends who are staying with you, you can definitely surprise them with a midnight cake. Order the cake in advance and let the baker decorate the cake with your friend’s name and a short and sweet wish. I am sure the birthday boy/girl will love it.




T-shirts with a quote:

This can be given to both male and female friends. Before gifting, you have to make the T-shirt ideal and special for their 30th birthday. Along with the “Happy birthday”wish get a quote or wish printed on the T-shirt. The birthday boy/girl should feel that the wish is coming out from your heart not copied.


T-shirts with a quote


Leather wallet:

The next in the list of 30th birthday gifts, is leather wallet. This is for your male friend, who loves wallets and if the quality is also there, he will be so delighted with your gift for sure. Even if it is your female friend there are wallet models that come in leather and look professional.


Leather wallet



This is for your working friend or who travels a lot and Cologne is an amazing gift for sure. You will get variety of brands suitable for women  and men. Select a good one and wrap it in a gift wrapper. This can be given along with a greeting card.




Personalized vase with flowers:

These are more ideal for your female friends. Buy a vase from nearby store or online and then get the message or wishes printed on it. Glass vase will be a perfect choice. When you gift this, keep some fresh flowers too in the vase and do not wrap this with gift wrappers. This is one of the 30th birthday gift ideas which can be given directly without any gift-wrap or greeting card.


Personalized vase with flowers


DIY gift:

The last in 30th birthday gifts is something that you can make at home and gift it your loved one. This will make them feel special since you took time and effort to make the gift. A pillow with your photo printed is an option or an inspirational message made by of sea shells on a canvas. On a plain pillow , print a photo. It would be better if the photo is of you and your friend. Collect seashells and stick them – to form a birthday wish – to a white canvas.


DIY gift


With all the gifts you can either include a greeting card to wish him/her or can say it yourself. These are just some ideas that came into my mind and your selection does not end here.