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Top six ideas for 40th birthday gifts

40th birthday is the day you wish to celebrate with your family and friends. It is completion of a phase in life wherein you’ve overcome the mid-life crisis and have turned into a wise individual. 40th birthday gifts should be diligently chosen to make the occasion a special one.


40th birthday gift ideas


Photo Album:

A photo album is always going to be a special one for your friend or loved ones. Photo album is such a gift that can be given to anyone of any age, be it your friend or your family members. However, this needs some time and effort to be put in, to choose the one that suits the occasion. You may decorate the album with laces if it is a gift for your female friend. If it is for a male friend, select the photos where you both are clicked having a good time (like party photos, vacation trips, etc.). You will not have any difficulty in selecting the photos if you are creating it for your family member.


Photo Album

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Grooming Kit: 

Strictly for men, this would be a great 40th birthday gift. Men love grooming kits, once they cross adolescence and the need only grows further as they get older. It keeps them handsome and always ready to work. This is essential for every man, be it a businessman, a working professional or just a regular guy. It would help them get the look they desire to have. A Grooming kit as present would be quite a useful 40th birthday gift.


Grooming Kit

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Trinket Box:

This is a jewelry box that you can give to female friends or any women in your family. This gives a style to her dressing table and she is going to be delighted to have this. You can even personalize the trinket box with birthday wishes or inspirational quotes to strike an emotional chord with the person.

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Trinket Box

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This is another gift that is ideal for working men who wears professional attire (formal shirts and blazers). Give them a set of cuffs as gift, so that they can wear it while going to work or even parties. Getting to choose is good and men too love having choices. This is included in the list of 40th birthday gifts since this is the age at which you are settled both in your profession and personal life. This accessory enhances the attire that you wear to office. You may also include a cufflinks box with this.


Cufflinks box

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Make-up kit:

This is especially for your female friends. Just like men love grooming kit, women love makeup kits. You can check whether the basic tools (lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, foundation, etc.) for a make-up is included in the kit you are gifting. You may buy this from a store or you can order them online. For sure she will be using this makeup kit even at home.


Make-up kit

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This is a gift that can be given to anybody. This is the time of smartphones; still the features and facilities that you get from conventional cameras will not be available in smartphones. You will get wide range of products in the market and some are industry leaders in camera technology. So select one digital camera that is affordable for you and does not compromise on the features.



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If you can personalize any of these gifts that will make them feel special and of course will be delighted.

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