101 unique Christmas gifts for mom in 2022

Christmas 2016 is approaching! So, have you thought of that ideal gift for your mother?

Running late as usual? Well, leave out the worries!

Here we bring forth to you some of the unique Christmas gifts for mom. In case you have forgotten on getting that ideal gift for your mother, we will help you ensure that you get that which suits your budget.

101 christmas gifts for mom

Mothers are the most special people that God has gifted to us, hence, when their gifts are concerned, those have to be special. So, here is a range of gifts that could help you ease the process of scrolling various websites and finding that ideal one!


The Economical Range:

In case you are running low on cash, there is no need to worry! There are a number of gifts available in this range as well.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament:


How about getting something that would help your mother decorate the Christmas tree in an ideal manner? This Snowman Love Circle equipped with a silver rope has clear crystals associated with it. This can be hanged from any end of the Christmas tree and it will bring a charming look to the whole domain. This can be one of the most unique Christmas gifts for mom.


2. Reading Glass Stand:


How about letting your mom keep her glasses in a unique manner? Time for some cool Christmas gifts for mom! Get her this wooden eye glass holder that is hand carved from Rosewood and can be kept at any side of the bed or study table. Finally, she will have a place for her glasses!

3. Pumpkin shaped Candle holders:

Pumpkin shaped Candle holders

Does your mom love beautifying the house? Are you running low on the budget this year? Well, the Pumpkin shaped candle holder is one of the ideal Christmas gifts for mom that can be packed within your budget!

4. Mermaid Tail Blanket:

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Are you looking for cool Christmas gifts for mom? How about a blanket with style? A mermaid blanket that could be used for wrapping on sofa or even pulling in for a short nap could be ideal for those little breaks that your mom needs. Available in colours as pink, purple, rose red and mint green, this is a welcome change in cold Christmas!


The Medium Budget Range:

Looking to splurge a little this Christmas? Get some of these unique gifts for the most important lady of your life.

5. Flameless Candles:


Looking for unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Carved with hand using real wax, there is a remote that helps in controlling the flicker that is within the candles. A perfect option for a Christmas party, these candles can be set with an 8 hour timer and has a mild vanilla scent associated. Make sure to add a pouch of 3AAA batteries when you gift your mother this!


6. 3D Optical Illusion Lamp:


What is a Christmas without lights? Well this Christmas make sure that you gift your mother a 3D optical illusion lamp. This lamp has a 7 colour change option and has 3D stereoscopic visual effects every time it is switched on. There is a micro USB port that helps in connecting this to desktops, laptops or power banks for uninterrupted supply of power.

7. Luxury Wine Opener:


This is one premium quality opener made of zinc alloy that has a beautiful metallic finish. The texture has been made in a scientific manner that ensures that with a minimal force a major power can be generated for removing the cork. So make sure that this Christmas you mother serves wine in style!


8. Roasting Rack:


This Kabob and Burger set is just perfect for roasting the turkey this Christmas. In case your mother is all set for organising that lavish dinner party for all your family friends, this could be the ideal way to ease the whole process. Coming with a lifetime guarantee and 25 professional recipes, this is just perfect for gifting!


9. Wine Cup Table Lamp:


With Christmas approaching, your mother must be all set in decorating the house. Well, gift her something interesting! This touch sensor table lamp is a great way to ensure that your mom’s party has a great backdrop. As one of the ideal Christmas gifts for mom, this lamp adds an interesting point to the whole domain.


10. Feng shui:


Does your mother believe in all these little things? How about gifting her brass based toad this Christmas? It can be kept anywhere in the house and will add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.


The Premium Range:

 Have you been saving up for quite some time now? Time to splurge on some of the most gorgeous gifts ever!

11. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs:


Is it a quite Christmas this year? Well, a copper mug set can do the trick! This set of 4 is specifically designed to maintain the cool quotient of the drink, and thus makes a drinking experience all the more amazing. Make sure that you get an unusual Christmas gifts for mom!


12. Long Scarf:


Does the cold bother your dear mother a bit too much? Get ideal Christmas gifts for mom. This Christmas gift her long scarf that would keep her warm in style, as she goes about preparing the house for Christmas. Available in colours as mustard and red, this is an ideal snug for the dear lady!

13. Victorian style Table Lamp:


Have you been searching for unique Christmas gifts for mom? Well, a polyester and Victorian style table lamp can be the ideal one to ensure that this Christmas your mom can decorate the house as per her wish! With just an additional 40W bulb, this becomes completely functional!

14. LED Projector Lights:


Have you planned on some unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Well, an LED projector leights could just add that glam quotient to the garden or even the house. This waterproof projector lamp can be placed anywhere and whole area will get a war feeling. Check this out for your mom’s party!

15. Kitchen Herb Kit:


Is your mother fond of gardening? In that case this self-watering herb kit is just perfect for keeping up that love this Christmas! This has reuse facility and a capacity to refill the water as and when required.


Mixed range gifts

Do you want a gift for mom this Christmas? Have you no specified budget? Then you have many options open to you:

16. Spectacle holder


Does your mother wear spectacles? Will you want to gift her spectacle holder? Why not get a fashionable one she will not displace? This can be one of the unusual Christmas gifts for mom that she will love!


17. Wine accessory set


Are you trying to figure out what to gift your mother? Why not get her a wine accessory set? It’s the perfect Christmas gift. She will need one to open all the wine bottles this season. Get one for her today!


18. Coffee mug


Have you been looking for a gift for mom? Do you want get her a coffee mug? You can get her a cup with a funny message and make her Christmas very special. Choose the mug and make her day!

19. Gift of Christmas


Do you want the perfect Christmas gift? Get your mom a Christmas book. Why will it be ideal? Well it is Christmas and if your mother loves to read then this can be a great way to unwind.


20. Gift set


Want to buy the greatest gift ever? Do you know what is better than one gift? Why get one present when you can buy a whole gift set? Pick the perfect gift set and make your mother extremely joyous this Christmas.

21. Wireless Bluetooth


Is your mother incline to new technology? You need a great gift for your mother? Then get a wireless Bluetooth for her. Help her answer all her calls automatically and never miss a call from you.


22. Phone case


Looking for cool Christmas gifts for mom? Get her a phone case which will both be stylish and useful. Are you in a mood to spend? Then get the amazing gift for your mother today.

Gifts to help mothers look good

There are a great number of mothers who love to dress up and look elegant. For those mothers the perfect gift would be the gift of clothing. So loosen your pockets and spend up!

23. Tia Dress


Does your mother have a party on Christmas? The perfect gift for your mother would be the dress she can wear to the Christmas party for which the family is invited or is hosting. If you can get a beautiful piece for her that fits her and of a good texture then this will the perfect gift.


24. Wrap dress

Wrap dress

Does your mom always talk about looking slim? Then why not get a wrap dress for her? It will be one of the ideal Christmas gifts for mom and also will compliment her figure and make her look slim. Get this beautiful piece for her immediately!


25. Printed dress

Printed dress

Have you wanted to gift your mom a dress for Christmas? Prints are in fashion and your mother will appreciate your thought and style sense if you get her such a wonderful piece of clothing. Then what are you waiting for? Make the purchase now!


26. Sweater dress


Christmas is quite a chilly time of the year but that does not mean your mothers should not look stylish. Have you considered buying her a sweater dress? It will be both comfortable and fashionable. Get the best one for her today!


27. Drape dress


Those who wish to get cool Christmas gifts for mom should definitely go in for a dress with drapes. Not only will it look amazing as the material is silky and smooth. But it also compliments all body types and is perfect festive wear. Buy the gift with love and surprise your mom.


28. Stripe dress


Does your mom love stripes dress? Then why not get something amazing for her? Buy striped dresses at affordable prices and surprise your mother. She will cherish the gift and bask in the love of your generous thought.

29. Bold colours


Is your mother fond of simple yet bold colours? The perfect gift for her would be a single colour dress which she could wear for Christmas or even other occasions all throughout the year. Make your purchase and gift your mom today!

30. Fitted dress


Do you want to get something of an unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Then get a fitted and flared dress for her. Not only will she look classy but also very stylish. They are also going to fall in your budget. Get the cool gift for her today!


Gifting jewellery to mothers

Jewellery is a big part of a mother’s attire and if you really want her to have a special Christmas gift then go for jewellery.

31. Crystal


Do you want to gift your mother something special? Why not get her crystal jewellery? She can wear it with everything and it never goes out of style. Have you searched for the best crystal pendants and necklaces? Get her one today!

32. Vintage


Does your mom appreciate the true art of vintage jewellery? Are you looking for cool Christmas gifts for mom? Then the perfect item which can be presented is a piece of vintage. Not only can you get beautiful collections but it is affordable too!


33. Sterling


Have you been looking for some sterling earrings for your mom? Wondering if your mom will appreciate them? There are so many females who droll over them so your mother will like them too.


34. Ethnic


Are you looking for authentic yet classy gifts? Get your mom a pair of ethnic earrings and make her day. Christmas is all about the joy of giving and what better gift than jewellery. Choose the best designs and gift it to your mother.


35. Oxidised


Looking for some unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Why not get her a lovely piece of oxidised earrings or a pendant? If you want something that will last your mother a while and yet be beautiful that this is the one to choose.

36. Platinum


Platinum can be something wonderful to present to your mother on Christmas. Are you hoping to find ideal Christmas gifts for mom? Then platinum bangles or bracelets can be the perfect item. Pick out the best one for her and make her Christmas memorable.


37. Gold plated


Do you have a restricted budget? But still hoping to find something special for your mom? Then look no further because gold plated earrings can make your moms Christmas oh so special! Not only will it be stylish but so versatile for her. Watch her smile and show it off to all your relatives on Christmas!


38. Pearl


Elegance can meet price with the help of pearl jewels. Do you need help finding some simple and pretty gifts for your mother? Then pearl jewellery is the way to go. Not only will she appreciate the gesture but she can treasure it forever!

39. Retro

Retro earing

Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts for mom? Then make sure you do present her a piece of retro. There are bangles, pendants and earrings which can touch her heart. Do you have a budget? Price is not a problem as these pieces are not expensive.


40. Graphitic


Hoping to get a rather personalised piece of jewellery to your mother? Then why not turn to graphitic writings and messages on pendants? It will not only have a great significance to your mother but will also be really easy to make.

Gifts for the mom who reads

Does your mom love to read? Why don’t you gift her with that book which she always wanted to buy and read but could never manage to? If your mother is fond of reading get her a genre she has not read before or stick to the genre of her choice.

41. The novel


Does your mother like to read novels? Why not give her one of the latest bell sellers? It will be a great gift to present your mother for Christmas.


42. The self help


Have you been looking for unique Christmas gifts for mom? Why do you not give her a self help book? These books will help her to find herself once again and bring positive changes in her life.


43. The comedy


If you mom loves a laugh the comedy books can be the best present on a joyous occasion like Christmas. Do you have a budget? Worried these books will cost too much? Do not worries you will find affordable books online.

44. The biography


For the mom who likes biographies you can choose the one stated here. For unusual Christmas gifts for mom this will definitely top the list and make her very happy.


45. The entertainment


It is also very important that you enjoy your time and reading makes time pass fun. So why not get your mother an entertaining gift? Choose the best gift for your mom today!


46. The suspense thriller


Do you want to get cool Christmas gifts for mom? Then why not give her a suspense thriller this festive occasion? It will be a great way for your mother to enjoy her time and enjoy themselves.


47. The inspiration


Do you want to make your mom feel inspired this Christmas? Why not give her a book which can help her do some soul searching and rejuvenate her low spirit? Choose this book for giving your mom a renewed wind beneath her wings.


48. The mythical


Do you want to pick ideal Christmas gifts for mom? Then choose the mythical book for her this Christmas. Not only will it help her to rekindle her imaginative side but also be a great pastime for her.

Movie lover mom gifts

Is your mother a movie buff? Does she always like to watch movies?  Pick the best movies of Christmas for her and buy the DVD today!

49. Movie collection


Why get one movie when you can have a whole collection at one go? Choose the best movies revolving around Christmas. Pick the best collection for your mom today!


50. Christmas cradle


Get a lovely Christmas movie for your mother? Welcome this festive season with her and a sweet movie. Buy the Christmas cradle and let her have a merry festival.

51. The Christmas miracle


Does your mother like the Christmas miracle? Get her a copy of the DVD this season. Do you want some cool Christmas gifts for mom this year? Make the purchase today!


52. Christmas for a dollar


Have you been looking for a good DVD for your mother? Then get the ideal video collections for yourself. Choose Christmas for a dollar as a present today!

53. A Christmas memory


Do you want unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Get her the DVD of a Christmas memory. Does your mother enjoy a good movie? Then this is the perfect option for you.


54. One Christmas


Have you been looking for some cool Christmas gift to present your mother? Do you need help selecting one? Then why not choose the One Christmas DVD for her today!


Gifts the mom stay at home mom

Does your mother stay at home and run the house? There a whole variety of kitchen appliances here that is perfect for the home maker. Take your pick and choose the best present today!

55. Container boxes


Is your mother a home maker? If she is then containers are probably on the top of her priority list. Why not give her something useful? Try giving container boxes it will serve wonders on Christmas.


56. Non-stick sets


Does your mom love to cook? The ideal Christmas gifts for mom would be cookery sets and especially non-stick sets ones. Afraid it will not be in your budget? Think again because they are quite affordable.

57. Fryer


Still finding unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Why not get her a fryer? If she loves to cook for you and your family this can be a great thing to present. This is the perfect set to buy and gift on special occasions.


58. Food processor


Have you been worried about what to present your mother on Christmas? The best gift that comes to mind is a food processor. Why? The reason is that they are multi-functional and she can cook up several new dishes with it.

59. Mixer


Wondering what are you options for unique Christmas gifts for mom? Have you considered getting her a mixer? It is very handy in the kitchen and also provides several useful functions. Christmas is an event where many dishes need to be made this machine can be of great purposefulness.


60. Hand mixer


Do you know what is better than a mixer? The answer is a hand mixer.  Why is it better? It’s better because you simply need your hand to make it work. On the list of cool Christmas gifts for mom, hand mixers top the list.


Gifts for the working mom

Are you blessed with the mother who multi-tasks between her home and work? Do you want to give the working mom a Christmas present? Choose the best option from the array provided.

61. Wall organiser


Do you wish to help your mother stay better organised? The most unique Christmas gifts for mom are the simplest ones. Get her a wall organiser and watch her become more organised and stay sorted!


62. Desk supplies


As a working person you always need desk supplies. Why do you not get her a complete set? This will save her a lot of money and be a perfect Christmas present.

63. Office bags


Want to know what are the ideal Christmas gifts for mom? How about an office bag? This can be the bag she carries her papers or laptop in. this will be the perfect blend of style and utility and she will highly appreciate your effort.


64. Work shoes

Work shoes

Wondering if giving your mother work shoes is a good Christmas gift? Why not? It may seem one of those unusual Christmas gifts for mom but if she needs it then it will really be appreciated by her.


65. Formal shirt


Are you thinking of getting office clothes for mom? There can never be enough of clothes for any women. One of the cool Christmas gifts for mom would be a stylish formal shirt. Handpick the shirt so that there is a personal touch attached to the garment.

Gifts for the music loving moms

Have you been blessed with a mom who loves music? Why not utilise this affinity for music and get a music album for your beloved mother? Take your pick and get adored by your mother.

66. Vault


Is your mother a fan of music? Do you need help identifying cool Christmas gifts for mom? Then get her a classic Prince album. It will not only be an asset but a lovely way to help her relive her youthful energy.


67. 7 years later


Does your mom like the songs of 7 years later? Get her an album where all the songs are present. It will be a precious gift to purchase for her. Do you want to make your music loving mother happy? Then this is the way to do so.


68. Legend


Who is not a fan of Bob Marley? If your mom too liked the legendary man then get her the album legend. Purchase the album at cheap rates and make sure it is the ideal Christmas gifts for mom.


69. Abbey road


Did you mom like the Beatles? If she did then do make her Christmas special by getting her the perfect present of abbey road. This album is one that will be cherished by her for several years to come.

70. Elvis Christmas album


Did your mom swoon over Elvis? Was she a fan? Do you want to gift his album? Elvis has left a mark on all minds and if your mom is no exception then get her the Christmas album. This will be one of the unique Christmas gifts for mom.


71. Classic big band Christmas


Looking for the ideal gift for your mother? Do you wish to buy an album for her? Keeping the Christmas theme in mind gifting an album would be an excellent idea. Get the perfect album for your mother today!


72. Acoustic Christmas


Is your mother a fan of Neil Diamond? Has she always wanted his album? Why not gift her his Christmas album? It will be the most amazing Christmas present in the world. Get the album in advance!


73. It must be Christmas


Wondering what is the unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Well you could give her a Christmas album. It might seem odd to gift an album as a present. Even then you mom will love it!


Gifts for moms who love to decorate

Are you the daughter of someone who loves to decorate? Why not get a cool piece of décor for your home this Christmas? Your mother is bound to love a gift you handpick.

74. Wall hanging


Has your mom always been a fan of decorating? Why not make her happy and get her a wall hanging? It will be one of the cool Christmas gifts for mom. She will absolutely fall in love with it.


75. Lantern


Does your mother have a liking for lanterns? Get her a unique vintage lantern to hang in her living room. This item will change the aura of the house and be a gift perfect for this joyous season.


76. Light holder


There are so many unique Christmas gifts for mom. A light holder can be a really good idea. Do you have a small budget? Do you need a great gift in limited money? Then choose this item now!


77. Clock


Want to gift a vintage wall clock to mom? There are many options from which you can make your choice. Wondering how to find a good clock in small budget? Look no more as the best item is here!

78. Lampshade


Are you interested in unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Digress from the natural path and instead gift your mother a lampshade. Seeking utility and affordability at the same time? Choose this item to get the best of both worlds!


79. Tiered shelf


Did your mom tell you she needed to make some room in her home? Why not get her a tiered shelf and allow her to make more space in her cupboard? Get something stylish nd useful for mothers always.


80. Painting


Have you been looking for some nice paintings to gift for Christmas to your mother? It is not uncommon to present paintings to loved one. Choose wisely and get something she will like. Have a budget? Do not worry you will find something great with limited cash.


81. Pillow covers


Looking for an ideal Christmas gift for mom? If this is what you want then pillow covers are a great buy. They are stylish and cool as well as very affordable. Plus they can be a good present for Christmas.

Gifts for moms who love bags

82. Messenger


Have you been searching for unique Christmas gifts for mom? Why not get her a fancy messenger bag? If your mother likes carrying these bags then this can be the present she will love the most.


83. Tote


Are you confused about what to gift your mother this Christmas? Is she a fan of handbags? Why not choose the best tote bags and help her have a merry little Christmas?

84. Hobo


Wondering what to give your mother? Are you looking for ideal Christmas gifts for mom? Have you considered getting her a lovely hobo bag? Not only will it make her day but she can also carry it around on Christmas. So make the purchase today!


85. Cross body bag


Does your mom like to try out new designs in bags? Then why not get her a cross body bag? Not only is it trendy and cool but really affordable. Get the one for your mother today!

86. Leather


Do you want cool Christmas gifts for mom? Get her the sweetest leather bag and watch her show it off to the relatives.


87. Vintage


Do you wish to get a vintage bag for your mom? Then it is time you made your buy before the good stock runs out!


88. Two tone


Wondering if two tones bags are stylish? Yes they are! Pick the best from the unusual Christmas gifts for mom now!

Gifts for moms who love watches

Does your mother like watches? Are you looking for the perfect one to gift your mother? Then keep looking till you find one appropriate as a Christmas gift!

89. Leather band


Do you need unique Christmas gift for mom? Go classic with the leather belt watch but try an innovative design. Is your mom fond of leather watches? Then make a wise choice and pick the one that blends traditionalist and modern designs.


90. Duel colour


Does your mother prefer to mix up colours in watches? Does she have a unique taste? Do you need help in searching for a duel colour banded watch? Wondering if stripes and designs would be nice? Purchase the best watch today and make your mom’s Christmas.


91. Metallic belt


Do you want to buy cool Christmas gifts for mom? Then get her a metallic belt watch. Not only will it compliment her and make her look much younger but these belts last very long. Need help picking the best? Order the best one today for your mom!


92. Gold


Gold watches are a favourite of your mom? They are old fashioned to some but those who love will always wear it. Know your moms taste and choose the gift accordingly. Pick the perfect one today!


93. Silver


Want to gift your mother the silver belt watch? There are so many people who love them. If your mom is one of them then surely go for it. Have you considered all your options? If you have made up your mind then get the present now!!

94. Black


Do you need help to find a collection of unusual Christmas gifts for mom? Why not gift the classic black watch? True black is not a festive colour but it radiates class. Plus if your mom likes the colour go for it!

95. Fancy


Does your mom have a taste for fancy watches? If she likes them then get her the best one today. Worried about the price? It is very economical to get a fancy watch. Choose wisely and make your moms Christmas a happy one.


96. Simple


Are you looking for something elegant and classy? Searching for ideal Christmas gifts for mom? Then pick a simple watch that can be worn at all times and occasions. Pick wisely and carefully and buy now!


Skin care products for mom

Do you want to pamper your mom this Christmas? Then get the ideal presents for her to look after her skin.

97. Exfoliating brush


Do you want to give your mom skin care products this Christmas? Purchase the most suitable exfoliating brush for her now!

98. Renewal serum


Get ideal Christmas gifts for mom. Buy her the renewal serum today and watch her skin glow.


99. Anti-aging serum


Do you want your mom to look young this Christmas? Choose the best one for her now!

Button100. Skin system


Purchase the total skin system for your mom. Buy the right gift this Christmas and make her day.

101. Facial cleanser


Do you want to buy unique Christmas gifts for mom? Then buy her a facial cleanser today! Make her Christmas special.