13 Unusual Travel Gift Ideas for the Travelers

Summary: If your friend is planning for a huge travel, you might be thinking about presenting him a gift. Here are some unusual travel gift ideas.

Unusual Travel Gift Ideas

A popular saying reads that ‘exploration is the real essence of the human spirit’. If your friend is a frequent traveler or whether he has plans to begin his first journey of exploring different countries in the world, you might be thinking about gifting something to him. Rather than uniqueness, the thing you will have to focus when you are planning to get travel gift ideas for your friend is the usefulness of the item.

Only when the item is highly useful during his trips, he will continue to remember you each and every time he enjoys its usefulness. However, there is no wrong in your desire to present your friend with something unusual. Here are some gift ideas for travelers to meet your requirement:

Unusual Travel Gift Ideas

1. Massage stick

massage-stick - Unusual Travel Gift Ideas

Traveling is something enjoyable and fun-filled. But, frequent traveling can bring great tiredness to your body. If you want to present your friend with something that will relieve him of his tiredness on the go, you can choose this massage stick among the best travel gift ideas. It will help with improving the flexibility and will also help with recovery from muscle aches. It will activate trigger points to make your friend feel energized. Get this unique gift for your friend, who will actually wonder what it is when he sees it first.

2. Scratch world map


So, this is going to be the first trip for your friend in his desire towards exploring the entire world right? Then, this scratch world map can be the most useful gift for him. He can scratch off the destinations that he has already visited. Your friend can just post this map on a huge wall in his home as its size is 33.11 x 23.9 inches. He can scratch off the visited places, which will reveal the excellently styled up-to-date world map underneath. This map will also motivate him to begin his traveling plans for the next destination.

3. Clip-on cell phone camera lens


Your friend might have a separate camera with him, but this portable camera lens for cell phone can turn out to be an excellent travel companion to him. This is a perfect add-on to your friend’s collection. This lens will help him take closer images of subjects and the wide angle lens will open up the field for breathtaking landscape photos and also selfies. So, with this camera lens, your friend need not have to separate camera along as he can capture great quality images through his mobile camera with this external lens. Is this one of the best gift ideas for travelers?

4. Portable toothbrush set


You might never thought about presenting a portable toothbrush set, right? This set of Violfe Slim Sonic Toothbrush set will be a highly useful gift for your traveling friend for sure. The brush can vibrate at the rate of 22000 powerful brush strokes per minute. Each set comes with slim sonic toothbrush with an extra brush head and an AAA battery.

5. Puzzle book


Long travels can be boring at times and at these tough times, the puzzle book can bring excellent entertainment to your friend. As the name of this book very well denotes, it will bring total brain workout for your friend when he is on travel. This can be an excellent companion during traveling times and it has 450 puzzles organized under different categories for your friend to enthrall about. This is one of the ideal travel gift ideas if your friend love puzzles.

6. Foldable Bluetooth keyboard


While on travel, it will be tough for your friend to type with the touch keys on his iOS, Windows or Android smartphones and tablets. So, this foldable keyboard that can very well be packed within his backpack can be the most useful gift for him. As it is Bluetooth enabled, without any wires, your friend can easily connect the keyboard with the phone or tablet to complete his works on the go. The built-in kickstand will help in holding his smartphone or tablet in place without any hassle. Also, the keys are fast and quiet typing and so your friend will not have to disturb co-travelers.

7. Cable organizercable-organizer

If your friend is a tech savvy, he might already have a wide range of electronic devices with wires for each one of them. It is really a tough task to carry these wires on travel without any tangle. This is why you can present him this USB or cable organizer bag. He can also place his electronic gadgets safely in this bag and it is made out of heavy-duty water-proof nylon. It comes with three easy access mesh pockets and they can be expanded to store multiple wires and gadgets. If not USB, cable and wires, this kit can be used for other purposes too.

8. Water filtration cup

water-filtration-cupYour friend cannot expect purified water wherever he goes, particularly when he has plans to travel at city outskirts. But, he can use whatever water he gets without any fear of infections when he has this water filtration cup with him. This can purify 16oz of water just in 30 seconds. It is made out of BPA-free food grade plastic and silicone and it can be used for 300 times to get pure and safe drinking water on the go.

9. Portable charger


Nowadays, most of us use devices that needs recharge every now and then starting from our mobile phone to even shaving set. In such an instance, going in search of a power socket might be a tough thing. So, you can present your friend with this Ultra High Capacity portable charger that has three ports to enable recharging three devices at the same time.     Powered by the leading Anker Technology, this unit can detect the device and can bring the fastest possible recharge. The giant capacity and superior quality are other aspects to consider this unit as the one among the best travel gift ideas.

10. Luggage scale


This can be yet another savvy gift for your friend, who is planning to board a flight. With this Amazonbasics luggage scale, your friend will not be going over the utmost baggage weight restrictions and he will not have to worry about excess baggage fee. The compact design makes it an excellent travel companion and it comes with easy-to-read digital display. It comes with a flexible strap with secure metal connection. For easy reference, there are low-battery and error indicators.

11. Inflatable travel pillow


Neck travel pillow will bring utmost comfort to your friend while on travel. This is an inflatable pillow and so you can easily keep it within his backpack. It can provide soft and comfortable support to his neck. It comes with a unique one-way air valve system and will help in inflating just in two breaths. Deflating is also easier in this ONWEGO inflatable neck pillow. The smooth inner seam and removable cover, makes it the best gift for a travel enthusiast.

12. Luggage tags


With a lot of traveling on his way, it becomes highly important for your friend to easily identify his baggage right from a distance. Particularly, in flight trips the baggage and the traveler travels at different places and when collecting his bag, your friend should feel comfortable. This is where this luggage tag set will help your friend. It comes with adjustable strap and it is durable and strong. This set has 7 tags in multiple colors and your friend can clearly write his name along with address and can tie the tag to his baggage.

13. Passport holder


Your friend should have his password and some other travel documents handy when he begins his trip. For this purpose, the Travel Wallet & Passport Holder Organizer from Hopsooken will help him. Not just passport, he can keep some money, credit, debit and other important cards, keys and other important documents in this pouch. It is made out of high-quality material and comes with detachable hand strap design. It comes with multiple pockets and a big size. It can be a perfect travel assistant to your friend and is one of the ideal gift ideas for travelers.


There are many other exclusive collections specially meant for travelers to make their trips more comfortable. As mentioned earlier, just think whether the gift that you are planning to present to your friend will be useful to him during his trips and make your selection accordingly. You can choose from the gift ideas for travelers given above.

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