Valentines Day- A special day for Love

February is here and as everyone knows it is a month of love and is all about valentines day. Filled with boxes of chocolates, proposals, new couples coming up, gifts and cards, romantic dates, teddy bears and a lot of cheesy and mushiness, valentines day is going to strike us again this year. Every couple is anticipating 14th February plans and the whole town will be painted red. 14th February has always been all about love and romance since times unknown. We are going to witness the society leaving everything and prioritizing their love life at the top rank and leave everything and everyone behind and try to make their day special. Social events and gatherings, parties, may it be a night club party or a pool side party, or even a beach party for that matter, all are going to be held and everyone is going to get lost in this fever. Not only has it served to be a day for the couples, it has served to also be the day for singles to meet new people and fall for each other. Everyone has never wondered though why we celebrate 14th of February every year one after the other to as Valentine’s Day. People have a rough idea of St. Valentine’s being madly in love with someone and celebrate in his remembrance. But that is just a rough estimation of course. No one really knows the history of it, the ground base, the story of the events that transpired to this special day filled with love and emotions. Let’s dwell back in time and try to understand why it is celebrated.

History of Valentines Day

Now remember, this story goes far back to the middle ages. Yes the middle ages. Valentines Day has proven to be quite the historic tradition we follow. Since years it has stood strong on its name and is growing stronger every year. A very peculiar thing about the history of Valentine’s Day is that no one really knows the real story with any hard found evidence. That is right guys; valentine day origin is something no one can ever pin point to explain. There are three main stories though which might have been true which give us a formidable reason as to why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

valentines day origin

The first Valentine story

The first valentine origin story goes something like this.Long back in the past, something around the third century, there was a man by the name of St.Valentine, or Valentinus if you may, who was a priest in a church. This was a time when Emperor Claudius II was in power. One fine day Emperor Claudius II happened to realize an important fact in his kingdom. He came to understand that young men, who were never married and were in his troops, his regime of army, made much better, sharper, and more ruthless killers and soldiers. His heart and mind were filled with lust of power and dominance and went on to use this fact to his advantage. He passed a law that no young men in his kingdom were allowed to get married and had to sign up with the army. This unjust act shocked all the people in the kingdom and the priest, St. Valentine, or Valentinus if you may, could not bear the unjust law against his fellow people. Troubled by this fact, St. Valentine, decided to officiate marriages for young men in hiding. Everything was planned and all was going well, he helped out the young men in getting married and provided them the option to have a different lifestyle than what Emperor Claudius II expected them to have. Naturally this became a big news in the kingdom and news bloated up like a balloon. But like any balloon, the news flew around too much and their balloon of secrecy bursted. St. Valentine was caught and charged with treason and was punished to a death sentence.

The second Valentine story

The second Valentines Day story, just like the first is linked with the Roman Empire. Legend has it that at some point. St.Valentine, or Valentinus if you may went against the law. He broke the law to break out Christians from the Roman Prisons. The Reason? The prison system was too harsh on them. St. Valentine’s activities went on and on for quite some time until one day, the priest was apprehended. After the king realized that it was him who was helping the inmates escape, he became furious and charged him with treason and sentenced him to the cell. While being inside a prison cell it is said that St.Valentine, or Valentinus if you may, happened to fall in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote her love letters every day and signed them as ‘From your valentine’. St. Valentine then happened to die in the prison cell he was locked in. People were saddened by his death and his love story shocked everyone as to how much one could love another. In order to pay him their respect, every 14th Feb was celebrated as Valentines Day. This second valentine origin story was the sad one but the third one has a darker touch to it.

The third Valentine Story

The third valentine’s story might just make you hate Valentines Day. Your perspective towards it might change and you might hate yourself for reading this story. A long time ago, from February 13th to February 15th, romans celebrated the festival of Lupercalia. What is festival of Lupercalia? Well it was a festival in which the men would come together, and start with the sacrifices. They first would sacrifice a goat, and the sacrificing of the goat was followed by, a dog. After the animals were slain in the name of ‘sacrifice’ they would then whip the women. They would take the hides of the animals they had just slain and whip the women. The women too, surprisingly, lined up for the whips. They believed that this act of theirs made them fertile and is a holy tradition to be followed. What’s more is that these women were matched up by the men at night after the ceremony, and sometimes matched up only for the night. The Valentine’s Day we celebrate today is just the modern face of Lupercalia according to this story.

These are the three legends that surround the mysterious Valentine’s Day. Mysterious I say because even today, we are not sure of which if these stories is true and is the actual reason for celebration of Valentines Day. Knowing that Lupercalia has one of the possibilities of being the true origin story, I think it’s for the best if we never find out!!

One of the lighter sides to Valentines Day amongst so many things is that a lot of people are unaware that Valentines Day can also be celebrated for a week. Each day represents something and has a meaning behind it. If you are a cheesy hopeless romantic you will love to know that instead of having only one Valentine ’s Day in a year you have 7. A straight week all about love, romance, match making, cheesiness and mushiness. People are unaware of these 7 days and have no clue about it!! Well here is a clear description of each day of the valentine week list.

Valentine Week List :

Day 1- February 7th– Rose Day

happy rose day

Valentine week starts off 7 days prior to the 14th Feb. It starts off on the 7th of Feb. with rose day. Rose day, as the name suggests, is a day to exchange roses with your loved ones. Couples can exchange roses to with their partners to express their love, and singles can give it to their crushes in colleges, workplaces, or wherever your crush might be. This is like the starter pack of the valentines week and as the days in the week come, you will realize that the way you express your love to your partner gets more romantic, intense and more mushy. You can exchange roses of any color you want but be sure that you hand out a red one to your love or crush and not a yellow rose. Reason being, red signifies love and yellow stands for friendship. Since times unknown it is the accepted universal fact that red is the color of love and yellow is the one of friendship. So if you want to follow this tradition make sure you do it right else you might give out another message altogether.

Day 2- February 8th– Propose Day

happy propose day

The second day of the valentine week is the propose day. This day where all the singles could propose to the girls they love or have a crush on. Followed by the rose day, it is smarter if you get the hint on the rose day itself whether the girl is interested or not. No rose indicates she is not interested and the yellow means that, well better luck with someone else!! Since it is a propose day, it goes without saying that this day is mainly for singles to get into a relationship as couples do not really need to propose.

Day 3- February 9th – Chocolate Day

happy chocolate day

Valentines Day is all about sweetness, love, mushiness and there is no better way of expressing this than by giving out chocolates. This the day to hand out heart shaped tin boxes filled with different types of chocolates to your loved ones. The third day of February is all about this. A lot of chocolate boxes being handed out from one person to another the whole day. This day sure can manage to give you diabetes with all the sweetness in the day.

Day 4- February 10th– Teddy Day

happy teddy day

The fourth day of Valentine week is known as the ‘teddy day’. The closer you get to 14th Feb you will notice the days getting more and more mushy, cheesy, silly and romantic. This day is solely for the women in the relationship in my eyes as no girl would ever dislike having a teddy bear. You will notice a lot of teddy bears being handed out by guys to girls in order to please them and keep them happy. In case you are completely unaware of even the 14th Feb tradition, let along the whole week, then a tip for you: Get your girlfriend a teddy. Girls love to get teddy bears all the time and they find it extremely cute of guys to hand them out to them.

Day 5- February 11th– Promise Day


The fifth day if the valentine day is called the Promise Day. If there are any promises to be made, any vows to taken, any assurances to be handed out to express your love for them, this is the day for that. After handing out roses, proposing to them, handing out chocolates and teddy bears, you have to make promises to your girlfriend if you want to uphold the tradition of Valentine day. You will find a lot of couples making promises to one another, giving them assurances and making each other fall in love with them all over again.

Day 6- February 12th – Hug Day

happy hug-day

The sixth day of the valentine week is the hug day. It is the day to express your feelings, your emotions and your love to one another by hugging it out. Not that you need a day to express you love for anyone by hugging it out, the hug day still makes it more special for your partner since it is being done for the purpose of valentine week. After handing out the rose, proposing to your crush, handing out chocolates, and making promises to one another, the next thing in line to follow the valentine tradition is to hug your partner and express your love to them. The valentine week list in practicality is very systematic and one thing leads to next bigger step ultimately leading to the big date.

Day 7- February 13th – Kiss Day


The 7th day of the valentine week, the 13th of February, one day before the valentine day is the kiss day. This is the day to express your love for your partner by kissing them and letting them know that you will be for them in their worst and best and you will love them unconditionally. After roses and proposing, chocolates and promises, also after hugs comes the kissing. This day is all about that and comes next in line to follow the valentine week tradition. This comes right one day before the big day of Valentine Day.

Day 8- February 14th– Valentines Day

Happy valentines day

After the traditions of all the days in the week, the final day of valentine day arrives on the 14th Feb. This the main occasion of valentine day and couples plan out to go one dates, spend the whole day together, gift each other and plan on spending it with each other till the very last second of it. The whole town is painted in red and this day is exclusively and only for couples all around the globe. This day if not the week is widely followed by everyone and everyone gets lost in love on the 14th of February every year in spending time with their loved ones.

These are the various days involved in a valentine week. Generally valentine week followers are very cheesy and romantic in their lives and tend to prioritize love in their life a lot. This tradition though is beautiful for them and they eagerly wait out for it to come. Valentines is much more than just this week and its traditions though. It is also about one very important thing in all of our lives which no matter how our mood is, makes us extremely happy and makes us feel that we are wanted…gifts.

The Gifts Dilemma made easy – Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Valentine day is all about that, giving out gifts, expensive ones, a few not so very expensive ones, handmade ones, taking out on dates, going off the city limits to a hill station, making valentine day greeting card, handing them out to each other, coming up with new cute little souvenir kind of gifts, roses and chocolates and what not. The list, in all fair honesty, is endless. Since the list is endless and so are the options, many people on valentine day face this major question in their lives. What to gift the partner? Coming up with a valentine gift idea is tough I will give you that. So the question arises is what can one do if he or she is having the troubles of selecting on a gift. Not to mention, the lack of time a person would have to search for a gift. We live in a fast moving world and it can get extremely tough to find time for ourselves with our work hours and the extra overload that is gifts to us by ever so understanding superiors. The answer to this is simple, you can just surf online. Online shopping portals have great gifts for valentine day and the process of online shopping is hassle free since they come at your door step.

  • Cards

A greeting card is the simplistic but does a great job of expressing how much you love your special someone and how you cherish your bond with her. It gives out a very nice message of you respecting what you have with them and would never want it to end. These cards over online sites are of varied types and are available for an affordable price as well. One of the best sites available for this is This site is affordable, trust-able and they have an extremely huge and diversified set of products stacked up in their inventory. The payment is easy and the product gets delivered within 3-4 working days. You can go and browse through their collection here.

cards for valentines day

  • Pendants

If you are having a tough time in settling down to one gift to gift your girl, look no more. Gifting her pendant is a great idea on valentines day. Girls love getting anything related to jewelry and it would completely make her day. Amazon has a good collection of pendants on their site. You can avoid the hassle of going to a shop and spending countless hours in finding the perfect one. Amazon has a great collection of pendants to choose from and all are available at a very affordable price.

valentine day gift idea_heart pendant

  • Rings

Rings form a part of the jewelry collection and as everyone knows, women love jewelry. Rings are great way of expressing your love towards your loved ones at any given point of time, and valentines day just makes it even more special for your loved one. You do not need to worry about finding the right one or not. Amazon has a huge collection of rings at very affordable prices with them and with valentines day being around the corner might be selling it at some kind of discount too.

love rings

  • Soft Toys

Women love soft toys. It is the embodiment of cuteness, cheesiness and love all stacked up together. They love these things so if you are stuck in a rut because you cannot decide on what to gift your loved one, this would be a very good option. Especially if you’re loved one is a cheesy romantic. Amazon has a great range of soft toys which can be gifted to your loved ones. The prices are worth the product and they always have discounts running on.

soft toys for V day

  • Two set gifts

If you want to gift your loved one something that shows that you are totally and completely incomplete without them, then buying something in this category is the best bet for you. These products general split in two with its messaging getting split in two halves as well. One would be with one of the partners and the other with the other one. They are in abundance over amazon and the prices are great.

two sets for valentines day

  • Perfume

A perfume is a great gift to give to any sex. Everyone likes it and everyone always has a favorite brand. Though it might seem generic, but a perfume, the most favorite perfume of our loved one which they have always wanted would make them very happy. It looks expensive and it goes to show that no money will be spared for your loved one. Amazon has a wide range of perfumes for your loved ones and is available for an affordable price as well. You can go to  to view their collection.

best perfumes for valentines day

  • Chocolate Box

Everyone loves chocolates, especially on valentines day. This day is all about love and cuteness and cheesiness and chocolates describe that the best. Amazon has a wide range in flavors of chocolates. They also have a huge box of different flavors in chocolate so you do not need to sit and pin point to which you might need and not need. The chocolates you get are not stale at all are in the best condition possible. With valentines day coming up their inventory is stacked with a wide variety of products and the price is not going to be a problem at all.

valentines day chocolate box


  • Watches

A watch is a very important accessory to wear and your loved one realizes this. Gifting your loved with the one watch they have always wanted will put a smile on their face. Amazon has a wide range of watches in their collection. They have each and every type of watch you could possibly imagine and the prices are highly affordable as well. You can go and view their wide range of watches.

watch for valentines day

  • Photo Frames

This valentine, you can gift your loved one a photo frame to keep memories of any moments you have captured. Photo frames are great gift to be given on Valentines day. It’s something very personal, it shows that you want to remember the good times you have spent and in a way it shows that those memories will always be meaningful to you. Amazon has a wide range of good and affordable photo frames.

Photo frames for valentines day

  • Mugs

Gifting a mug is considered to be a cute way of expressing love and your emotions to your loved one. This is also qualified as a good gift to be bought for your loved one. Amazon has a wide range on mugs especially for valentines day. Their collection is good and prices are affordable. Moreover, they have discounts running as well.

about valentine day

How You can make valentines day special for your loved one 

Women can find out about their guys liking, disliking’s, tastes and preferences and plan accordingly. If your guy likes to travel you can book a room in a hotel at a hill station for 2 days. If not that then you can go somewhere out of town for the whole day and be back by night. If he is more of a gamer you can actually sit with him and play video games and participate in everything that he likes to do.

valentines day origin

As for men, take her out on a romantic date, plan the whole day outside, and take her to places she would love to visit. Beachside or a hill station, whichever is possible. Give her a something meaningful for a gift. You cannot gift her novel written by a murder mystery novelist!! Tell her how much she means to you and keep her happy. The more of a personal touch the day has the better it will go. It is highly important for both the partners to understand each other and do what the other likes. More than that, keeps the day romantic filled with love and affection. This day is meant to be shown your affection towards them so do not miss out on that. Get boxes of chocolates, cook food them, plan a picnic with them and take them out on a movie and make them realize that you are and always will be devoted to them.

General tips on valentines Day

Valentine Day is all about love. How much you love them and how much they mean to you. There are people out there who do not believe in valentines day and think of it to be superficial so this is really not for them, but if you like celebrating valentines day then the best way to do that is as mentioned above, letting them know your love for them and letting them know how much they mean to you. How to plan the day is a very perspective matter so tips cannot be provided with. The only meaningful tip is to improvise according to your loved one’s personality.