What do your teachers expect this teachers day

Teacher’s day is celebrated for honoring the teachers in shaping the career and minds of the aspirants. Generally, what you are as a person in the society is because of the positive things that are taught by your teachers in the childhood. They inspire and motivate students to reach the vertex. In fact, they are the mentors, pillars of the student’s life and they drive them towards the right path. Generally, teachers do not expect any materialistic gift from a student other than following their life lessons and implementing the same in the society. This would be an unbeatable gift for them for their commitment and dedicated throughout their career. However, they are open and happy to receive any credit that the students give them on teachers day.

teachers day

Most importantly, teachers love their students giving speeches on them about their positives and how their lives are motivated and inspired by them. They always want the students to think creatively and do something creative, which not only makes them happy, but also is useful for the students in their near future.

However, here are a few things that a teacher expects from their beloved students on the teacher’s day

Thank you note:

Undeniably, many teachers expect a thank you note from their students for their dedication and efforts they have put into guiding the students. This makes the teachers proud of themselves and motivate them to guide many more students in their lives.

thank you


Teachers want to hear about how their teaching is connected to their real life: 

Generally, parents ask their students about what they have learnt in the school on that particular day. So, students instead of saying nothing can tell them confidently the new things they have learnt in the school and even they can ask puzzles for their parents and surprise them. This not only makes the parents happy, but as a teacher, they feel that their lessons are well-received and registered by the students. On teacher’s day, the teachers just want to know what the students have learnt from them. They would be satisfied, when their students learn great things from them. In fact, this brings a cute smile on the teacher’s face.

Like to meet older students:

Teachers love to meet their old students and cherish the memories they had. Teachers will be amazed by hearing how their lives are inspired by their teachings. For instance, if the students have become a mathematician, then they can tell the teacher that the mathematics that she/he has taught in the school helped him to take up that as a profession or students can tell how the industrial trip have inspired them and the things that the teachers have taught during the trip have helped them to take up that as a profession. These positive things will really impress and bring tears in their eyes. The most valuable award for the teacher is growing and turning their students into successful human beings.

teacher student

Want to spend more time with the students:

Teachers want to spend the quality time on teacher’s day with the students to give much more wonderful and exciting learning experience. They all expect the students to be focused and motivated all the time. Furthermore, they want the students to actively participate in the learning process.